Tips to Play and Win Keno Online: Best Strategies

Keno is an exciting but underrated casino game. Numerous players imagine that they can play this game at their elderly home. Remember, this simple game has lots of fun and excitement. The main object of casino is to guess the exact keno numbers from 1 – 80. It is similar to the lottery, but faster than the lottery.
Nowadays, it is possible to play Keno online with draws every 4 minutes and win exciting prizes. If you want to play and win amazing prizes in keno online, here are some strategies for you.

Choose the Best Casinos

Before choosing a casino for keno, it is essential to check their payouts. Remember, you can’t choose your favorite casino to play keno because it may not offer great prizes. To play keno, you have to select your wager amount by decreasing or increasing coin size.

Select lucky keno numbers from 80 numbers. Based on your favorite keno strategy, choose anywhere from 1 – 15 numbers. Remember, your chosen numbers will turn blue on a keno board. If you are satisfied with wager amount and keno selection, pick the “Play button”.

The keno machine will shoot out almost twenty number balls with winning numbers. If a number (winning) matches your selection, it will be a hit. Your hits may be highlighted in red color on the board. After getting enough hits, you will be a winner at keno.

Winning Strategies for Keno

Winning at keno (online) depends on selected numbers and the number of hits in your account. If you have chosen a keno number and it hits, you can win three coins. The worth of a coin may depend on the size of the coin you have picked at the start of this game.

After selecting eight numbers, you have to get four hits to win three coins. Five hits may help you to win six coins. Similarly, six hits may payout nearly 19 coins, seven hits are equal to 90 coins, and eight are 720 coins. If you have selected fifteen numbers and all are hits, you can win almost 10,000 coins.

You can see the payout schedule on the screen, so you must not worry about this schedule. Pick up your lucky numbers and collect payouts once a number hit. Beginners can play for free to understand the rules of this game. After learning this game, you can play for real money.

Choose from 4 – 8 Numbers

If you have an option to choose from 1 to 15 or 1 to 20 with a similar wager, it can be challenging to pick the right number. Try to choose more numbers to increase your chances to win. Remember, payouts can change based on the numbers of total hits.

If you are guessing five out of five selected, the payout can be 50 – 1. By guessing five out of selected 10, the payout can be reduced to 3 – 1. Less than four may decrease your winning chances. For this reason, try to choose between 4 and 8 numbers.

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