Home Improvements Part I

Seeing as how people don’t like to discuss any possible trade rumors here at Hockey TRADE RUMORS.com, I took it upon myself to think of the most pressing need for each NHL team, and use my vast imagination to think up a fair trade that would address that need.

Here we go…comments welcome…

ANAHEIM: The Ducks could use some size, preferably accompanied by some goals. A big power forward would be nice. I know this hurts, Ducks fans, but…

Possible trade: Vitaly Vishnevski and Andy MacDonald to Philly for Keith Primeau, Chris Therien, 3rd-round pick.

ATLANTA:Where to begin…well, for starters, a big defenseman would be nice. If they could steal McLaren or Morris, they’d be doing alright.

Possible trade: Tomi Kallio and Chris Tamer to Boston for Kyle McLaren.

BOSTON: A goaltender who can steal a game. I just don’t think Shields wil cut it. Also, an irritating forechecker who pesters and can score too.

Possible trade: Martin Lapointe and Steve Shields to St.Louis for Fred Braithwaite, Jamal Mayers and a 2nd round-pick.

BUFFALO: Goals, goals, goals…the Sabres still aren’t far away from being a good team, but they need a scorer, and now.

Possible trade: Tim Connolly, Alexei Zhitnik and a 5th-round pick to Ottawa for Radek Bonk, Sami Salo, and a 4th round-pick.

CALGARY: They need some 2nd line support for Iggy and Co. They have a surprisingly solid blueline, so they do have trade bait with which to nab a decent scorer.

Possible trade: Dave Lowry, Denis Gauthier, 2nd-round pick to NYR for Radek Dvorak.

CAROLINA: The Canes could use a clutch goal scorer, something they obviously didn’t have in the Stanley Cup finals. Bite the bullet, deal some kids.

Possible trade: Erik Cole and Niclas Wallin to Boston for Brian Rolston and a 4th-round pick.

CHICAGO: A big, irritating forward who can get under the oppositions skin, and pump some goals in, too.

Possible trade: Lyle Odelein and Steve Thomas to Toronto for Travis Green and Wade Belak.

COLORADO: I’ve said it before, get somebody in front of the net on the PP. A big guy to replace Deadmarsh would be good, so would a solid defenseman.

Possible trade: Steve Reinprecht, Alex Riazantsev and a 5th-round pick to NYI for Brad Isbister, Mattias Timander, and a 7th-roud pick.

COLUMBUS: I like what they did with their defense, and Cassels can only help their offense, but they still need some depth forwards, and likely a backup goalie, too.

Possible trade: Jean-Luc Grand Pierre, Chris Nielsen and a 8th-round pick to Pittsburgh for Dan LaCouture and Jean-Sebastien Aubin.

DALLAS: What didn’t they do??? I shudder to think that the Stars are a Western Conference force again, and I don’t know what they need to improve on. Maybe a really nasty 4th liner.

Possible trade: Darryl Sydor to Tampa Bay for Andre Roy and Mathieu Biron.

DETROIT: They need to stockpile some young guys. I know they have Datsyuk and Dandenault, but they could use someone who is a potentialup-and-comer, ya know???…that’s all I could really think of.

Possible trade: Darren McCarty and Mathieu Dandenault to Pittsburgh for Kris Beech, or to Washington for Brian Sutherby.

That’s all the time I have for now, I’ll start on Edmonton tomorrow.


33 Responses to Home Improvements Part I

  1. titans says:

    Gimmie a point, a strike five minute misconduct for I care those trade ideas were some of the most friggin whacked out I’ve ever heard!


  2. mikster says:

    titans…..the last part was uneccessary, watch iiiiiiiiitttt……

  3. morrow10 says:

    Thank you very much. Dallas has addressed all of its needs in the past two offseasons, but management’s smartest move was handing psycho eddie’s job over to Marty Turco. In doing this, they have saved around $5 million dollars. Crazy eddie is worthless and toronto is gonna have some hard times in the next two years with him. Dallas has the deepest D corps in the entire NHL, and it’s second line is scarier than many teams first line. Now i admit chemistry may be in question, with the transition from a defensive to an offensive game, but turco and the rest of the defense are more than capable of doing their job. And how can you bet against Mikey Mo? He is the best all around player in the NHL except maybe Peter Forsberg, and he constantly makes those around him look great out there on the ice.

    STARS STANLEY CUP IN 2002? Yall just wait and see!!!!!!!!!

  4. GloveSide says:

    When i Braithwaite better then sheilds?

    boston is screwed either way

  5. mikster says:

    Lowry for Dvorak? No way…….never

  6. Tony says:

    Detroit has Zetterberg coming to the team and Fisher might end up being the best defencemen in 5 years, but i do agree thats all about they really need. Maybe one more defencemen at the tradedeadline

  7. Aves21 says:

    Man, Titans, what’s your problem? Not gotten laid in a long time?

  8. Overtime says:

    Why not just sign Gary Suter? With Lidstrom, Suter, Chelios, Fischer, Dandenault, Wallin, and Kuznetsov, that’s not a bad top 7.

  9. Leaf_Expert says:

    Leafs should sugn the legend………

    `~`~`~`~`~MARK MESSIER~`~`~`~`~`

  10. Leaf_Expert says:

    Leafs should sign the legend………

    `~`~`~`~`~MARK MESSIER~`~`~`~`~`

  11. Overtime says:

    Come on. Give this guy some credit. I don’t exactly agree with every proposed trade, but it is interesting stuff – a lot more interesting than your comments.

    Lighten up and enjoy the show!

  12. titans says:

    Bad day! You wouldn’t even begin to understand! Sorry, I guess Reece isn’t as fruity as say Miki!

  13. titans says:


  14. JClark87 says:

    Only problem I see with the Detroit deal is dealing McCarty would leave us without a real tough guy. Shanahan and Chelios would do all of our fighting and we can’t have them in the box all of the time. Zetterburg should be good, but I won’t call him the next Forsberg like some others on this site. So maybe we just need a tough D-Man like Odelein for Kuznetsov and a 4th rounder.

  15. bmr128 says:

    Great opening comment!

  16. garry1221 says:

    wish we would just sign one more d man, suter or slegr would fit the bill nicely, either one on 3rd pair w/ dande

  17. Glen says:

    A few problems here.

    #1) Your Ducks trade is absolutely rediculous. Primeau, Therien and a pick, for a foreigner and an un-proven forward? Primeau isn’t Forsberg but he is a quality second line center. By the way Clarke doesn’t like foreigners unless he can draft them and trade them once they develop.

    #2) Why would the Hurricanes trade Erik Cole???? Explain this to me please… he is one of the last young big power forwards in the league and with two more years could become a Keith Tkachuk style player.

    Good effort.

  18. Modano_Fan says:

    Couldnt agree with you more. Im a huge Stars fan myself,and I’d say after a month or two of chemistry building,they’ll be dangerous. The first two lines are lining up to be almost unstoppable and thats not ever considering what surprises may break out from the 3rd line. Turco may be a problem THIS year,but he’s deffinately on the road to being a top goalie. Hopefully he can reach that point this year with Tugnutt there to teach him. And hell,even if this isnt Turco’s year yet,I can’t say that I mind having Tugnutt in the net either.He’s been very over rated his whole career and if he’s on a condender like the Stars this year,he could actually make a name for himself in his last few years.

    And Modano is deffinately the best all round player today. With Forsberg it might be close,but I’d say Modano because he’s a bit tougher and means more to his team. When Modano gets hurt,the Stars fall apart. With Forsberg goes down Colorado doesnt seem to miss him

  19. MyCaptain11 says:

    i’m sorry, but these trade rumors just sound absolutely laughable. mccarty and dandenault for beech? he would have to suck real bad for patrick to do that deal.

    why would the stars trade sydor to the lightning when lukowich already was dealt there for a pick?

    as someone previously said, cole is not even up for debate right now.

    i honestly don’t know about kallio, but the bruins can’t be THAT desperate to unload mclaren.

    speaking of boston, that blues’ rumor is completely out of this galaxy, much less world.

    and the worst of the bunch was the ducks-flyers scenerio.

    i can’t come up with a whole lot of great rumors right now, but please don’t peddle this to the rest of us if most of it doesn’t make sense.

  20. Krockasian says:

    give the guy a break at least he is trying to make up some rumore. something that is lacking on this site. Go figure a hockey trade rumor site and i see more news and non hockey info than anything else.

    As for primeau ana already has too many centers (maybe not to many) they aren’t going to put ruchin on the third line at the money he is getting.

  21. garry1221 says:

    number 1. it’s the OFFSEASON…. if u haven’t realized 2. do you really expect trades coming right before training camp?….. my god, if u don’t want to see the articles here then check back in come regular season……. even then you’ll have articles…. just cause this site is a ‘trade rumor’ site don’t mean that’s all it’s got on it, ……. hell, if u liked the article so much to post then why do u have only negative things to say bout the rest of the comments.

  22. r_milley says:

    People like trade rumors when they’re legit, with a source. Not garbage people make up or stuff like “Leafs should trade picks for Iginla” or “Wings should trade Zetterberg for Sakic”.

    The stuff you posted is retarded. Leafs could have had Thomas for nothig if they wanted him. And how is Odelein better then Lumme/Berg?

    Why does Columbus need Aubin when they have Leclaire?

    That Detroit thing might be the dumbest of them all, i’m not going to bother saying why.

  23. r_milley says:

    you cant MAKE UP trade rumors.

    Micki’s post about the Rangers at least had some well thought out points and was interesting, this stuff is just stupid.

  24. Heinzee57 says:

    I agree the Boston suggestions here are foolish at best.

    Sheilds hasn’t played a game in Boston and we’re trading him already??

    Who wants Marty’s salary after last years numbers???

    McLaren for Tanguay would help the B’s as Kyle has refused to play in Boston.

    The B’s have a “good” team, the problem with that is that last year they were on their way to being a GREAT team.


  25. Heinzee57 says:

    You obviously know very little about the Boston Bruins.

    1st Brian Rolston for Erik Cole and Niclas Wallin???

    Niclas Wallin only had 3 more points than me last year and I’m not in the NHL.

    Do you know who Brian Rolston is??

    He was 2nd in the league last year in SOG. (to Billy G)

    31 goals and 31 assists, not to mention 8 or 9 were scored shorthanded.

    Probably the Bruins best “All Around” player last season. Furthermore, he has a very affordable pricetag for those kind of numbers.

    Yeah the B’s really need to dump him, can’t have a player like that in the lineup. You lost Billy G to free agency, might as well get rid of anyone else who can score a goal. Heck, throw Murray in there too…..

    2nd Martin Lapointe and Steve Shields for Fred Braithwaite, Jamal Mayers and a 2nd round-pick.

    Why??? Sheilds hasn’t even worn the sweater yet… Better move him. Here’s a question: Why would St. Louis want Marty’s salary??

    And another thing…. Fred Braithwaite and Jamal Mayers?? Why on earth would the Bruins trade for them??

    Next time you are writing an article concerning the B’s, just insert (THIS SPACE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANK, AS I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE BRUINS.)


  26. rrudd says:

    i DO like when people make up trade scenarios. even when they’re ridiculous.

    made-up rumors spark interesting debate, and actually help educate people as to how others value their own players.

    it shows creativity and enlivens the site.

    since the site is trade RUMORS, it makes sense that speculation would be a viable aspect of the content.

    this guy put a lot of effort into this article to speculate in a way that would encourage conversation. some of his trades don’t make much sense, perhaps (dallas signed aaron downey, so they wouldn’t ditch sydor for andre roy), but it is interesting to hear his ideas.

    relax everybody.

  27. Aetherial says:


    ROFL!! Oh man, great adjective there!

    no need to jump on the guy but I have to admit most of those trades look like bad ideas for one team.

  28. Heinzee57 says:

    Sorry Guys, but I missed one….

    Tomi Kallio and Chris Tamer to Boston for Kyle McLaren.

    Kallio is having a hard enough time keeping his ass out of the minors.

    Tamer is 7 years older than McLaren and only has 2 more years of NHL experience.

    If the Bruins can’t swing a better deal than this for McLaren…. Let him sit out and go broke.


  29. AvsMan says:

    not lowry for Dvorak, the key to this deal is Gauthier…both these guys would be better in the playoffs that Dvorak would, and this is where the NYR should be looking

  30. AvsMan says:

    thanks…glad someone else knows what this site is for

  31. AvsMan says:

    first of all, Vishnevski is a coveted d-man, one of the hardest hitters in the league right now, up there with Scotty Stevens himself…i think it would be the Ducks who would find it hard to make this trade

    second, the canes don’t need a power forward, they have Jeff O-Neill…Erik Cole is good, but what they need is a clutch scorer which Brian Rolston is

    please pay a little more attention to the comments, and we won’t have this problem

  32. Aetherial says:

    The only compelling reason to sign Messier at this stage of his career is leadership.

    The leafs have enough leaders and enough veteran leaders, THAT is why they are dangerous in the playoffs; out of proportion to their overall talent.

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