Recipe for Success

What will actually happen: any improvement from last year will be superb, even if its just keeping up with players in the neutral zone. Offense

Like much of last summer, we were all drooling at how great the Stars lineup was. But most of that fell through, and everyone went from being scared stiff of them to laughing their rear ends off when they came to town. Note the losing record against the Ducks and the 6-0 whipping they handed us. But now that we have an offensive minded coach, the possibilities are endless, the only problem that will make Tippett stumble is who to put whom with whom.

At first it looks easy, but no, it’s somewhat complicated. But alas, we stop ourselves from going insane and let Tippett figure that one out. But basically, from what I have figured and read, the lines should go something like this:

Modano – Arnott – Guerin

Turgeon- Lehtinen- Young

Morrow- Muller- Malhotra

DiMaio- Downey- Pellerin

Jon Sim may also be added into the mix, along with Steve Gainey. Dahlen will possibly be playing on either the 3rd or 4th line or be a scratch.

I know you are probably saying to yourself “No you have to put him with him on that line or you are really stupid!” But why don’t we wait until the 1st month of the season is over, then maybe the lines will be set, but don’t worry about it now, too much stress. Tippett will mix and match during all 6 preseason games, and he will go with the trio with the best chemistry.

Speaking of chemistry, this is what the offense needs the most out of anything to survive. If they get that, they might have something going much like the Wings did last year. Thing is, all this offense is worthless if the goaltending isn’t there.


Letting Belfour go was something that had to happen this summer, but should have happened sooner. After 2 successful seasons as the back up, Marty Turco seems well prepared to step up to the starting position. His only stigma is that he’s a little streaky. This isn’t a big problem and it can be changed. But in those unfortunate incidences where Turco is not up to par, veteran goalie Ron Tugnutt is there to save the day. Tugnutt knows his responsibilities and why he is really here and this is perfectly fine with him. Unlike Mr.Belfour, who simply cannot and will not put up with being a backup. Oh well, Toronto fans, have fun! Hopefully he turns out to be a better deal than Lumme.

Special Teams

These weren’t that special for the Stars last season. They were more like eating your aunt’s special meat dish: shear pain and torture. Yet they did shine once in a blue moon, but mostly it was never there. Since Tippett was the Kings power play specialist, this should help this challenged team. Figuring out the power play and penalty kill units is much like figuring out the lines: let Tippett do it and save yourself the time and energy.

Hypothetically speaking, should the defense, offense, PP, and PK vastly improve, the Stars will make it to at least the 2nd round of the playoffs and possibly further.

But realistically, everything should improve and they will be in the playoffs and they will not have a losing record against the Ducks. No more predictions though, let’s get training camp started and watch the Stars rise and prove themselves worthy once again.

by:Diana Guess