Nedved an Oiler, Markkanen Back has learned that Petr Nedved and Jussi Markkanen have been traded to the Edmonton Oilers. DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

Goalie Valiquette, Helminen, and a 2nd rounder in 2004 to the Rangers.

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  1. Lint07 says:

    Rangers President and GM Glen Sather announced Wednesday that the club has acquired forward Dwight Helminen, a second round selection in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft and goaltender Stephen Valiquette from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for center Petr Nedved and goaltender Jussi Markkanen.

    Helminen, 20, has skated in 32 games this season for University of Michigan Wolverines of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA), registering 13 goals and 10 assists for 23 points, along with four penalty minutes. He currently ranks second on the Wolverines with 13 goals and ranks fifth on the team with 23 points. On January 10, Helminen tallied a career-high four goals on four shots in Michigan’s 7-1 victory over Ohio State. He was named CCHA Offensive Player of the Week with a three-point series against Ohio State on November 14 and 15.

  2. Viller says:

    wtf!? why?!

    edmonton aren’t gonna make the playoffs at all

    what a waste of money for edmonton….

  3. The_Conductor says:

    So now Edmonton is gonna have a goalie problem. Salo, Markkanen, Conks… Nedved… I am unsure what to think of that. Well lets hope the Oil arent done… Smith to go next.

  4. Lint07 says:

    At first glance, this actually sound like a pretty decent deal for the Oilers.

    I could see Nedved fit in well with their young squad.

    This also means that Adam Oates will be traded very soon, maybe even Salo.

    Wow, this trade Deadline is really something so far!!!

  5. MAniac29 says:

    Wow, this seems like a very strange move to me on Edmonton’s behalf. Great deal for the Rangers for sure. This makes you wonder if Salo is headed out of Edmonton, and I think for sure that it means just that. They know they are not making the playoffs so this trade is an uncharaceristic deal for such a team, unless it shaping up to make another move. I think you will surely see Salo dealt now, and the team could be Colorado. I just don’t know if Lacroix can stand to enter the playoffs with Suave in there if Abby would go down.

    I bet there will be others as astute as I and see that this probably means Salo will be gone. And, I bet some of those others will be Leafs fans. I am calling the creation of the Ryan Smyth AND Tommy Salo to the LEafs deal. The thing is, I think that the leafs fans will be justified in this one. If Belfour’s back is really shakey, that would be a tremendous move for the LEafs. Problem is what would be going the other way for Smtyh and Salo. A good bit, that’s for sure!

  6. mikster says:

    Decent trade. Nedved was a MUST to dump. I mean, even a 2nd rounder i’d trade for him. VERY SAD to see Jussi go, but hey…welcome to rebuild.

    Good one.

  7. wingerxx says:

    I really hate that Markkanen had to go, but the Rangers still have Blackburn developing…so it doesn’t sting as much. But I’m ecstatic over Kovalev and Nedved leaving, these guys simply had no passion to win. Now, in a perfect world, the next guy to be dealt would be Tom Poti……..

  8. TC_4 says:

    Great deal for the Oilers. Salo is gone when Conks gets back. Helminen isn’t high in the Oilers books, and we’ve got an extra 2nd rounder already, so it doesn’t hurt to spend it. Nedved is a big centre which is what we’re lacking. It’s proven that when this guy goes to a new team, he starts off hot. So this is an excellent deal for the Oilers, and it’s a rental that I like. I said it earlier today that the Kings have a very tough sched to end the season, so if the Oilers stay in the 6 points range by the time the schedule for LA gets tough, no reason my Oilers can’t make it.

  9. MAniac29 says:

    You really think this is a rental?? What is the goalie prospect’s report?

  10. nskerr says:

    I don’t know how much Nedved was making but this deal seems a little ridiculous. Nedved and Markkanen for a 2nd round pick, Helminen and Steve Valiquette. I honetly can’t ay I know a ton about Helminen but Valiquette sucks and a 2nd round pick. It’s not like Sather has been stellar in drafting for the Rangers. Maybe he got picked off a bit on this one.

  11. Kashin says:

    4 picks first 2 rounds not bad. And they get a prospect.

    I think the rangers will now give Labarbra a good fair chance which he deserves.

  12. sixteenstone says:

    Maybe the Oilers are going to make one last try to take a run at the playoffs, anything else doesn’t really make sense does it? there not that far out of the playoffs.

    8. Los Angeles 72


    9. St. Louis 68

    10. Edmonton 66

  13. mikster says:

    Two 1st round pick ups for Slats as a Rangers GM. Blackburn and Jessiman. One entry draft year was a mediocre at best. Let the prospects develop as they just made the pro level.

    Tjutin was a 2nd rounder. The more drfat picks you get, the better chances of picking out an NHL player.

    Nedved was worth squatto in my opinion. I was thinking a 3rd rounder for him, maybe.

    Nedved makes $4.8M this year and an option of $5M next season.

    Rangers got rid of dead overpaid weight for youth and picks. It’s what they should do and are doing.

  14. FanoftheGame says:

    Or Eric Lindros? He has passion, but doesn’t help this team out a great deal!?

  15. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Don’t be too surprised if Nedved comes back to the Rangers in the ever going player changes between the Oilers and Rangers. Remeber Leetch’s rights being traded for Markkanen. I dont think edmonton is in any position to give up players for a 5 million dollar player who they wont be avle to resign. Sounds fishy if you ask me.

  16. Sands says:





    Talent Analysis

    Helminen was rated 138th NA on Central Scouting’s mid-term report for the 2001 NHL Entry Draft and decided not to opt in. A year later, he was rated 41st among North American prospects in the final ranking. He was projected to go 81st by The Hockey News. It had to be a blow when he lasted until 244th at the Entry Draft, but it’s not where your drafted it’s what you do after it that counts.

    He brings an impressive set of skills to the game. He has good foot speed, is a solid playmaker and has good vision on the ice. Although he doesn’t have the offensive ability of Michigan graduate Mike Comrie, he’s a skill player. Helminen is good in the faceoff circle and is an aggressive forechecker. He’s an intense player who works hard every time he’s on the ice.





    Has excellent size for a goaltender and knows how to play his angles. Is a dedicated and persistent athlete.

    Career potential: Backup Goalie

    This is all the info i know on him…. doesn’t seem to great of a deal but then again…. Nedved Sucks… and ?Markennen is also said to be a career backup. He also had his hard times in net. Good one game sucked the next.


  17. wingerxx says:

    The difference is, Lindros was an impact player before he got hurt this year. The Rangers were a totally different team with him in the lineup. And much better too. Since Lindros has gone down, they’ve gone totally south.

    Nedved simply doesn’t make a team much better. He’s not a clutch player. He was a total waste of roster space this year.

  18. titans says:

    Man the Oil just looooove Ranger stiffs!

    Well gotta give em’ credit for trying to make the playoffs.

    Anyone noticing an odd trend so far…





    The Canadian teams are finally buyers while th Strangers are the Sellers.

  19. TC_4 says:

    JDD, final cut from the World Jr. team the last 2 years. 6’3, 190 pounds, classic butterfly guy. We’ve got guys that can do the job for a year or two.

  20. Beckfan5 says:

    Nedved: Amazing wrist shot……..but never hit the net.

  21. Beckfan5 says:

    Nedved sucks, you know it and I know it. But I think he might do well w/ a change of scenery and out in Edmonton w/ the quick paced game and amazing ice they play on.

    Since they dealt their back up I kinda hope this doesnt mean that theyll call up LaBarbara from Hartford and disrupt their excellent season. Besides, the guy has an unbeaten streak going and broke the season shut out record.

    Let him have a chance to win the Calder trophy.

  22. mojo19 says:

    6 points back isn’t bad, they could make it.

  23. TC_4 says:

    I think this sends the message that Smith or Smyth, or Staios, or Brewer aren’t going anywhere. Oates and Salo will most likely be dumped, but that’s because all they’re doing now is eating up salary.

  24. stoptya says:

    I’m not sure what to think on this deal. There is no way Edmonton is gonna be able to resign Nedved, he is obviously around for a final playoff push or for a change of scenery to be showcased for tradebait. At least they didn’t give alot away for him, hopefully this fires some passion in him to want to win again. I actually think he’ll fit in nicely to their lineup. Markkanen is definately better than Valiquette, so he should be able to push Conklin and Salo to do better. Salo, however, may be living on borrowed time in edmonton. See what next week brings on. I don’t think Oilers are gonna move any of their desireables now ie: Smyth, Smith, Brewer, the team is finally playing their best hockey of the season.

  25. TC_4 says:

    Edmonton has to hang with them for the next week. Then LA’s schedule gets VERY tough. San Jose 3 times, Edmonton twice, Calgary twice, Colorado in Denver once, Detroit once, St.Louis(which won’t be easy) once, Anahiem twice(I think). With how beat up they are, I know they’ve been doing it all year, but fatigue is going to become a big problem with this team here down the stretch.

  26. TC_4 says:

    Yes they are. Tommy Salo has cost them so many points this season. The game against LA when they were leading 3-2 with 1:13 to go in the game, and ended up losing(had they won that, they would be 2, count em 2 points out of the playoffs right now), and the game on Sunday was Tommy, Tommy, and Tommy’s fault some more! It would have only been an extra point, but it would have been a convincing 4-1 win had it been done. That’s 3 points, and I’m not even going to try to count the games he’s played poor in. He CAN get hot, but at least with Conks and Juicy, you know what your getting, and they won’t lose you any games. So the question is do you think the Oil will make it dude? I have renewed faith, espically when I look at who LA is playing down the stretch.

  27. gr8haluschak says:

    Umm I hate to burst your bubble, Salo is not going anywhere, and why would we want depth at centre right, after all we only have Horcoff, Oates and Bishai so lets get rid of our most talented centre. If Mact T was smart, and some days that is a big if he would put a Dvorak-Oates-Nedved line together.

  28. trailerparkboys says:

    Wasss up TC havn’t seen you around for awhile?

    6 back that is not out of the question. “THE CARDIAC KIDS WILL MAKE IT !!!!”

    Bubbles out…..

  29. trailerparkboys says:

    gr8 If that line was put together I’d say call it the Don line.

    Bubbles out….

  30. SENSational says:

    Does this mean that Kevin Lowe is bailing out Glen Sather once again and that Nedved will be moved with Salo before the trade deadline? I can only imagine that Colorado, Toronto and perhaps Nashville may make a pitch for both these highly paid underachievers.

  31. rixter17 says:

    Don’t worry about Markkanen leaving!! Stephen Valiquette is a friend of mine, and he works his ass off!!! You got a good young back up in Stephen, and I might add, he’s the tallest goalie to EVER play in the NHL at 6′ 5″!!!!

  32. TC_4 says:

    Why wouldn’t Tommy Salo go anywhere? He’s the cheapest of all former starting goaltenders availible(I’m thinking in comparison to Turek, and Kolzig). So what if we have to eat some of his contract, dumping some of it is better then dumping none of it. Mac T already stated that the line will be Torres-Nedved-Dvorak. Although I do agree with the fact that Petr is more of a sniper and would probably look good with Oates. The only problem is Oates can’t keep up to the rest of the team.

  33. The_Conductor says:

    Uhhh gr8 hate to burst your bubble… but did you think now that they grab markkenan and when Conks comes back… thats Salo is no more. Pure strategic move on Lowes part. Salo could go somewhere as a back-up?

    Poor Bishi… is going back to the minors. I still think Oil needs another D-man cause everyone always gets injured for the Oil.

  34. The_Conductor says:

    Nedved… pure rental. Estimated 5 million next year. However hearing a late night sports show last-night Lowe already talked with Nedveds company for a contract next year around 2.5/3 million.

  35. gr8haluschak says:

    Well it is this simple guys the reason Lowe got Jussi back is becuase Conklin is out at least another 2 weeks, he said he did not feel confident with Moss because he hasn’t played an NHL game in a while, so if he does trade Salo he is back to square one, and no Jussi is not an upgrade (unless we play the ducks 15 of the last 16 games). Second who will take Salo, the Avs are only looking for a back up goalie, as a form of respect to Abby and the only other team that could possible need an upgrade in goaltending has thrown in the towel and are selling off their team.

  36. TC_4 says:

    Just came across a nice piece of info that might make this deal make more sense. The Rangers get hosed because it’s Markkanen and Nedved(for free, that’s correct, the Oilers are not paying a dime of Nedved’s $900 000 left this season)for a 2nd round pick, and AHL goaltender, and Helminen who wasn’t even a top 10 on our prospect chart.

  37. o_harefullerton says:

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