Marshall a Shark reports that the Minnesota Wild have traded 33-year-old Jason Marshall (D) to the San Jose Sharks for a 2004 fifth rounder.

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  1. greatlife15 says:

    San Jose gets a D for relatively cheap ( a fifth rounder.) Good trade!

  2. mattf says:

    151 posts of leetch trade and just 1 (well 2 so far) for marshall :'(

    solid pick up for sharks, providing depth on d. not a bad player to have for the playoffs

  3. 1cheech4 says:

    smart trade for the Sharks. Way better then the Leetch trade.:)

  4. thomas2984 says:

    I think I speak for pretty much everyone on here when I say ……


  5. sharksfan101 says:

    This is more of just a depth deal for the playoffs. Although it’s great nothing was given up for him.


  6. sharksfan101 says:

    I think I would have rather gone for Leech but I like the team they have this year. And would rather not give up any top draft picks.

    P.S. It’s nice to see another sharks fan


  7. TC_4 says:

    Would you pay the same price for Eric Weinrich as you would for Jason Marshall??? Apparently so! Maybe Luke Richardson is worth more then a 6th rounder(3rd or 4th maybe). Granted, I haven’t seen Marshall play a lot in Minny, but he is a typical Sharks d-man……big and slow. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Sharks, but not a very mobile defense.

  8. Byzz33 says:

    Nobody cares about that kind of comments. You CAN’T speak for pretty much everyone; this is a hockey trades site, and it’s a good thing we get all the news about the NHL with feedbacks.

    I do care.

    Please have some respect to people who takes time to get us the NHL news.

  9. Lint07 says:

    no you don’t.

    comments like that just annoy most of us, hockey fans.

  10. Sharkie says:

    I don’t think our defense is all that immobile. Sure they are big and they aren’t the type of guys you would put in the speed events at the skills competition but for their size they do pretty damn well in their own end. Leave the speed to forwards and let the D stand in front of the net or grind it out in the corners. We don’t give up too many breaks and we put the smack down. I think Marshall, if nothing else, will give us some insurance in the playoffs. I think it’s a pretty decent move,. He’s played for Ron Wilson on a couple of different teams so I am assuming that Wilson knows something about this guy to keep bringing him in.

    I don’t believe the Sharks will make any high profile moves since we are playing pretty well without any superstars . Things may change in the offseason though. Just have to wait, deadline’s not here yet.

  11. spazmainia13 says:

    Didn’t Marshall play foward most of the season for Minny last year? Or was that just in the playoffs?

  12. 1cheech4 says:

    correction : I care.

  13. 1cheech4 says:

    Have you recently see a Sharks game? Rathje is very fast for his size, Ehrhoff has great speed, Priessing has nice speed. Stuart isn’t fast, but he also isn’t slow.

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