World Cup Providing Some Great Hockey So Far

Just submitting this so we can share thoughts on the World Cup.

In my opinion, the hockey we have seen so far has been great. I am loving the fact that we are seeing the best teams internationally playing on the smaller North American ice surfaces for a change and with NHL rules. It makes for way better hockey in my opinion although I know many will disagree.
The best hockey to watch is the Stanley Cup Playoffs and that is what this tournament is resembling as far as I am concerned which is great to see. Guys are having to really battle out there. A ton of hits and the intensity is great to see. We are also seeing some great goaltending like we do at playoff time.

I know that so many people want hockey played the way it used to be with a lot of goals being scored but it just ain’t gonna happen. Goaltenders are too good these days and todays players are just so smart defensively. Players have to be responsible defensively now or they do not stay in the NHL. I myself prefer the low scoring games where guys have to really battle to create a goal. Am I the only hockey fan who would rather see those battles along the boards and in front of the net than guys skating around with the puck with hardly any contact?

I looked forward to this Tournament for a long time and so far it is everything I hoped it would be. I admit that I predicted Sweden to win but Canada is looking awesome. I’m willing to eat it on my prediction.

GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!


19 Responses to World Cup Providing Some Great Hockey So Far

  1. Scott24 says:

    I love to watch the grinding style of hockey

  2. PayUpSucka says:

    Canada will be tough to beat. I predicted a Sweden/Canada final, it’s shaping up that way.

  3. cgolding says:

    what happened last night?

    i couldn’t watch due to the fact that i was still blinded by canada’s uni’s against the US.

  4. PayUpSucka says:

    hahaha. Weren’t they the most hidious looking things you’ve ever seen?

    Maybe that’s why the U.S offense couldn’t get going, too busy trying to figure out what the hell those yellow things were the canadians were wearing.

    The distraction factor!!!!!

  5. cgolding says:

    i mean, you’d think that they’d look at them at some point and think they looked too much like those hideous nashville third’s, but no, didn’t happen. just awful.

    confirmation that mustard yellow is NEVER a good clothing decision… antique-gold my a$$.

  6. hockeyhead says:

    they are replicas from 1920 tho. i kind of like them, remind me of the bruins.

    they are not going to wear them anymore. one time thing. and by the way they dominated. they should not drop a game.

    and of course this is the best hockey. it is like all star teams from every country. some just happen to have no hockey players. i think that the czechs should be doing a hell of a lot better.

    go thornton go.

  7. cgolding says:

    oh, i know they were replicas, but it is abundantly clear why no one kept on wearing them… they gonna make a pretty penny off of those things i’m sure too.

  8. CechmanekForVezina says:

    They didn’t dominate after the second half. Brodeur saved them in the thrid.

  9. nelsog says:

    I knew you’d like them hockeyhead. It’s like team Golden’s out there.

    US picked it up later on in the second half of the game and Brodeur did save them in the third.

    Where have you been hiding hockeyhead?

  10. electroreturns says:

    He’s probably been hiding in your a-shole nelsog. I am sure there are alot of things up there that you forgot. It must be like cleaning the ocean floor sometimes huh? Where’s Jimmy Hoffa?

  11. electroreturns says:

    Too bad the USA sucks the proverbial schlong, much like the nation and it’s citizens. Go Canada!

  12. RangerSteve says:

    It’s dopes like you that end up goin too far in these Canada vs USA hockey games. You know theres more to life than this, right?

  13. FlamesRock says:

    It really bugs me that people will go out and say crap like that. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  14. FlamesRock says:

    It really bugs me that people will go out and say crap like that. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  15. electroreturns says:

    Shut your mouth you turncoat faggot!

  16. Freeze says:

    I would rather watch the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs than watch this. It’s boring – much like an all-star game.

  17. electroreturns says:

    Are you saying that because you got spanked? If there is more to life than this then why are you getting upset you stupid bastard?

  18. cgolding says:

    i agree, but it has a lot to do with my emotional attachment to the squad… i think the hockey has been pretty good, nothing like an all-star game in my opinion.

  19. Freeze says:

    There’s something missing in these games.

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