Carter Finally Finds A Home!

According to Forward Anson Carter has signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets for a one year, $2.5US contract

This is probably a move to help up front seeing restricted free agent winger Nikolai Zherdev will most likely be playing in Russia next year.

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  1. magnifikko says:


  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    ***** Ferguson, another goddamn ***** up by a shitty GM. Great signing by Columbus!

  3. wingerxxx says:

    I never thought I’d see Zherdev dealt out of Columbus so soon, but it looks like either that is the case, or he really does want to stay in Russia.

    I’m still not big on Carter as a player. He’ll get you about 25 to 30 in a good year, but that’s really about all you get for your money.

  4. neilios says:

    Carter will have a shit year in Columbus what does he think that Nash will dish him the puck Nash averages about 10 assist a season,but I think Carter will be a 2nd liner playing with Modin and Hrdina so Anson will have about 10 goals.Rumor going around Van today is that the Canucks and Blue Jackets might be working outta trade that would send Zherdav,Klesla,and Fritche to Canucks for Naslund,and couple picks.

  5. The-President says:

    Thank God the Leafs didn’t sign him, he’s just another O’neill, I’m soooo happy right now about this news, now hopefully Toronto gets Zherdev, oh the irony…. or maybe sign Morozov. Carter sucks arse, he’s horrible and shouldn’t be playing hockey.

  6. krk181 says:

    he might get 25 to 30 depending on who he plays with but i think he may have gotten a little more than what his is worth but now that he isnt playing with the sedin twins its his turn to prove everyone wrong

  7. ranger_fan says:

    another great player signed by Toronto…

  8. Turnbull says:

    Im glad the leafs didnt sign Carter too,…but to say he shouldn’t be playing hockey is a bit much.

  9. GoalJudge says:

    That this turd didn’t end up on Sundin’s wing.

    Man, did we skate through that one.

    It’s funny that he signed for less than other teams offered.

    Or at least the same.

    Again, this bum landed on a top line for a team, with nothing to show for it, what luck. He’s gotta have a batch of four-leaf clovers shoved up his backside.

    I guess he is hoping he can “make” Nash a great player or thinks he can show him a thing or two about scoring. Just like he “made’ the Sedins.

    Watch him have another breakout season, purely on assists to NASH. Then next summer he’ll think he is justified, and ask for 3-3.5.

    And again, no one will pay him, because great players made him good, not the other way around.

  10. wingedim says:

    In all likelyhood, he’ll play second line alongside Modin and Hrdina. I doubt he’ll play first line, in Columbus.

  11. wingedim says:

    Tell us how you really feel Leafy…

  12. BruMagnus says:

    I hate this guy now.

    From a few sources I heard he rejected the Penguins one year $2.8 million offer.

    Why wouldn’t he pad his stats one year playing with either the Kid or Malks all year? Idiot. Go play with Nash and Federov.

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