York Wears Orange and Black

The New York Islanders have once again made a trade with the Philadelphia Flyers this month by sending center Mike York in exchange for Randy Robitaille. The roster freeze is currently in effect.

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  1. Sands says:

    Kind of sad… I really would have liked to see York on the Rangers again… Garth Snow got robbed I think… Robitaille is an NHL joke and a late draft pick? please… York has a lot of heart.. loved it here in NY and I would have liked to see him come back to spice up some of the roster….

    Philly got a very hard working Body on their team now

  2. DeathCab says:

    I’m not sure what York makes, but I’d have to assume that this is a salary dump, much like the last trade they made.

    Robitallie is a good farm guy, not a whole lot more.

  3. wingerxxx says:

    That’s all it took to get Mike York? I know he’s not a 30 goal scorer, but he’s a nice complimentary forward…I’d love to have him back on the Rangers. Of the few roster moves Sather has made that I didn’t like, I’d have to put his Poti for York swap at the top of the list, along with letting Mathieu Schneider walk, and signing Vlad Malakhov.

  4. neilios says:

    York makes 2.5mill,and I dont know what the hell Philly is doing they picked up 7 million in salary in the past week how much salary cap room do they have.Yeah York is a pretty good player he just needed a change of scenery I was hoping the Canucks wouldve picked him up they couldve used him with the Sedin’s cause he plays C and RW.

  5. NYIchooch75 says:

    Good riddance! York was a major disappointment to say the least. He looked completely uninspired all season long. If I could have shot him last night on Jagr’s second goal, I would have! Good luck trying to coax work ethic out of this bum. A completely different player than the one the Rangers traded to Edmonton.

    I couldn’t care less who we got in return, and I can only wonder who the Isles are trying to get after clearing all this cap space. Should be an interesting New Year.

  6. islander3788 says:

    I like NYIooch75’s Islanders knowledge.

    After seeing many of his comments here about previous Islanders articles, I can only come to the conclusion that he shares almost the exact same perspective as myself.

    NYIooch75 I like your opinions about Mike Milbury, Wang, Yashin, Islanders trades. etc.

    You seem to know your stuff.

    Sure things on the Island look bizarre but there’s a reason for everything.

    This season is very weird, I know. But hockey is still my passion and I will never give up on my Islanders.

    –Before I really give my opinions about what’s going on in Islanders country (today – December 20th), I’m going to sit back and enjoy the holidays to really put things together:

    The Right Track > The Islanders have done a big job in clearing cap space. By dropping Zhitnik and York’s salaries, it’s only looking good so far.

    First off, Chris Campoli is taking Zhitnik’s place for this season, and I only hope they now decide to call up Robert Nilsson to fill York’s spot in the line-up… FOR NOW.

    We’ve got to take baby steps like these through this holiday break as we now know the Islanders front office, has ALOT of money to play around with.

    I’m hoping the Islanders swing a huge trade/free agent signing throughout this next month or so, just to keep things interesting to say the least. But who really knows?

    Maybe this can be a story to rock the NHL if the Islanders and we all really have no clue until it actually does.

    It only makes sense that the Islanders are setting up for something big.

    As for Rick DiPietro’s contract > why NOT give it a thumbs up. He hasn’t shown any signs of NOT getting better. If you ask me, DP is playing the best hockey he’s ever played in his career this season – stickhandling the puck, aside.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is I Love my New York Islanders. For Islanders blood is what I have!

    Please, read Spector’s Hockey Insight:


    And my favorite Islanders site in the entire history of the computer:


    Let’s have a good holiday this season : )

  7. flyersdan says:

    Just what the Flyers need, more salary. At least they got younger this time. The only thing I like about this trade is adding a right handed shot into the line up.

    Randy was the best replacement Stevens has tried this year between Gagne and Knuble. Considering Forsberg won’t be playing a ton of games and Randy was 3rd on the team in scoring I would have kept him.

  8. zamiam says:

    Real sad…. He may have a heart, somehow he has forgoten how to use it. Mike York has not been the same since last years concussion, his skating is bad, and he always looks tired and out of position. Good luck to Mr. York, maybe a change of sceenry might help. But I would of taken future consideration for him. He's been that bad. Thumbs up to rookie GM Garth Snow!

  9. oilers_rock says:

    Mike York was one of the best Edmonton Oilers when he was here.  He has alot of confidence problems and is a streaky scorer.  A new city may be the best thing for him.

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