Samsonov on Waivers!

According to and, the Montreal Canadiens have placed winger Sergei Samsonov on waivers today. This would mean that any team who decides to pick him up has to only pay half of his salary.

Now if you’re a Habs fan or a person who really knows hockey this is a good thing because either way if he doesn’t get picked up he’s gone. The downside of it is that if he’s picked up off waivers, the Habs won’t get anything in return for him. Not like he has any value after such a dismal season.

What does everyone think? Good idea or bad?

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  1. neilios says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing him in a Canuck uniform I think thats what the Canucks need Samsenov,Moe,and Nassy on a line that would be $$.

  2. DoubleDown says:

    why would we not trust gainey? sammy isnt taking the fall for the first line; hes taking the fall for scoring 7 goals in 55 games. dont blame koivu and ryder for that. no, better gainey should keep guys like theodore, samsonov, ribeiro…guys who arent committed to the team. the guy has balls: he makes a mistake and admits it, unlike other GM's.

  3. modk09 says:

    repost that with punctuation

  4. EasternHockey says:

    You mean he's actually done something?  The last move he's made that was worth anything was the signing of Kovalev… but even that was wasn't very fantastic..

  5. modk09 says:

    the only way sergei to Vancouver would work is if it was Sergei and a pick/prospect for Morrison that way the salaries balance out. and as sad as it is, Morrison, (who is terrible and overrated because of who he centered) has a higher stock value right now that samsonov does…

  6. Uncleben says:

    Why waive a guy like sams? If he is picked off waivers, MTL will look really dumb. They could get alot for this guy right now, despite the way he has played this season. He is a great guy in the playoffs and can play good, just not on this team.  They should have at least gotten a draft pick.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    he is ranked 27th in scoring and 29th in +/- among first line centers, according to espn. 

  8. habsoverserver says:

    gainey does a lot of admitting his mistakes but don't confuse action with improvement – swapping half the forwards on the team during the offseason has resulting in the same goal production ytd. 

    it's a gm's job to know which players will produce given the team's coaches and that player's potential linemates.  It was obvious from day one that Samsonov was not going to produce better than Zednik on this team.  and gainey didn't have the hockey sense to know that.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    ribiero or modano is probably the worst and a couple other teams didn't have first line centers due to injuries. 

  10. habsoverserver says:

    he doesn't have to do anything.  the fans dance in the streets if the team wins a playoff game. 

  11. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    well i think his name was markov. im nto sure. but neways why would new jersey be so desperate to dump salary and give a way a first round pick for nothing to san jose.. im sure that someone who is a devils fan  knows what im talkin about.. i just dont remember the name of the person in question.  A devils fan plz help me out with the name

  12. Kraut182 says:

    If the Habs send him to the minors (assuming he's not picked up off waivers) they'll still be paying his full salary, but it won't count against the Cap.  Then if they call him up and someone takes them they can get him for half price, the Habs pay the other half and it counts against the cap.  If he gets picked up this season then next year the other teams on for the whole tab.

    At least that's my understanding.  Could be bad news for Samsonov, cap wise it might be in the Habs best interests to keep him in the minors for the next year and a half.

  13. Archion113 says:

    So where did you hear this, because all of my sources haven't heard a thing about this.

    Not even posted on

  14. Kraut182 says:

    Actually I think the Mogilny thing had something to do with him being over 35 (or something like that) and being signed to a multi-year deal.  The 1st year of the contract the Devils were able to get away with sending him to the minors, but after that he was going to count against the cap.  Samsonov is young enough that this clause wouldn't apply to him.

  15. mcpickl says:

    no they couldnt get a lot for him so they waived him. do you honestly think Montreal just waived him before asking around the league to see if they could trade him first?

  16. modk09 says:

    very true, thanks

  17. rangers914 says:

    no braniac you put avery on the first line to protect jagr and be the physical force they dont have and then by putting nylander on shannys line you take care of teh center on that line

    if you watche dthe game tongiht u would have seen that avery set up jagr once on a breakway and antoehr time when he was alone in teh slot they would be a goood balance for eachother on the same line and be helpful for a guy like avery to help shrug off guys like pandolfo, chara, and exelby giving jagr maybe the extra step he needs to get loose and take a shot

  18. modk09 says:

    how many points does he have on the season? yea, you're right, hes a superstar. if you actually believe your "tough guy" (avery is the wimpiest tough guy since barnaby) should be on the 1st line, its an excellent thing youre not in charge of a team.

    Oh, and saying Avery could take Chara is BEYOND absurd

  19. modk09 says:

    ignoring the fact that hes 27th in points behind 2 rangers, 2 kings, 2 sharks, and 2 huricanes, hes also being people like Zubrus who have ovechkin to pla with. if you really think Zubrus is better than Koivu because he has more points, theres no point intalking to you.

    I do feel that Koivu is one of the top 2nd line centers in the league and is overmatched as a top liner, but there are certainly worse 1st liners out there. besides, the rest of the habs forwards are much worse than the support staff of centers ahead of him in points…

  20. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    yes that is the name.  so why was new jersey so desperate to get rid of his salary if they could just waive him?  honestly with the amount of money new jersey has, I'm sure they would rather have the first round pick and new jersey was struggling to get under the cap at the time

  21. mkultra says:

    i've heard it from the mouth of guy carboneau before the that source good enough?

    + here
    it was on….

  22. mkultra says:

    he personally wanted to be out of montreal…he will be no matter the way

    he's not gone yet tho…if nobody get him the habs save a lot of money against the cap and they still have him for a trade…bob will be called a genious.

    but your right tho….i'm sure a gm somewhere would give us a pick for that guy…but he's got a 2year 3.5m contract…that will make other gm think twice before picking him up/trading for him.

    Personally i think he will be signed by another team tommorrow morning

  23. Archion113 says:

    I can't read french.

    I was on the montreal website searching for the words "been placed on waivers" and found nothing.

    Being placed on waivers is a big deal, and is almost always posted right away through the NHL website. 

    Maybe he said he will be placed on waivers, because as of this moment, there is no conclusive evidence to tell us that he is on waivers.

  24. Archion113 says:

    Honestly.  Yes.

    You could at least get a 6th round pick for the guy.

    Thats better then nothing.

  25. Archion113 says:

    A contract is a contract.  If you offer someone 5 years and 15 million dollars, you have to pay him.  Now you can trade him or try to give him away, but in the end, you're responsible for a majority of that 15 million.  If he's not claimed off waivers, they will still need to pay him next year.

    If not, then the purpose of long term contracts would be pointless.  Sign a guy for 5 years and then just dump him when he's playing again wouldn't make sense. 

  26. Archion113 says:

    Ok i've finally read something about him being waived.

    I must have been over looking it somehow.  Well done guys.

  27. Kraut182 says:

    Read what I wrote above about Mogilny, the same thing applied to Malakhov.  Multi-year contract, over 35, counts against the cap.

  28. rangers914 says:

    did you watch the game tonight he doesnt have to be a superstar jagr does that to the players around him avery would take on chara in a second the guy has no fear i never said hes a crosby or ovechkin but he fits perfectly on a line with a guy like jagr who gets pushed around all the time

    and also it gives shannahan his center in nylander who is a goood play make and excellent skater a much needed upgrade from betts or cullen

  29. kamullia says:

    Malakhov was over 35 on a multi-year contract, and past the 1st year of such contract, and if you read the link in my other reply to you, of the article I wrote, it details how that clause works. In specific, I will tell you what happened in Malakhov’s case.

    The way the “over 35” rule is written, Malakhov would count against the cap no matter what the Devils did, unless he was taken in waivers by someone (not re-entry, but regular waivers), or traded. In fact, Malakhov could have retired, or even gone to play in another continent, and still count towards the New Jersey cap. In lieu of that, and needing to shed Malakhov’s contract, Lamoriello asked Malakhov as a favor to postpone filling his retirement, even though he had publicly stated he was done playing hockey. By keeping him active, Lamoriello could now shed his salary via waiver or a trade. But who was going to take a slower than most, 38 y.o. defenseman, who was all set to retire via waivers? If put on waivers, he would probably clear, and still count towards the cap, and then if recalled and by pure luck someone would claim him, NJ was still on the hook for half his salary. This would not do for Lamoriello, therefore trading was the only option. Enter San Jose and Doug Wilson.

    San Jose had Alexander Korolyuk who although a bright player at times, was inconsistent, and who had been fighting with San Jose over money for a long while, and finally became disenchanted with the NHL and the Sharks and packed his bags went to Russia, and said he’d never play in North America again. Although he wouldn’t count against the cap, this was a loss nevertheless for the Sharks, because no one would trade for him in order to at least get something back for a player that was certainly of NHL caliber, even if his offensive output was inconsistent. The Sharks had tons of room in their cap, and little need for acquiring players either, but losing assets for nothing is never a good proposition. Enter Lou Lamoriello.

    Lamoriello said, let’s help each other out. I’ll give you a first round pick, something you will never ever have gotten for Korolyuk even if he would want to play, if you take Malakhov and his cap hit off my hands. To make the things look legitimate and not an obvious salary dump, which the NHL offices would frown upon and avoid a rare, but still possible (especially considering the clamor the other 28 GMs would have enlisted), rejection of the NHL for the deal…you give me an extra non-important player (Fahey). San Jose looked at it as a no-brainer and pulled the trigger, especially because they were not on the waiting for the wrongly predicted firesale of players that “experts” in the media (e.g. Dobber hockey, with “sources” nonetheless. Pfft) that NJD was going to engage in. And besides, even with Malahov in San Jose’s books, they still had plenty of room to acquire any player they wished, if they ever so desired. As it turned out, a good portion of the remaining GM’s (although not all 28) still complained about the deal to the NHL offices behind doors, but being that no official wrong doing was done as far as the CBA went, the NHL could not really do anything about it especially when the complaining GM’s were less than half the total GM’s in the league (if the complaining would have been 2/3 of the GM’s then perhaps they would have stepped in).

    Lamoriello looked brilliant even if he pissed off a not so small group of GMs; Doug Wilson was frowned upon for helping Lamoriello by an even larger group of GMs but to a much lesser degree because it was a great deal for the Sharks after all, and Malakhov got to retire (even though officially he is still in breach of contract with the Sharks last I heard, probably to apiece the even bigger clamor if he officially retired), and Korolyuk is happier playing in the Super League ever since the lockout. Oh yes, and marginal defender Jim Fahey, got to play with the Devils on a call-up. He even got an assist.

  30. habsoverserver says:

    i agree koivu is one of the top second line centers but he gets paid like an all-star first line center.  zubrus shouldn't be a first line either but washington doesn't need a first line center. 

    i think koivu is not putting up numbers commensurate with his role on the team.  the habs are built around koivu. the caps are not buit around zubrus. 

    gainey ties up way too much money on guys who can't produce.  he will lack the cap space to pay the impact players like souray and markov. 

    no player that he signed to a contract has been a bargain.  he overpaid for bonk.  theodore was a disaster.  samsonov and kovalev have been disappointments.  koivu is not performing. 

  31. Aetherial says:

    Finally proves the point that there is NO market for this guy at his salary.

    Now when Montreal fans finally realize that their 2 million dollar backup goalie also doesn't have much of a market, then maybe we can stop with the

    Aebischer + Samsonov for Forsberg or LeCavelier or whatever star is the flavor of the week.

    Yes, your team also has underperforming, overpaid stiffs who can't be traded and your GM has also made some bad decisions.

  32. habsoverserver says:

    don't look now but it's not the role players who are the problem.  no one would take koivu or kovalev either at their current salaries. 

  33. Shawn84 says:

    All of you who are putting gainey down don't know anything! I follow a lot of sport shows and Gainey is ranked in the top 3 GM's in the league. Top 2 Being Lamorillo, then Burk, Gainey. Anybody knows there is a methode to his madness! He has done a fabulous job since he has been in montreal. So don't judge him on this one mistake(signing samsonov). If you look at how the league is, sammy fits the bill perfectly. Unfotunately he has lost his game. So keep up the good work BOB! Those idiots know nothing, they just think they do!

  34. habsoverserver says:

    you think gainey is better than the gm's of buffalo, carolina, atlanta, calgary, edmonton, san jose or nashville? 

    you think guiding a team to one playoff series victory over three years is stellar?

    gainey's list of mistakes includes: 

    not getting a scoring center
    over paying kovalev, koivu, bonk, theodore et al
    giving away ribiero
    trading for useless niiminaa
    accepting efforts when results are what matter

    what has he done right?
    has he drafted an impact player? 
    has he traded for an impact player?
    are we going to lose souray who is arguably the best player on the team?

    other than bringin gback carbo, gainey has had zero impact on the results – they are putting up the same numbers they did before he arrived – the only difference is that houle had to worth with $30 mil and gainey is getting the same results with $40+ mil.

  35. mkultra says:

    ribero was a CANCER for the team…sure it's a good player…but there is thousands or riberos in the nhl

  36. habsoverserver says:

    they he could have released him – instead he re-signed him.  he traded him for something montreal didn't need. 

    guess what – there may be thousands of "good players" in the NHL.  but there aren't any on the habs. 

  37. prairiehab says:

    No, his value will increase next fall, when this season is in the past, if he goes down to the minors and plays well then that could tell GM's, well he hasn't lost his scoring touch he just wasn't a fit in Montreal.
    But right now after he has asked for a trade twice and in the midst of a horrible statistical season, all GM's will be thinking he wants out, he doesn't like it there, so maybe he just is not playing for Montreal because he doesn't like it there, so hell we can get this guy for nothing and hope he regains his touch.
    So there is no need to trade him right now for nothing or to pay half his salary to play somewhere else. Sammy has a past of decent PPG, one season is not going to ruin his overall value. So take him out of the limelight and make it look like you don't "need" to get rid of him. And his trade value will be there next year.

  38. Kraut182 says:

    Good explanation of what happened, and the other NHL GM's should be pissed of at Lamoriello and the Sharks (and whoever took Mogilny's contract).  They had the Devils by the balls, and let them off the hook.  Now the Devils are one of the top teams in the league and if they win the Cup it will be because the Sharks (and whoever) let them off the hook.

  39. kamullia says:

    No one took on Mogilny’s contract, he is still part of the Devils. However, all of Mogilny, Malvichuk, and Wiemer have been on Long-term IR, and as per CBA rules legitimate Long-Term IRs do not count against the cap.

    I have not kept track on Mogilny, but at one point there was talk that basically he was doubtful to return and retirement might be his only option. However, unless the player fills out the paperwork, he is not officially retired, and therefore even though Mogilny would count under that 35+ rule, under the long-term IR he does not count towards the cap. I have no evidence whatsoever, but I would be in shock if Lamoriello did not have a talk with Mogilny about not filling those papers, if in fact he is done with hockey.

  40. Kraut182 says:

    Ahhh, that's what happened with Mogilny.  Thanks, I knew Lou weasled out of the contract somehow, but couldn't remember how (now it rings a bell).

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