Young Signs

St. Louis Post reports that Scott Young has returned to the Blues. The announcement should come sometime today.

While this isn’t big news as Young has been pretty quiet in Dallas and on his way out, but it definately helps St. Louis add a least a few goals which they could really use right now. I think they have young guys who could stand up this year, but the fans were screaming for at least something and this should at least help quiet it some. Should be interesting to see if he has anything left in him.

4 Responses to Young Signs

  1. Leaf_fans_can_blow_me says:

    St. Louis will win the cup fo’ sho!

  2. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I would’ve liked to keep Young, especially seeing for how little he signed for in St.Louis. I think he’s under-rated. He last season in Dallas wasn’t great, but he turned it on down the stretch in 2003 when Guerin was injuried. He would’ve been nice to keep around.

  3. BlueBlades says:

    Yeah, he seems to be able to turn it on when faced with adversity which is one thing I liked about him. Seems like his play style should fit pretty well with the new rules too. I’ve only seen him play one game since he’s gone to Dallas as I get limited hockey coverage since I moved to KC. 🙁 He seemed fine there, but he is getting up in age so I wonder if he’s lost a step or two as I know speed will be a big issue in the new NHL. All in all it will be good to see him back in the Note.

  4. TrueBlue0917 says:

    What the heck this guy is still around, I thought he retired a few years ago…….oh nevermind that was Steve Young of the 49ers, anyways Scott is not even worth picking up, his skills have greatly diminished since coming to DALLAS

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