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NHL Rumors: Pittsburgh Penguins – Several Players Could Be on The Trade Market

Pittsburgh Penguins are always known as one of the best teams among the other National Hockey team nationwide. There are several factors for their success and many winning tournaments, of them one of the salient point is due to the good management team they have from day one.

That is, Pittsburgh Penguins most famous and talented general manager is Jim Rutherford who has a sound knowledge of every player in his team and trade off them in the neck of time as and when required. He always keeps the players on toe by encouraging them and giving them the proper opportunity at the right time. If you are into online betting and have already tried out the vegas promo code, we are sure you would want to know more about these rumours. Some of them might actually be correct, after all.

What will the Pens do with Fleury?

Jim Rutherford still has not pulled the trigger on a deal involving Marc-Andre Fleury, which will need to happen before the summer’s expansion draft.

“My very strong sense right now is that the preference of the Pittsburgh Penguins at this moment in time is to not trade Marc-Andre Fleury by the deadline,” said McKenzie. “That in a perfect world, they would like to go back into the playoffs with both Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray –to have that strong tandem to give them their best possible shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

“Now, what could change between now and the deadline? Well, No. 1 they have to assess the mindset and the attitude of Marc-Andre Fleury. With Matt Murray continuing to be the No. 1 goaltender, how if Fleury going to react. Does that become a negative or a distraction at some point. They’ve got to get a read on that.

Penguins looking for defense

In the longer term, Jim Rutherford has to go get a couple of defensemen before the trade deadline in a week.

That’s not a revelation. He might have done that even if nobody got hurt. He knows how quickly a couple of injuries can wreck a team’s blue line. He’s not going to get caught shorthanded.

The only question is whether we’re talking about a draft-pick-for-a-rental type deal or a bigger move involving more players with significant cap hits. My guess is the former, since there are so many moving pieces involved with making the latter work, but you could go broke trying to bet on what Rutherford’s going to do at times in his career. This is no different.
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Rutherford says he’ll listen to Fleury as trade deadline approaches

All things considered, Rutherford would rather not trade goalie Marc-Andre Fleury in season. He’d still like to kick the can down the road a little further and worry about the implications of June’s NHL expansion draft after his team’s playoff run is done.

After all, the Penguins used three goalies en route to a Stanley Cup championship last spring. If there’s anyone who understands the value of depth at the position, it’s Rutherford.

Pens would like to hold on to Fleury

Dave Molinari: I’m not aware of any rule that would prevent the Penguins from trading Fleury between the end of their playoff run and the expansion draft, but they would have very little negotiating leverage if they put off doing something with Fleury until then. They definitely would like to hold onto him — their playoff run this spring underscored the value of having two quality goaltenders — and the best way to make that happen would be to work out a deal with Las Vegas under which that team would agree to not draft Matt Murray if he’s exposed in the expansion draft. (Fleury, by nature of his no-movement clause, must be protected.

Pens not done dealing

Deadline means defense for Penguins on trade market

As the clock ticks steadily toward Monday’s NHL trade deadline, general manager Jim Rutherford makes no bones about what’s at the top of his shopping list.

He wants a defenseman.

With Ben Lovejoy out long term with an upper-body injury, the Penguins are down to six players with meaningful NHL experience on the blue line. That almost certainly will change before the deadline.

Penguins still looking to add before trade deadline

A playoff spot is hardly assured to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but, as currently constructed, they are all-in.

And if they get in, who knows in this parity-filled league — particularly the Eastern Conference — how far they just might get.

Why trading Phil Kessel makes good sense for the Penguins

There’s a growing desperation for scoring around the league. Montreal, Minnesota, Anaheim … the list of potential buyers goes on. And if their desperation enables him to get greater value than what Kessel is providing, he has to consider the option.

Pens would like to make some moves

Keep an eye on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Although shackled to some degree by the salary cap, Pens’ general manager Jim Rutherford is believed to be putting together his shopping list for the days leading up to the Feb. 29, trade deadline. If he can make it work, Rutherford would like to add a top-four defenceman and a depth forward.

Could the Pens look to trade Crosby?

* Now’s the time for the Penguins to trade Sidney Crosby. The No-Longer-Kid is on the downside of his peak and won’t achieve his heroics of yesteryear. Still time for the Pens to cash in on a return. Who’d be realistic trade partners? How about the Canadiens, Maple Leafs or Kings?

Struggling NHL teams ponder change

The Anaheim Ducks are also on the clock. That team suffered a horrific start, putting coach Bruce Boudreau on the spot. Randy Carlyle is the best NHL coach currently not working, but the Ducks could turn to former Senators coach (and yesteryear Blues winger) Paul MacLean instead.

Kessel to Pittsburgh

Leafs trade Kessel to Penguins in multi-player deal

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