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Dubinsky Holdout Comes to an End

New York reporter Andy Gross confirms that the Rangers and Brandon Dubinsky have agreed on a two-year deal worth $3.7M. The deal is deemed as fair, but slightly in favor of the Rangers as Dubinsky could have an increase in points, and if so he will not have the chance to represent his case for two full seasons to an arbitrator.

Zherdev Awarded $3.9M

According to Steve Zipay from Newsday, Rangers forward has been awarded $3.9M by the arbitrator. This increases the possibility that Zherdev may remain with the Rangers as he sought a $4.5M per season contract.

Heatley, Zherdev, Kessel; which team is not done yet in the off-season?

Will Heatley still be traded? My take on Zherdev and two teams that I think can get him. One has been discussed by the media in June, the other will surprise you.

I'm Glad To Have Missed It

Wow. Just wow. I was on my cell phone all day long and I must say that the word “disappointing” is the best way to describe the trade deadline of 2009. Was it the economy? The salary cap? What?

My thoughts on the trades and other related issues.

Renney, Pearn Fired

Various sources around the internet, and now as well, have confirmed that Rangers head coach Tom Renney, and Rangers assistant coach Perry Pearn, have been fired.