This is great as it will make it so that players such as Redden and Gomex will still have  chance to play somewhre else this season rather than sitting at home.


The NHL and NHL Players’ Association have come to an agreement on players being forced to stay home for salary cap reasons this season.

According to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com, teams are now eligible to exercise an “accelerated compliance buyout” on one player with a salary cap hit of $3 million or more before the regular season begins on Saturday.

If a compliance buyout is used this week, a team will have only one left to use next summer.

That could be good news for players such as Scott Gomez and Wade Redden, two players who are not playing this season because if they got injured, their teams could not buy them out after the season.

According to TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie, in order for a player to be bought out this week, he still must clear waivers first. He says to assume that Redden and Gomez will be put on waivers on Wednesday.