Six Articles in One

Titles of the six articles:

1: “Allison Rumors Still Swirl”

2: “Why Do Teams Want So Much?”

3: “Leafs Must Win This Season Or Risk Losing Face With Fans”

4: “How Do The Players Feel About Lindros??”

5: “LA Is So Close But Yet So Far”

6: “Senators Need a Centermen!”

Is Lindros worth the Trouble? and who wants the distraction?

All seems quiet now about the NHL, although many big names still seem to be lurking in the background. One of those big names is one we have all heard before, Eric Lindros. Sparing you any of the boring details that not need to be said because it is already common knowledge, Eric will not be back in Philadelphia, but will he be anywhere? And is he worth what it will take to get him there?

Atlanta Chooses Different Rhodes, Chris Nogood in NYC, J.Al in Ruins With Bruins

How does Jason Allison feel? Allison feels like Big Angry Al, and not so Super, so thanks for asking. The Rangers are in the middle of crossroads, which goalie should they get? Sergei Federov could loose his Red Angel Wings and could join Hell’s team in NJ, while Arnott and Allison could get their Wings. The things that are going on this summer are very interesting, too interesting to not talk about.

3 Articles In One

Articles’ titles are:

1. “Hawks Continue Their Re-signing Frenzy”

2. “2001-2002 Leafs”

3. “Question For Buffalo Sabers Fans?”

Sundin Signs In

The Captain of the Maple Leafs re-signed with the team. The contract is worth 52.5$ million for six years, and it includes a no-trade clause. Mats Sundin is 30 years of age.

Gilmour to Come Back to Toronto?

With Steve Thomas signing with the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday, things could get very interesting in Toronto.

GM Patrick is Not Making Any Hat Tricks By Not Pulling the Money Out of his Hat

Since that whole Jagr deal, the Penguins have lowered their yearly payroll down by more than 10 million dollars. In addition to that, the Penguins received around 4.5 million dollars from the Washington Capitals, as part of the Jagr deal. What is Craig Patrick doing now?

Attempt To Trade Lindros Fails

According to a few NHL sources the Edmonton Oilers and the Philadelphia Flyers attempted to make a deal. It was said that the Oilers offered defenseman Janne Niinimaa for Lindros’ rights. Then, the Oilers would have traded Eric Lindros to the Toronto Maple Leafs or the New York Rangers for less expensive talent, but the attempt failed.

Looking to be Respected Once Again PART 1

There is a buzz around the Island. With 2 Marquee players on the roster(soon to be signed).Yashin and Peca will bring the fans back to the coliseum. For once I think Milbury has done the right thing.

Many Article In One

Titles of articles are: “Leafs Sign Sundin”, “The Hawks Re-Sign Two”, “Jagr Wants to Make Pens”, “Rangers Sign Zdeno Ciger, More Moves To Follow?”, “Let’s Make a Deal”.

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TradeMan, mikster

Chris Osgood

Chris Osgood will most likely be traded. The Wings could probably get more
trade value from Legace, but I’m pretty sure Osgood will be the one to go,
but it probably won’t be until the season starts. Here’s why.

The Carolina Hurricanes Signed Tom Barrasso

The Carolina Hurricanes signed Tom Barrasso to a one-year deal. Financial terms were not disclosed. Tom Barrasso only played 25 games in the past two seasons.

Thrashers Add 3

With the signing of journeymen Bobby Corkum and Tony Hrkac, the Thrashers finally have taken a step toward filling a void in reliable face-off men. At the same time, Todd Reirden will go a long way to filling the defensive void left by Stevie-the-Bruise-Staios who recently signed with the Oilers.