Reasoner out of Edmonton

According to, the Atlanta Thrashers have signed free agent forward Marty Reasoner. The contract was undisclosed.

4 Responses to Reasoner out of Edmonton

  1. oilcountry88 says:

    Well it sucks to see him go.. Hes very underrated. He was probably edmontons best player in the locker room and very funny guy in the room. So long Marty!…

  2. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Yeah, no doubt. Marty was a leader and roleplayer on this team, and will be missed. However, we have too many young guys waiting to crack the lineup and somebody had to go. Maybe this'll finally open up a spot for Robbie Schremp……well, a guy can hope. Anyways, see ya later Marty, and best of luck.

  3. oilcountry88 says:

    ya definetly.. we have that 4th line center spot now and out of Schremp,Pouliot,Brule i think Robbie might have the best chance..
    hes very expierienced now thanks to the AHL.. hopefully he learned lots from Buchberger in Springfield and will backcheck.

  4. TheDonkey says:

    And hopefully Buchberger does not teach all about getting his ass kicked for the team.

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