Winners and Loosers of this years draft.

So there it went. The 2002 NHL entry draft is a thing of the past. Some trades. Some moving up and down the draft board. SOME REALLY WEIRD TRADES AND PICKS!!

Maybe there is something in the water up there in Toronto. How else do you explain half the deals made yesterday?

So who were the big winners and loosers? Heres who I fell came up big and who came up short.


Flyers: As much as it pains me to see my favorite Flyer Rusty Fedetenko go to hockey hell Tampa Bay, Bob Clarke should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of an obviously drunken Lightning management like that. Fedetenko’s a good player, but not equal in value to the forth overall pick, even with two worthless picks thrown in.

Thrashers: Yea thats right the Atlanta Thrashers! They got their goalie of the future in Keri Lehtonen, a fantastic prospect. Then they went and stole Slava Kozlov from Buffalo for basically a third round pick. Kozlov will give the Thrashers a veteran leader to guide this young upandcoming team.

Canadiens: Call Czerkawski inconsistent all you want. Montreal fans are calling him another piece to the puzzle. Montreal is building a Cup team correctly piece by piece. Czerkawski has loads of talent and has proven he can score in the league. Giving up just Ashham for him was brilliant! Apparently Christopher Higgins the Center they drafted in the first round is quite the player. All in all the Habs came out quite well.

BlackHawks: The Hawks got quite the bargain in defenceman Anton Babchuck. The 6′-4” Russian was predicted to go by many in the top 10. So when he was there at 21 the BlackHawks grabbed him.


Lightning: WOW!! All three Tampa Bay Lightning fans are apparently in an uproar over Saturdays draft. Sending the fourth overall pick to Philly for young forward Ruslon Fedotenko has many wondering whats going on in Tampa. Aquiring Brad Lukowich from Dallas is just as weird.

Islanders: Wanted to dump salary huh? So why dump a guy who can score 30 goals and only makes a little over 2 million a year for Aron Ashham! A sham it was! And if the rumors are true and the Isles blew a trade that would have netted them Sergei Samsonov for Rick DiPietro than thats pathetic. Personally I’d give up half the Isles roster for Samsonov. Why not make that deal?

Oilers: Who?? What? Huh? What the hell were they doing Was it let your kids run the team day? Who the hell is Jesse Niinimaki? And aren’t we giving up on Hecht a little early here? But thats o.k. they did get Jiri Dopita earlier in the week. Whew!

There were many more winners and loosers, these are just the big ones. Feel free to add your own or argue mine.

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  1. zednik says:

    Let your kids run the Team day

    Thats classic !


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