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Why the Leafs WON'T make the playoffs

I still contend that had Allison, Lindros, Sundin,Belfour, and the ilk not had their injury troubles, they would have placed 5th or so, well that, and they coulda used O’neill on the top line… can’t score really when Domi and Kilger are your line mates… unless you’re Eric Lindros. Anyways, This years team, on paper, is much better then last years team, and now my prediction is 6 spots lower then last years prediction, and 1 spot lower then where they placed last year. Why do I not be-Leaf? Why do I, the person renound across the internet for being the biggest Leaf homer around, not beleaf the Leafs can even get into the playoffs?

Leafs may pick up a risky forward

HockeyLeaks are claiming that the maple leafs are in talks with eric daze who missed the entire season last year due to back problems. If Daze does have a good year he will have a great year as a Maple Leaf

Stajan or Antropov could go

According to Spector’s trade rumors, and “Leafs Lunch” JFJ is attempting to clear some cap space, with the most likely candidates being Antropov or Stajan.

The specific rumor was Antropov to Detroit but no word on what they’d get in return. (either picks or prospects).

Antropov to Detroit?

Spector’s News is reporting that the Leafs might be interested in trading Antropov to Detroit for a draft pick.

“August/02/2006 at 4pm Edge radio in Toronto claims a trade brewing sending Antropov to Detroit for a 3rd rounder thus freeing up some salary cap for Carter.”

Take it for what it’s worth…

The Depth of the Leafs

The Question of who will make the Leafs Roster opening night is still up for grabs, and thats mostly due to the depth on this club.

My Leafs Line Up


1- Sundin, O’Neill, and Steen- If Steen improves like he should he could be the scoring winger for Mats and if o’Neill returnes to a 20 to 30 goal scorer and if Mats stays healthy this would be a great scoring line.


SPORTSNET.CA: Reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM John Ferguson Jr remains open to any deals that will improve his club.

Carter Still An Option?

Accoring to In a section of an article titled ” The Maloofs and Hockey in Vegas, Gionta, Carter, and Legace” Carter may still be a possibility for the leafs. And if he were to sign with the leafs he would likely do so for 1.5 million.

My Line ups for opening night

First line:Steen-Sundin-Oneil

Steen is the best young leaf in a while and needs ice time to prove it so why not put him with sundin the best leaf in a while and oneil is there because of his monster shot.

The Greatest Leafs of all time

A listing of the greatest Leafs of all time, enjoy.

Players to Improve

Here is a list of players that will hopefully improve next year and what they might improve to.

O’neill – He had a bad year last year and hopefully with Maurice and more ice time he will return to being a 30 goal scorer.

A simple prediction for the Leafs 06-07 season….

These are just my thoughts and nothing more, I invite you to comment however you want.

My prediction of ups and downs in the 2006-2007 season will be that the Leafs open up going 3-7 in their first 10 games. Raycroft will immediately be nailed with “we should’ve kept Rask” comments but he will bounce back in the following 20 games while suddenly giving a 50/50 split with Aubin or Telqvist (I think it will be Aubin). After 30 games the Leafs will be around 16-14 and floating in and around 7th, 8th and 9th spot in the conference.


With all of the players on the leafs who are hopefully becoming better next year, it is hard to choose what you think the lines should be. But here are 2 different line-ups that I think could both work.