Failing a setback, Boston Bruins forward Marc Savard will return to the team’s lineup later this month or early in December. Meanwhile, Marco Sturm isn’t far behind and hopes to rejoin the Bruins by mid-December at the latest.

Combined, Savard and Sturm represent a $7.5 million cap hit, which would put Boston about $2 million over the $59.4 million cap.

Multiple transactions may be required; trades are an option, but it’s not GM Peter Chiarelli’s only play.

There are vultures circling – the Toronto Maple Leafs being one – but no offers have been presented and Boston would rather waive players and assign them to the AHL than make a rival stronger.

Veteran forward Michael Ryder eats up $4 million in cap space and is a candidate for demotion, while defenceman Andrew Ference, who’s a $2.25 million cap hit, is a trade target as well.

Keep in mind that the Bruins own Toronto’s first round Draft pick in 2011 via the Phil Kessel trade, so Boston has no interest in helping the Leafs get better. Toronto will have to focus on New Jersey, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Calgary -the NHL’s other cap challenged clubs – or budget-sensitive teams like Phoenix, Dallas, Florida or Atlanta in hopes of luring the big centre they’re seeking.


  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    The Bruins are averaging 1.5 goals for when Rask plays a full game, and 4.57 goals for when Thomas plays a full game. The only game when the Bruins gave Rask more than 2 goals for (which coincidently is the least amount of goals they’ve provided for Thomas) was against the Capitals, which only took the loss away from Thomas and gave it to Rask instead by scoring 3 straight goals to tie it up in Rask's only period of play, only to see Rask get scored on after.

    .923 save % and a 0-4-1 record. Those aren't stats that go together.

    I'm starting to think the sophmore slump is a given even if you're playing well.

  2. hockey_lover says:

    The problem with Boston this year is the same problem they had last year .. scoring goals. They are in the bottom half of the league in this area.

    Sure, things will likely get a small bit better once Savard and Sturm return but its going to be addition by subtraction.

    Sturm generally will get about 25 goals a season, give or take.
    Right now, Ryder is on pace to get 25 goals. He is rumoured to be traded/waived/demoted when Sturm comes back.
    Thats a wash.

    Savard will come back, yes. But, how effective will he be after suffering a major concussion (which totally sucks, btw) and has missed 25 – 30 games and training camp?  It will likely take him until game 50 to round back into his old form (which is awesome, but still). Having Savard healthy and back to normal for 30 games isnt going to help ALL that much.

    Go down the line up and its easy to see where the problems are:
    Bergeron – pace for 12 goals
    Kreiji – pace for 14
    Wheeler – pace for 12
    Recchi – pace for 6

    At least Horton is playing well and Lucic seems to be rounding back to his old form, otherwise the Bruins would be sunk.

    Oh and Thomas is a beast, btw. Un-freaking-real. I'll eat crow on this one. After his Vezina season, I said "nope, dont buy it. Played above his level." Then last season, I was proved right. Except this year, yeah, not so much. Dude is lights out.

  3. Boston_Bruins says:

    You can't be serious. The Bruins are 5th in the league in goals per game, and were actually 2nd before last night's 1 goal outing. And yeah, that's without last year's top scorer plus their best offensive player, and one of their best offensive threats from the back-end. They actually just exploded for 7 goals on your team without their top 2 centers, top 6 winger and top 3 defenseman.

    I think you'll begin to realize that last year was a ridiculous anomaly. Every player on the team will not have down seasons/be injured. Don't forget this team was the second best offense 2 years ago. I don't expect that again, but top 10 would not be surprising at all. 

    And those stats are meaningless to me. This is the most well-balanced scoring attack I've seen in quite some time. Every forward on the team is in the 13-18 minute range in TOI. They're just rolling the lines right now and getting something from everyone, so you're without Horton/Lucic they'd be sunkargument isn't quite valid.

  4. Tachmo says:

    re think your stats hockey lover.
    Boston has played 3 or 4 less games then most teams so that is why you are thinking there total goals is low.

  5. Tachmo says:

    Blake Wheeler has been a huge dissapointment. I thought he should get another year to see if he can turn into something. He was drafted in the top ten overall a few years ago. He just has zero hockey sense. He does have skill, he is a above average skater for a big guy. But he just skates around with the puck and runs into defenders and creates no scoring chances. I cannot believe this kid got 2.2 million on a one year deal.

    He should be traded for a minor league player if at all possible to clear cap space. He will not be missed.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:

    Simply put, the guy's a hack. The amount and magnitude of opportunities he shanks is mindblowing.

  7. Tachmo says:

    What about simply tapping in a loose puck into a wide open net. Instead dive head first and knock the puck in with your hand. Embarrassing!!

    Shooting it 5 ft over the net on a 2on1.

  8. hockey_lover says:

    I cant be serious cause no, the bruins ARENT 5th in the league in goals per game. They are 13th (my error .. not bottom half of the league .. my apologies). They are 13th AFTER they exploded for 7 goals in ONE game on the season. Carolina has scored 7 goals TWICE this month .. yee haw?

    I think you'll begin to realize that while last year was a ridiculous anomaly towards the negative (with down years and injuries), just as much as the year before was a ridiculous anomaly towards the positive (with everyone having insane career years .. which most wont duplicate again this year).

    Actually .. nevermind. Its pointless.

  9. Boston_Bruins says:

    Ok well they were just 5th before the OTT game so I wasn't incorrect on that.

    You clearly don't know what you're talking about if you call out their offense when they were 5th in the league in GPG at the time of your comment.

  10. Boston_Bruins says:

    No kidding. A blind Boogaard could have put that one in.

  11. mojo19 says:

    I would pick Ryder up off waivers if they Bruins put him there. He's on the last year of his deal so why not? The few Bruins games I've watched this year he's been really good.

  12. hockey_lover says:

    Yes yes .. ok, you’re right. The bruins rock the offensive zone like no other team can. They are the bees knees. Yee haw. Now that we have that settled …

    Seriously .. is Thomas going to let up a goal this season? 😛 Its unfreaking real how much fire this guy is on. The guy is on pace for what .. 25 shutouts? Simply spectacular.

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