Big Winners And Big Losers

With all the trades that have happened before the deadline this year, it’s always fun to look at who won which trades. These are all the major trades that have taken place so far this year and the winners of each trade.

To WASHINGTON: Bates Battagila and Jonas Johansson

To COLORADO: Steve Konowalchuk and 3rd round pick

Winner: Colorado

Why: Konowalchuk has been a very effective player for the Av’s this year. With
15 goals and 31 points, he has become a strong depth player for the Av’s and
will be a very important player for them in the playoffs. Battaglia has had a
rough year in Washington with only 8 points but Johansson could even out this
deal if the kid meets his potential.

To CALGARY: Millkka Kiprusoff

To SAN JOSE: 2nd round pick

Winner: Calgary

Why: This might be the best trade of the year, or biggest steal. Kiprusoff has
lead Calgary into a position to make the playoffs this year, with a 17-6-2
record. His stats of a 1.55 GAA and save percentage of .938 are Venzia type
numbers. Only problem he was injured for a while and hasn’t played as many games
as the Flames would want. Second round pick in a weak draft doesn’t seem like a
fair return.

To LOS ANGLES: Martin Straka

To PITTSBURGH: Martin Strbak and Sergei Ashakov

Winner: Los Angles

Why: I know he has only played 18 games for the Kings this year but he’s coming
back soon, and he is a solid playoff performer. In his previous 3 playoff years
he’s played 42 games and has 40 points. Strbak is a fourth liner on most teams
and Ashakov has potential but won’t be ready for the NHL for a few years.

To PHILLY: Danny Markov

To Carolina: Justin Williams

Winner: Carolina

Why: Williams is still young and has a bright future. He will become a solid top
six forward very soon in the NHL and Philly could of got more for this former
first round pick. Markov is a pretty solid defensemen, and should be a top four
defensemen for many years. Very close trade but I’ll give this one to Carolina.

To NEW YORK: Jaromir Jagr

To WASHINGTON: Anson Carter

Winner: New York

Why: They got arguable one of the top five forwards in the game, and got the
Caps to eat half his salary. Carter wasn’t doing much in New York and wasn’t
much of a loss at all.

To TAMPA BAY: Darryl Sydor and a 4th round pick

To Columbus: Alexander Svitov and a 3rd round pick

Winner: Tampa Bay

Why: Sydor is a very solid top 2 defensemen. He has plenty of playoff experience
and a Cup to go with that. He will be very valuable once Tampa is in the
playoffs, and is leadership should help out with the younger players on their
blue line. Svitov hasn’t lived up to his potential yet, but is still young.

To PHOENIX: Mike Comrie

To PHILLY: Sean Burke, Branko Radivojevic, and Ben Eager

Winner: Phoenix

Why: I think this a good trade for both teams, but Burke has been to hot and
cold lately. He needs to be more consistent. Comrie is a future number one
center, and will help out a lot in the future. Radivojevic is a solid third line
player, and Eager is still too young to judge.

To NASHVILLE: Steve Sullivan

To CHICAGO: 2nd round pick (04) and a 2nd round pick (05)

Winner: Nashville

Why: Sullivan has been an instant success in Nashville. 6 goals and 7 assist, 13
points in 7 games. He adds depth to this team, and should help them get into the
playoffs. This reminds me of how the Ducks picked up Thomas last year and how
well he did right away for them.

To OTTAWA: Peter Bondra

To WASHINGTON: Brooks Laich and a 2nd round pick

Winner: Ottawa

Why: Peter Bondra is one of the best playoff goal scorers in the NHL, and adds
more depth on an already deep team. Laich is a solid prospect and the Caps
didn’t get ripped off in this deal by any means, but I feel Bondra might be the
difference in a close series when Ottawa gets into the playoffs. Also Ottawa has
already said that they will pick up Bondra’s option for next year.

To PHILLY: Alexei Zhamnov

To CHICAGO: Jim Vandermeer, Colin Fraser, and a 2nd round pick.

Winner: Philly

Why: Zhamnov is a soft player, but he’s still a number one or two center in the
NHL. Philly needed this trade with their injury situation but they might have
gave up a lot for playoff rental and a player with such a large salary. Not a
bad trade for either team, but not a great trade for either team.

To DETROIT: Robert Lang

To WASHINGTON: Tomas Fleischmann, a 1st round pick and a 4th round pick.

Winner: Detroit

Why: Detroit got the NHL’s leading scorer for a pretty good prospect and 2
picks. The first rounder will be low and it’s a weak draft to go along. Detroit
gave up Fleischmann a good prospect, but with Filppula having such a good WJC
tournament, they have another future star prospect so they could afford too.
Lang fits the Wings style of play and is pretty good in his own end. Always had
the talent but is just starting to show it.

To NJ: Viktor Kozlov

To FLORIDA: Christian Berglund and Victor Uchevatov

Winner: NJ

Why: A lot of people will disagree with me on this but Kozlov is full of
potential and talent. If NJ can get him to play the way he can, this will end up
being a steal. Has problems with injuries but when this guy is on his game he’s
hard to stop.

To MONTREAL: Alexei Kovalev

To NEW YORK: Jozef Balej and a 2nd round pick

Winner: Montreal

Why: Kovalev was one of the top 5 scorers in the NHL before he went to the
Rangers, and went downhill from there. He needed a change and he still has the
potential to be a top NHL scorer if he can get his game back. Rangers did a real
good job getting Balej who should become a second line player soon. If the
Canadians can resign Kovalev this trade would look better for them.

To BOSTON: Sergei Gonchar

To WASHIGTON: Shaone Morrisonn, a 1st round draft pick and a 2nd round draft

Winner: Boston

Why: They got the best defensemen on the market. Not only will this be good for
the team but it will also be good for Boston fans that haven’t had a good
defensemen since Bourque left. This should make them real contenders now.
Gonchar didn’t come cheap at all. Shaone Morrisonn is big pickup for the Caps.