If the Canucks were to trade.

Fair enough, the Canucks play the season has been less then stellar; they have suffered many defensive set backs mixed with being unable to score. Many people are suggesting trades but they seem too implausible or trade our young to get better now, the same mistake the Canucks have made forever. The right course action would be just get through the season and spend the newly freed up 10 millions dollars, from Naslund’s and Morrison’s contracts, on free agents.

But I understand that Vancouver fans are too impatient. So If I were to trade, it would look like this.

To Vancouver: Patrick Marleau 14gp 5pts salary: 4.5 mil this season the 6.3 mil for his remaining two seasons

To San Jose: Marcus Naslund 14gp 11pts salary: 6 mil

This seems somewhat plausible Marleau is struggling right now living in the shadow of Thornton but he still put out 78pts last year. So perhaps SJ would deal him and in return Naslund would probably put up huge numbers playing with Thornton. This trade to me seems fair and has potential beneficial for both teams. Perhaps it could be a multi player deal and the Canucks could try to get Pavelski as well and trade Cooke but I think SJ would want Bourdon if they gave up Pavelski.

I would love to see Marleau in a Canucks uniform. He is definitely not doen scoring yet he just off to a slow year playing on a second line but he would still bounce back and be a great asset to the Canucks at the age of only 28. It will be sad to see Naslund go but it looks like that will be the case at then end of the year anyways.