Does this team need to make changes fast

The Canuck’s need to make some move’s and quickly. If you like high scoring game’s then now you can’t go watch a game in Vancouver or a Calgary game (Vancouver only played them once this year so I don’t know if they still lack as much offensivly). Vancouver is terrible defensivly (if you watch Sabourin’s last game then Luongo value just doubled). Honestly there just a one line team that has an amazing goalie. Morrison, Kesler, Ohlund, Bourdon (who didn’t even make the team), Burrows, Chouinard, Cooke, and especially Bulis have struggled this season. Even Naslund hasn’t live up to expectation’s. Henrik and Daniel Sedin are absolutly amazing. Two of the best hockey player’s in the NHL, and for only 3.5 million a year (i don’t know that exact number, but it’s like 3.66 or something). Luongo has been great, but not best goalie in the NHL great.

This is what I think they should do.

First put Bulis on waivers. Next put Fitzpatrick on waivers (when he come’s back from injury). Then trade Morrison, Cooke, Ohlund, Chouinard, and Naslund (but I know Naslund will never get traded during the season, absolutly no chance).

To Vancouver: Dan Boyle
To Tampa Bay: Mattias Ohlund

This wouldn’t put a bit more against the cap for Vancouver but only a hundred thousand. This one is pretty even.


To Chigaco: Brenden Morrison, Mattias Ohlund, Luc Bourdon, 2nd rounder
To Vancouver: Adrian Aucion, Tuumo Ruutu

This one is one of those one’s were some people will agree and some won’t. It would pretty much be Aucion for Ohlund, and the pick. Then Ruttu for Mo, and Luc.


To Colorado: Marcus Naslund, Luc Bourdon
To Vancouver: Milan Hedjuk, John Michael Liles

Naslund is a better player then Hedjuk for sure, and Bourdon might become better then Liles. The reason it would be fair though is because Colorado would have to take the risk of only having a chance to have him for two years (incase he goes back to Sweden).