With Or Without

With all the talk about whether or not we are going to be getting Anson Carter, I have decided to make two different line ups. One being the best lines without Carter, and the other being the best lines if we were to ship off Antropov and sign Carter.

Without Carter:

Steen Sundin O’neill

Ponikarovsky Wellwood Stajan

Tucker Peca Antropov

Kilger Pohl Ondrus/Belak

If we Traded Antropov and signed Carter:

Steen Sundin Carter

Ponikarovksy Wellwood O’neill

Tucker Peca Stajan

Kilger Pohl Ondrus/Belak

24 Responses to With Or Without

  1. wingedim says:

    I don’t think anyone will take Antro off of the Leafs’ hands. They overpaid him and now they are stuck with him for another season.

    It would be nice to clear up some room to bring in some additional help for Sundin, but, I don’t think Carter is the solution the more I think about it. Yeah he had a good year last year, but, consistancy has never really been his strong suit, otherwise he’d be signed long term by someone by now.

    I think Antro is arond for another year and hopefully Maurice can ‘reach’ him and make him the player the Leafs envision he is. So this might mean you’ll see him on the top line with Sundin moreso than Peca. But who knows until the season starts.

  2. leafspunk says:

    this would be Chance #????? for Antropov. It’s getting Painfully Clear that No other NHL team want an Under achieving Player who has had 3 knee operations. If JFJ want’s to Move him, He’ll have to accept a very Low draft pick or another Under achieving prospect for him. and that would be admitting that Drafting Antro in the First Round was a Mistake. MLSE dosn’t like to admitt they made Mistakes. Looks like were Stuck with him for another year. JFJ Never Sould have caved on the 2 way contract. Maybe being sent down to the Marlies would have showen him some work ethic.

  3. leaflova says:

    a very low draft would do for me, loose antropov and get carter is totaly worth it, but i think your right who wants him onistly?maybe pitsburgh or columbus, a team that wants to improve there team and who is stupid enough to trade for this guy

  4. Hoondog2 says:

    I dont understand all the Carter hype. Maybe because hes the only free agent left? He doesnt fit on the top line, so where do you put him?

    Antropov is more valuble to the team then what you would get for him in a trade. He’s got potential to be a good second line center, lets just see what Maurice has planned for him. Antro isnt done yet!

  5. Hoondog2 says:





    I know Peca is center, but so is half our team

  6. Pony says:

    Even though I don’t think Steen is the next Sundin he’s twice the player Wellwood is

  7. Alozo07 says:

    i dunno about that wellwood outscored spezza in juniors

  8. Alozo07 says:

    boo poni is atleast 3rf lin sugz will play 4th line unless he plays amazing

  9. leafspunk says:

    so we just keep giving him chance after chance. hes yet to live up to the potential that got him picked in the first round, hes had 3 knee opperations.

    in my book he’s a under acheiving center, on a team packed with young Centers with more potential. his time should have been done at the end of last season. But JFJ Decided to Give him a Million $ chance.

    Mark my words it will be a million $ mistake.

  10. Hoondog2 says:

    1 more year with a different coach…we’ll see. Not too big of a risk.

  11. Scottman75 says:

    I agree with you.

    A Million dollars is not all that much and let’s see what Maurice can do with him.

    If he does not improve, send him to the minors/waiver wire.

    No loss.

    All of this Carter hype will lead to unimaginable expectations should the leafs sign him and he will never live up to that hype anyways.

  12. Scottman75 says:

    I Agree.

    He will end up being a more Complete player than Wellwood currently is.

    A good two-way player.

  13. leafspunk says:

    I could care less about Carter I just want Antropuff Gone.

  14. the_word says:

    Wow more lineups, those are great posts, because lineups never change throughout the year. It’s so fascinating to see that the lineups could be

  15. Aetherial says:

    I can do this post.

    List all the Leafs players

    Remove Antropov and replace with Carter

    re-list the players.

    … because your positions don’t mean jack.

    This off-season is so bad that we are reduced to *this*.

  16. Mattqwerty says:

    every new leaf article is the exact same the leafs current line up the carter issue the antropov issue just different titles we all know the situation lets just stop talking till something happens

  17. mojo19 says:

    carter has scored 20+ goals in 5 of his last 7 seasons. Thats pretty consistant for me.

  18. Habroller says:

    We habs and leafs fans are so much alike…

    I don’t understand we can’t get along better…what a shame!

  19. ssmjon says:

    Please forget about Carter. Forget about trading Antropov. The Leafs do have a better team, and will finnish a little, and i mean little, higher than they did last year. But really, Carter in and Antro out will do nothing but waste money. Antropov, will have a decent year, and so will Carter, so really why does it matter which one we have? It doesnt Leaf fans have this real hate stink for players who dont or wont develop as fast as they think is needed. Antropov, not gonna be, never was to be, a first liner. Let him be a second or third liner and leave him alone. And as there is no UFA first liners left, leave that alone too. Lets play with what we have and address any major issues during the season. And im sure thats exactly what the leafs management is thinking. anyways, just sick of all this Antro out, Carter in $#!^.

  20. Hoondog2 says:

    I have to agree on this one

  21. Aetherial says:

    Yup, bang on.

    I will be very disappointed if they trade Antropov and then sign Carter. Trading Antropov is fine if they feel they can get a decent pick or prospect and they want to free up cap room for the deadline.

  22. Dark_Prince says:

    Good post ssmjon

    Have we all forgot that Poni has devoloped into a fine first liner with Mats. sure he only had around 20 goals but hes a good skater, stong along the boards, a bullet of a shot, big size and deadly on the shoot-out.

    If Jeff O’neill returns to a 20-30 goal scorer again, and Alex Steen gets around that too. Oh and there is also Darcy Tucker who scored 30 last year. Look there is already 2 sets of wingers. Without Carter or with Carter, we will have scoring in Leaf land.

  23. leafmeister says:

    here are good lines





    just change antro to the wing and ur lines will be fine

  24. Ulysse says:

    ur LEAF fan didnt hear the news!!???

    after several months of research scientist discovered that u got more chance to be hit by a lightning, then the leaf win the cup!!!

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