You heard it here first…KINGS WILL WIN THE CUP NEXT YEAR!!

Thats right folks!! Ca`ll me crazy! Say “It’s waaaay to early to predict something like this! Tell me I don’t know anything about hockey! Hell, even point out the fact that I predicted a Bruins / Sharks Cup Finals last year, but be assured this one is an iron clad lock!! The Los Angeles Kings will win Lord Stanley’s Cup next year!

Now I’m sure your all thinking up new and creative ways to call me a buffoon right now, but before you unleash your tyrades hear me out…

What is the one thing that has always held the Kings back? Answer is offensive depth. After Pallfy, Deadmarsh and Allison you were left with the likes of Eric Rasmusen, Steve Heinze and…hell I can’t even name another Kings forward of the top of my head (oh yea Mikko Eloranta, how could I forget him?) Anyway they were a one line team! Well thats changing.

It started this weekend by changing for Josef Stumpel from the Boston Bruins. Stumpy a good clutch player who tallyed over 50 points last year is a great addition to a team needing depth at forward. Then the Kings had what had to be the best draft this year and aquired not one, not two but three forwards in the FIRST round!! Thats right! Three forwards in the first round!! Jeff Tambellini, Brian Boyle and Dustin Brown. All three are talented forwards and you gotta think out of three first rounders at least one will make the team.

The other part of this new L.A. offense is veteran forward Luc Robitaille. Although Lucky Luc is not a King yet, many see it as only a matter of time. Luc had his best years in Los Angeles and often seemed to miss it while he was playing the fourth line on a stacked Detroit team. A return to familiar territory plus an increasedrole gives Luc a great chance to return to thirty goal territory (Playing with guys like Ziggy Palffy can’t hurt either)

So that takes care of L.A.s biggest problem, it’s offense. Now I’m sure many of you are thinking “yea, but what about Cechmanek?” Well let me ask you this, Who over the last three years has been statistically one of the top four goalies in the league? Thats right The Unibrow wonder! Granted his playoff record sucks, but do you believe as I do that a change of scenery to laid back L.A. with it’s decreased pressure and fans that don’t despise him along with his solid lock one the number one goalie job will help him. Cechmanek has always been a head case. He never fit in here. If he can find a place in L.A. even the biggest Cechmanek haters will have to admit he could be great.

So there you have it folks! Mark it down on your calenders. Mortgage the house on it. Bet the kids college funds, hell bet the kids, because this is a stone cold lock! The Kings will win the cup next year!