Hitchcock Broadway Bound??

The axe has yet to fall on Ron Low, however that hasn’t stopped CNNSI’s Kostya Kennedy from speculating that Ken Hitch***** is a shoe in to be named the next coach of the New York Rangers. Kennedy, CNNsi’s appointed “hockey guru” was asked the question of why rumors persist that Hitch***** will replace Ron Low at season’s end he responded by saying:

“These rumors keep popping up because Hitch***** is going to be the Rangers’ next coach. And he’ll do a lot for the franchise. Players don’t have to mesh with Hitch*****; he makes them fit. In Dallas, Mike Modano complained about Hitch*****, Brett Hull complained about Hitch*****, and so on. But Hitch kept to his m.o., demanding accountability from his players. Sure enough, the players followed, and sure enough, they won.

How many Stanley Cups has Pavel Bure won? How about Eric Lindros? They’ll listen to Hitch*****; players who miss the playoffs tend to be ready to lend an ear. You don’t need Ken Hitch***** to motivate guys like Mike York. York would play tenacious two-way hockey if you or I were coaching him. Hitch is, in part, about getting the attention of players who need waking up. He’d be perfect on Broadway. “

I think Kennedy is right on target with his comments. It seems as though the Rangers have lacked a leader behind the bench since Iron Mike back in the day. What do you guys think? Would (will) Hitch be a good fit for the Blueshirts?? I think he could be.

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