Samsonov Clears Waivers And Wants To Stay!

The Russian winger, a major disappointment this season, says he’s looking forward to staying on with the Montreal Canadiens after meeting with head coach Guy Carbonneau and GM Bob Gainey.

On Tuesday, the Canadiens placed Samsonov on waivers after the US$3.525-million winger said they should trade him if they’re not going to play him. He was scratched a second consecutive time for Tuesday night’s 2-1 loss to Carolina.

Samsonov, who will also earn $3.525 million next season, has only seven goals and 15 assists in 52 games this season.

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  1. robinson19 says:


    Send him to the minors and bring up Grabovski. He'd have 14 goals by now.

  2. simplyhabby says:

    Probably the worst news for me as a hab fan.

    If Sammy had of been picked up, Montreal would of freed his salary and have some play to resign Markov, Souray and able to pick up a decent rental for the playoffs.

    Since Sammy cleared waivers, Montreal could still have put the guy in Hamilton and have freed up the cap space.

    Unfortunately now, he will remain with the team and likley continue his poor play. If the habs put him back on waivers, he will likley be picked up then because the habs will be on the hook for more salary.

    The only option now is to trade him and I am not sure what we can get for a guy who noone picked him up for free.

    Of course, I will take everythign back if he starts performing to his potential but I have been saying this all year.

  3. robinson19 says:

    Just like last time he was benched, he will come back with a big two-goal game, then suck for 20 more until they bench him again. They should just bench him every second game so he scores in the alternate ones!

  4. habsoverserver says:

    if sammy was the only guy not carry his weight, i would agree but there are two forwards paid higher than him who are sucking just as bad and no one can tell me that Ryder and Higgins are having great seasons either.  no point in picking on sammy when the only high priced veteran forward playing well is (and believe me i never thought I would say this) Bonk. 

    ask yourself the following question:  what was gainey thinking when he signed sammy to play alongside Kovie on the second line??????  how was this ever going to work?  two hogs one puck.

  5. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    Well now that its clear that nobody wants him, maybe this could make smy play better. his cred in the league is dismal, so let him play 3rd line with bonk and johnson, 2 guys who have been playing well, and maybe that will work. He cost to much to throw in the minors (and yes i know his contract gets taken away, whatever), he’s has the ability, and its clear that him and Kovy dont play well together, he is really good, but now is defintly the time to show it, because hes already had a dozen chances, and i dont think he’ll get many more.

  6. Habman77 says:

    I agree with you, but you can't really include Higgins with them,he only makes 600k/year.

  7. habskovalev27 says:

    of course he wants to stay….it's now clear that nobody wants him at this salary in the league…poor guy…at least he's skating, not like Ryder and "mr hook" Koivu who cost last night game vs the Canes

  8. Kraut182 says:

    Couldn't we just have had one Samsonov article, with updates?  My main page only holds 5 articles (is there any way to change that? 5 go by too fast), so now I have to go digging for the Samsonov article with all the comments and discussion.

    There have been 4 articles in the last 2 days and they all could be put into one, making discussion much easier.  Samsonov requests trade, Samsonov placed on waivers, Samsonov not picked up, Samsonov may want to stay.

  9. neilios says:

    I think Samsenov just needs a change of scenery and Vancouver would be a perfect fit for him maybe a deal can work out something like this.

    To habs-Morrison and Burrows
    To canucks-Sammy and Higgins

    I think that can be a possible deal both clubs get what they are looking for the Habs get there #2 C and a gritty forward,and the Nucks get some 2nd line scoring.

  10. nychabfan says:

    it is frustrating that Koivy plays so poor for so long. Everybody notised that, but everybody has no problem with absolutely unproductive play of Johnson, who for 1,9mln has less points than Sammy. Poor Lapierre is playing with players who not only cannot score, they cannot even pass. Why not play Latendresse and Kovalev with Lappierrre or Kpoivu and give Latendresse a chance to produce.Downie and Murray should be waiwed and sent down for good. Young players shall take a long look instead. 

  11. habsoverserver says:

    can't blame higgins or ryder because they are young and are not leaders.  but the guys who earn the money are not getting it done.

  12. habsoverserver says:

    all samsonov all the time.  i think i would settle for one good article bashing the habs for all their stupid moves and then going on to topics that matter. 

  13. habskovalev27 says:

    your totally right

  14. camerak says:

    Do you even think before you post comments.   We don't want Moe and no one wants Burrows.  It's not an improvement for either team.  You always propose trades with the same players.  Montreal has to go after proven talent by trading some prospects and draft picks if they want to improve their lack of scoring.  Morrison isn't going to fix that.

  15. neilios says:

    Why the Habs aint going nowhere for a long time if they have Huet and Abby in net for them.If the habs where smart they would give the starting job too Price next year a goalie that can steal some games for them unlike there 2 goalies now,and Souray is the other hope for the Habs other than that the Habs suck and wish they can have a Morrison and Burrows in there lineup and maybe the Habs wouldnt suckass on there PK.
    Other news coming from Darren Dregger  the Red Wings are interested in aquiring Bertuzzi for one if Detroits goalie  prospects,Fippula,and Williams.

  16. Canuckspwn says:

    With the Canucks currently scoring enogh i don't see a trade like this happening, Burrows is a very good PK man and is very important to the team and is also quite gritty there for i don't see them trying to get higgins

  17. DoubleDown says:

    i think he was referring to kovalev and saku

  18. DoubleDown says:

    johnson is a checker!!! look at plus minus…best on the team. he has 9 goals. he is doing exactly what we expected, no more no less. hes making average money. johnson is not a problem. samsonov is. koivu is. kovalev is. ryder is.

  19. DoubleDown says:

    haha. yeah morisson and burrows for higgins. the you can get sundin for sabourin. if youre gonna give us two pieces of junk, youll get two pieces of junk in return. price will be 20 next year. thats too young to start.

    i love how *****y you nuck fans have become because you have a goalie who steals all your wins. thats why your pk is good. not cause of morisson. i see you post crap like this all the time, youve always got your nose thumbed up at everyone.

  20. sc12 says:

    PUT HIM ON A LINE WITH KOIVU!!! thats the only person he hasnt played with this year!! wake up carbonneau!! koivu has the power to make people around him better.I hope samsonov stays with the habs-give him time. He's a proven all-star..he will produce. Look at kovalev, only started producing playoff time!! kovalev only had one goal(empty net) before playoff time!!
    Also, the problem isnt all samsonov; look at ryder.Even if he surpassed expectations because of his draft position, he can't skate, and thinks he can stickhandle. He loses the puck EVERY TIME. It's time to demote him to a 3rd or 4th line.

  21. TheStryker says:

    This should be the line up for Thursday's game against the Sens

    Samsonov Koivu Ryder
    Higgins Pleckanec Kovalev
    Perezoghin Bonk Johnson
    Latendresse Lapierre Murray

    Markov Komisarek
    Souray Streit
    Dandenault Rivet

    Last chance Sammy, now play and tell your agent to keep his mouth shut

  22. mush124 says:

    Although i would agree on those lines early in the year, its not time to do it right now. After what samsonov did (going to the press in a unprofessional way) why would carbo reward him with playing on the 1st line? that would send the wrong message to the team imo. But in contrast i do feel bad for samsonov, cause I thought he was playing well with bonk and johnson. At this point he has put the canadians in a tough position. He will hear i from the bell center faithfull soon, guy is gonna get booed badly.

  23. simplyhabby says:

    The only guys who have consistently carried their own wieght for this team are Johnson, Bonk, Souray, Komisarek, Dandy, Streit. Currently you can add Plex to the mix.

    But teams do go in a rut an we are in a big one at the momment. (Leading into a season defining home and home with the Sens)

    Sammy is the only player who has publicly voiced his displeasure with the his situation. He is a deserving target for the fans. (I do agree with you, he is not the sole reason by any standard for the habs foibles this year)

    "what was gainey thinking when he signed sammy to play alongside Kovie on the second line??????  how was this ever going to work?  two hogs one puck"

    Completely agree with you as usual with your answer but I must add, Gainey obtained the best UFA available to him. (Plan x or something like that).  I know he was obtained for the second line but Sammy should accept his role on the 3rd line.  That has been his best spot.  If he shuts up, pots a few key goals to give a solid 3rd line some scoring dimension beyond Johnson and Bonk, fantastic.

    In the grand scheme of things to go back to my earlier point, removing Sammy's salary would be in the best interest of the team both in the short term and long term.  1.  playoff rental.  2.  Flexability with resigning Souray and Markov.

    Since I am griping, let me talk about Ryder.  While Gainey has had his faults with player movemnet and signings, he obvioulsy knows what he was doing with the one year deals he has given Ryder.  When he is hot, not many players in the league can match his slot presence and quick release, when he is not, he is Aki Bergish.

    Conistency, Consitency, Consitency. I wonder home many times Carbs said this to his team?

  24. simplyhabby says:

    That should be Sammy's profile on TSN for next year.

    Speedy winger with great puck control.  Will win you the game immediately following a healthy scratch.

    Lack of cummincation with linemates.  Disappears after playing up to his potential for one game. Consitantly needs scratched.

  25. rygetzlaf says:

    No one should want this guy's contract. Sure he can be exciting to watch.. and unlike some players (RYDER!) he can hold onto the puck for more then a second without it being stick-checked away. But for the Canadiens at this point.. they need to work out a trade. Hey if Columbus is selling then why not make a push for Zherdev and Modin? There's an amazing young forward with oodles of potential, and FINALLY a guy with some grit and good scoring ability. Modin may be a bit washed up.. but everyone looks washed up on Columbus ;). I'm a die hard Habs fan and I definitely think if they can work out a blockbuster deal before the deadline.. they could well be on their way to their 2nd cup in 14 years.

  26. teezer6969 says:

    finally somebody that knows what their saying thats exactly the line up i would of done i'll tell u one thing for sure higgins and pleckanec are amazing together when they came into the line up they came at the same time and they played on the forth line together and were amazing they even were killing penalties together and what the hell is wrong with begin didnt they demote lapierre because he was comming back yet hes stll out with injuries

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