July 2, 2009 Morning NHL News and Rumors

Heatley refuses to budge

Predators expect to lose players

Rangers passed on Heatley
Heatley refuses to budge

Allen Panzeri, The Ottawa Citizen

Wednesday might have been the most frustrating day in Bryan Murray’s long National Hockey League career, but he was hoping it would at least end with Dany Heatley getting fitted for an Edmonton Oilers jersey.

The Ottawa Senators general manager spent all of Canada Day waiting to hear if Heatley would agree to waive his no-trade clause and accept a proposed deal to the Oilers.

Several members of the Oilers management team, including general manager Steve Tambellini, president Kevin Lowe, and new head coach Pat Quinn, flew to Kelowna, B.C., where Heatley has a summer home, to sell the 28-year-old left-winger on a move to the Alberta capital.

However, they had no such luck.

Heatley’s agents were upset at Murray, saying that he hadn’t worked hard enough to arrange a trade. They had hoped to be presented with more options. They also didn’t want Heatley making a decision on Ottawa’s timetable, so they decided to take more time.

“Edmonton is the only option that has been presented to us, and you can’t tell that there aren’t more,” J.P. Barry told Sportsnet.ca.

Heatley’s refusal meant that as of midnight the Senators were on the hook for Heatley’s $4-million contract bonus.


Predators expect to lose players


Say goodbye to forward Vern Fiddler and defenseman Greg Zanon.

That’s what things looked like Tuesday night, only hours before the NHL’s unrestricted free agent market was set to open at 11 a.m. today.

Predators General Manager David Poile said Tuesday that Nashville was unlikely to re-sign either Fiddler or Zanon. Both players had spent the past three seasons with the Predators and both had hoped to return, but deals could not be struck.

“It’s about the dollars they want,” Poile said. “It’s not for me to say that they’re not going to get them. But right now … if we have an ability to sign anybody before 11, it will be Sullivan and/or Ward.”

Both Poile and Sullivan’s agent described negotiations as ongoing, despite an unusual hiccup.

Poile apparently said during a Tuesday radio interview on WNSR 560-AM that Sullivan was looking for a deal for longer than two years. His comments found their way back to Sullivan and his agent, Stephen Bartlett, who clarified their stance with Poile.

“I believe what I said was that they’d asked for a multi-year deal, and were hoping to get three or four years,” Poile said. “(But) in talking to Steve and his representative, if he could get the right deal money-wise, he would sign with the Predators for two years. That was clarified.”

Joel Ward’s agent, Peter Cooney, said Tuesday afternoon that, despite conversations between the two sides, Ward would likely hit the unrestricted free-agent market today.

“I don’t believe anything is going to change between now and (Wednesday at 11),” Cooney said. “But if the phone rings and (David Poile) is on the line, we’re interested in talking to him.


Rangers passed on Heatley


Sather said he had been given an opportunity to bid on Heatley, but passed. He spent the same on Gaborik as he would have on Heatley, whose reputation is toxic, and without yielding an asset, though there’s no law it had to be a one-or-the-other. Indeed, Sather said it wasn’t.

“We had a lot of balls in the air, and we still do,” the general manager said. “We think there might be a lot of possibilities, either as free agents or in trades.


10 Responses to July 2, 2009 Morning NHL News and Rumors

  1. redlight2424 says:

    heatley is a looser same level as avery 2 low class mf

  2. muckies says:

    I am a die hard Sens fan, I have bought tickets every year no matter how broke I was (ie University, no job) because I belive you have to support your team, but with this situaition I am in no way buying tickets to a team that will go to paying Dany Heatly 4 million dollars so he can sit on his boat and decide what he wants to do, this is a total bullshit situation.
    How come Ottawa used to be a model franchise, bringing up star players all over the league like Hossa, Havlat, Chara, and now we have been dragged into the mud by the most selfish act by any player ever after what Ottawa has done for him and his family.
    I hate Bryan Murray, he has been the worst thing to happen to this franchise EVER. His ego is getting in the way of hockey decisions.

    AND A LITTEL PERSPECTIVE HERE – In the memory of Dan Snyder, how much do we think his family would just love to see him playing in the NHL today, he'd be doing it for a minimum salary ON ANY TEAM. You figure that Dany Heatley would have gained some perspective on life from this and understood that playing in the NHL is a blessing and the Ottawa Senators, Atlanta Thrashers and now Edmonton Oilers have been nothing but amazing to him and at some point he would play just for the love of the game and the priviledge to wear a sweater that Messier, Gretzky and Ryan Smyth made into one of the most sacred crests in all of sports.

    Dany Heatley and Bryan MUrray, a hex on both of you and to you to Uegen Melnyk for letting your team go from Stanley CUp finalsit to league laughing stock and making the Ottawa fans pay huge money to see a non-playoff team float around the ice, and make us pay inflated ticket prices so you can pay one player 14 million doallrs for 365 days of service because your EGO GOT IN THE WAY.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Unrelated to the topic, but under the sub-heading of Rumors, does anyone think the Bruins have to make a major play soon?  As of this writing, assuming that Bitz' extension is worth in the area of 850K-1 million, and with the resigning of Mark Recchi, the team is now officially over the cap (57.025 million) and they have yet to resign Phil Kessel, have only five defensemen, and also have not included two extras on the roster.  at this point, trading phil kessel does not even help the situation.

    I suspect they will try to sign a backup goaltender for 600-700K, and send rask to the minors, effectively cutting about 2.5 million off the cap.  Even that doesn't leave enough room though to sign both Kessel and Hunwick, and still add an extra to the roster – not by a long shot.

    This is just a rumor, but I heard somewhere, can't remember where, that Sturm is unwilling to waive his NTC.  That leaves possible trade options of Bergeron and Ryder (but Ryder is a favorite of Julein's).  One would think that Bergeron and Kobasew could be on their way out of town ASAP.

    I wouldn't be surpized if Gainey had some interest in Kobasew, but who will take Bergeron now, and what is he worth?  I tend to think he's worth very little given the Bruin's situation and the history of concussions – he's a massive risk for any team.  Or will Chiarelli look to cut costs by shipping off the likes of Stuart, Ference and Wheeler for less expensive options.

    Anyway you look at it, something fairly substantial has to come out of Boston fairly soon…

  4. Flyer_Dman says:

    I don’t get it. Why doesn’t anybody want to play for the Oilers? My examples would be Hossa, Pronger (his wife too), and now Heatley. I believe there are more that are not coming to mind.

    More to the point, does anybody feel like Murray did the deal with Edmonton to get back at Heatley? Think about it. Heatley handles the whole situation TERRIBLY by going to the media about wanting to be moved instead of keeping it behind closed doors. So, Murray retaliates by sending him to the one team in the league that no player wants to play for. As ridiculous and selfish as it sounds, it is a win-win for Murray. He either: A) gets three nice players in a deal and sends a message that if you go against him you get sent to the arctic, or B) he gets to keep a 50 goal scorer and sends the same exact message. Heatley loses either way. Albeit, the Sens lose, too. Having a player on your team that doesn’t want to be there can do incredible damage in the dressing room.

    As much as Murray is getting bashed on this site, you have to admit, he is down right dominating the PR war with Heatley.

  5. trueblue says:

    Edmonton is like Siberia in Russia…but i dont think Murray did anything intentional…he is running a business and just wanted to get the best return for heatley as possible…and by the looks of the offered package, Edmonton really wanted Heatley…i think they would have overpaid to get him…and im glad the rangers arent getting this guy…heatley is a problem player and i agree what someone else posted…

    if a player has a no trade clause and that player ends up asking for a trade, then they should be forced to waive all of there rights and allow the GM to trade them to wherever… the no movement clause should not be used by the player to take total control of the situation…Heatley is just an organizational problem in general…feed him beans and let Ottowa keep dealing with his crap….we dont need it in NY!

  6. Radio says:

    Meanwhile, because of Heatley's flipflopping and Murray's focus on Dany…the Sens got?


  7. trueblue says:

    From what i understand Mr. Sather stated there was dirty poker going on and he opted out of the Heatley sweepstakes….hopefully we will find out more soon…

    Sounds to me like Ottowa was using Edmonton to get more back from other teams like NY cause Ottowa new Heatley wouldnt go to Edmonton but had talks with them nonetheless

    There definately was some funny business going on…screw Heatley anyways

  8. Radio says:
    What do you mean by "dirty poker"?

    It's Murray's job to get all he can for Heatley. Nothing he offered was against league rules. Sather is free to pull-out of the bidding whenever he wants, just as Murray is free to accept, reject or shop w/e offers he receives.

  9. trueblue says:

    they were fed beans!

  10. trueblue says:

    i feel your pain…
    Not too many teams will want Heatley now… at least they wont be willing to part with much to get him no matter how talented he is

    I think Murray got a reality check on this one…
    and who knows anything is possible….we got rid of Gomez's contract when everyone said it couldnt be done

    If it were me i would just make life so miserable for Heatley that eventually he would expand that list…i would tighten the ratchet until he would break like the little ***** he is

    then deal him for whatever you can get at that point…someone will take him going into the homestretch of the regular season at the deadline…until then i would make him one miserable S.O.B.

    then my friend you will have peace of mind and your dignity back
    so dont no go the games…you just might enjoy watching Heatley be tormented and booed all season long…thats right the fans are gonna kick his ass too!  Aint it funny how what comes around goes around…i just dont think Danny boy will have to wait that long to get his due!

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