Worst Trades In History

With one of the worst trades I have seen in my life happening today I have decided to list the worst trades in the history of the nhl, here we go, please note these trades are in no particular order:


To Philadelphia:
Eric Lindros

To Quebec Nordiques (Colorado Avalanche):
Ron Hextall
Mike Ricci
Peter Forsberg
Steve Duchesne
Kerry Huffman
Chris Simon
1993 first-round pick (Jocelyn Thibault)
1994 first-round pick (Wade Belak)
15 Million Dollars (USD)

The Flyers gave up arguably on of the most skilled players ever in Peter Forsberg, an amazing defensive defenseman in Steve Duchesne, a emotional, gritty player in Mark Ricci and more for Eric Lindros. One of the most stupid trades I have ever seen.


To San Jose:
Joe Thornton

To Boston:
Wayne Primeau
Marco Sturm
Brad Stuart

The Bruins ended up with Chuck Kobasew, Andrew Ference and Marco Sturm to show for Joe Thornton. They could have gotten alot more for the face of their franchise, these players are all good but not worth Joe Thornton.


To Vancouver:
Marcus Naslund

To Pittsburgh:
Alex Stojanov

The Pens basically gave away Marcus Naslund for some no name player, Naslund is one of the most skilled players in the league, stupid trade.


To Dallas:
Sergei Zubov

To Pittsburgh:
Kevin Hatcher

The Pens gave up Zubov for Kevin Hatcher, Zubov is one of the best defensemen in the game today, a bad deal by the Pens.


To Ottawa:
Wade Redden

To New York Islanders:
Bryan Berard

A stupid trade made by Mike Milbury, but what else is new. Redden is one of the best d-men in the league, Berard is good, but isn’t worth a guy like Redden.


To Florida:
Olli Jokinen
Roberto Luongo

To New York Islanders:
Mark Parrish
Oleg Kvasha

Another stupid deal made by Crazy Mike, he was one of the worst executives in the league and is responsible for the Isles struggles in the last 5 years.


To Vancouver:
Bryan McCabe
Todd Bertuzzi
3rd Rounder(Jarko Ruutu)

To New York Islanders:
Trevor Linden

This trade was made by Mike Milbury, the Islanders simply got raped on this trade, the Nucks scouted them well and Milbury didn’t know what he had at that time.


To Ottawa:
Zdeno Chara
Bill Muckalt
1st Rounder(Jason Spezza)

To New York Islanders:
Alexei Yashin

Once again a terrible trade by Mike Milbury, an amazing trade for the Sens, once again amazing scouting


To Vancouver:
Roberto Luongo
Lucas Krajicek
6th round pick

To Florida:
Todd Bertuzzi
Bryan Allen
Alex Auld

Okay so lets see what Florida has to show for dealing Roberto Luongo and a top-prospect in Lucas Krajicek; Alex Auld, Bryan Allen, Shawn Mathais, and two conditional draft pick (from Detroit trade). They got butchered by Vancouver, I laugh at you Mike Keenan.


To New York Islanders:
Ryan Smyth

To Edmonton Oilers:
Ryan O’Marra
Robert Nilsson
1st round draft pick

Ryan O’Marra will never be anything higher than a third line wingers, Nilsson will never be effective in the NHL and who knows what they will do with the first round pick but the Oilers could’ve have gotten WAY WAY WAY more for Smyth, great move by the Islanders, bad move by Kevin Lowe, enjoy being in the bottom of the league standings oilers fans!

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  1. habs8komi says:

    this isnt neccessarily a trade but how about calgary letting go of st louis a few years back? boy did it ever come back to haunt them in '04

  2. trueblue says:

    Look I think your right ablout Nilsson but dead wrong about O'marra!
    At the worst he will be a dominating 3rd line player. His best could be 1st line. Maybe he will be a dominant 2nd liner. Who knows what they'll get with the 1st round pick?

    Not bad for a player they would have lost anyway? Or are you forgetting that! What do you expect a repeat of the Forsberg deal……that was a joke!
    I can't wait to laugh when Nashville doesn't win the cup and they don't resign Forsberg!

  3. wheresthesoda says:

    How bout :

    Anson Carter for Jaromir Jagr and caps picking up half of jagrs salary?

    i know they were screwed with money but wutever

  4. caliplayr21 says:

    there's usually good reasons there are big names traded for no names.
    for example is the Naslund trade.

    at the time, Naslund was a third liner. with the team the pens had (Lemieux, Jagr, Francis, Sandstrom, Smolinski, Nedved), he had no chance to crack the top two lines.  the pens needed a gritty forward in Alex Stojanov.  he just never panned out and left.  and lets face it, Naslund wasn't the player then that he is now (or at least was 2 yrs ago).

    In 3 seasons with the Penguins: 151 GP, 67 PTS

    he didn't crack the point per game rate until 00-01 when he had 75pts in 75gp (that was still 5 seasons away at the time of the trade).

    i'm happy for him that he was traded. he got to play on the top lines and show what he's got. plus the pens would have never been able to keep him for several years after, let alone still today. eventually, he was going to be traded.

    and i thought Roy wanted out of Montreal.

    alot of trades will look bad after a few years, thats how it works. like some one already said: it's a risk.

  5. caliplayr21 says:

    my bad, 72gp in 00-01. i know the 3 game difference will change the point i'm making. 😛

  6. bernie1parent says:

    wow, this article is a complete waste of time and is absolute garbage.  For one, how many of these trades were made before someone was expected to be amazing, or was good at all.  The Lindros trade was at the time suppose to heavily in favorite for the flyers.  Lindros was god at that time.  It was the next thing to getting gretzky.  He was the next gretzky at the time.  No one knew at the time what forsberg would develop into and then duschene and ricci, ya, no one really gives a shit.  they are replaceable.  There is other shit that you could talk bout rather than waste time on this.   

  7. Uncleben says:

    they really did get screwed, considering carter was later traded for Jared Aulin, a decent prospect who had one fair season with hershey, and is now a UFA.

    they should have at least gotten some picks

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