Senators agree to terms with centre Alexei Kaigorodov

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Ottawa Senators general manager John Muckler announced the club has agreed to terms on a two-year entry-level contract with centre Alexei Kaigorodov. Kaigorodov was Ottawa’s second-round pick, 47th overall, in the 2002 NHL draft.In 2005-06, Kaigorodov skated in his fifth straight season with Metallurg Magnitogorsk of Russia’s Superliga. The 23-year-old finished tied for fourth in team scoring with nine goals and 23 assists in 50 games as his club captured their second regular season title in three years.

Magnitogorsk also won the 2005 Spengler Cup with a decisive 8-3 win over Team Canada on Dec. 31 in Davos, Switzerland. Kaigorodov scored a shootout-winning goal against Canada in the round robin play earlier in the tournament.

In 2004-05, the native of Chelyabinsk, Russia, led Magnitogorsk in scoring with 49 points (15-34) in 57 games.

In other international play, Kaigorodov skated with Russia twice in 2003, representing his country at the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) world championship in Helsinki, and the IIHF World Junior Championship in Halifax, where Russia defeated Canada in the gold-medal game. Kaigorodov first won gold as he skated for Russia at the 2001 IIHF World U18 Championship in Helsinki.

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  1. kamullia says:

    Strictly from the idealistic point, Magnitogorsk and Velichkin are quite ambiguous when it comes to Kaigorodov and Malkin’s cases.

    Surely their level of projected output is not comparable, but putting that aside…Kaigorodov had a contract with Magnitogorsk, with no out-clause, and not even a verbal understanding with Velichkin. He simply shows up one day with his father and tells Velichkin he really wants to go to North America to play. And although not happy, Velichkin lets him go to try out his fortune in a different country without even a thought of compensation.

    Malkin had just signed a contract, before even being drafted with Magnitogorsk, at which his father was present and Velichkin verbally agreed to release Malkin at any time he was willing to leave for North America, so long as Malkin played at least one year (at the time) with Magnitogorsk. Malkin ended up staying a total of three years with Magnitogorsk, and had verbally voiced his intention to leave long ahead of time, as per their verbal agreement, not a last minute bit. And yet the way that Velichkin handled it, he simply did not want Malkin to leave, regardless of their prior understanding. Pressured him in every possible way, and expects ten-fold compensation of what is typically asked for.

    Simply put, Velichkin has had polar-opposite reactions to two players within his team, and yet he voices in the press what the right and wrong things to do are. If he even knew the difference between wrong and right, and understood fairness, he would have treated both players in the same manner, regardless of which treatment he was going to give. At least then he would have shown some kind of integrity.

  2. 92-93 says:

    Like Immonen, I think Kaigorodov will surprise a few people in the next couple of seasons.

    as a leaf fan, i hope i am wrong.

  3. muckies says:

    Apparently this guy hates being hit and having contact so much alot of scouts feel he won’t make it to the NHL this season. Start the Sens are soft jokes, (could be time to start on some new material, that stuff is getting old) but really if he is soft, it’ll be like they just repleced that sucker Arnason with a younger and alcohol free Kaigorodov.

    I really hope he makes it, but the PP time on this team has been hogged so tightly by the big guns at the expense of the Fishers and Scahffers that if Kaigorodov is really just the second line specialist on the PP, because he doesn’t play in traffic, he may cause some ice-time friction on the team.

    We are either looking at an awesome second checking line with Alfie-Fisher and Scaehffer, or a softer second line with Alfie-Kaigorodov.

    I don’t know if the Sens have the best combination of forwards up front. (Vermette and Kelly) (Fisher and Scahffer) have to play together because they kill penalties together, so suddenly the guys like Neil, Schubert and Kaigorodov will have alot of line juggling to find a spot were they fit in.

    I think the Sens won’t have set ines this year like last, and by the end of the season Kaigorodov will be the odd man out because of his lack of physical play and because he can easily intimidated. The way the Sens forwrads play full speed ahead and are good at holding onto the puck in traffic, if Kaigorodov is soft like alot say he is, he won’t fit into the game plan.

    They already have enough forwards that couldn’t dig out pucks against a not so great Defence in Buffallo, one more guy who can only pass and not dig and skate out of traffic will make him stick out like a sore thumb and make the team weaker. They won’t need his offence, I’d prefer to see a tough player like Schubert skate every night.

    My hunch is he doesn’t make the team this season, not because he isn’t talented, but he just won’t fit in with the chemistry of the players. The Sens alreasy have 12 solid NHL forwards and don’t need a project at the NHL level.

    But lots of players are sucessfull, without going into traffic like Ribiero and Zetterburg. So who knows, I’ll be there October 5 aginst the Leafs and if he’s on the team, he better produce. I guess we’ll see what he’s made out of when he’s skating into the zone against Zdeno Chara.

  4. Marky2Fresh says:

    How come point totals are so low in the European leagues? I realize they play a smaller amount of games but still, even AO was just barely a point per game.

  5. dcz28 says:

    Not that i want to sound picky but Zetterberg is not affraid of traffic and is actually quite good in traffic and along the boards. Him and Datsyuk are the Wings best players for going into a corner and comming out with the puck althought they are not the type to throw big hits. If Kaigorodov can do things like that he will be fine for the Sens.

    It will be interesting to see how Murray uses the players this season. I would start it off like this and see how it goes:

    Eaves – Spezza – Heatley

    Schaefer – Fisher – Alfredsson

    Kaigorodov – Vermette – Neil

    McAmmond – Kelly – Schubert

    The Sens should also make McAmmond earn a spot just like Kaigorodov and not give one to him just because he’s been in the league for a while. I would put McGrattan in for either:

    (A) McAmmond…if he is not fitting in good

    (B) Kaigorodov…doesn’t make the team and goes back to Russia

    (C) Schubert is needed on defense because of an injury to another dman.

    Although since the first 2 games are against the Leafs i would dress McGrattan for sure against them.

  6. Habs_no1_fan says:

    This has no link with the story…

    Some stupid *****ers just went in dawson college in Montreal and started shooting everybody… i can never understand how these kinda things can go through a human being’s mind…

    fortunately, for now, only two of the 3 shooters are dead and the students are just injured, but some really badly…

    Hope the victims all get well and the shooters burn in hell……

    stupid humanity…

  7. goalieman32 says:

    there is a lot, and i mean a lot, of hooking and holding. picture almost every team playing like the old devils with the trap and fewer penalties called. most of the time a player is tied up and being hooked and the like.

  8. Pedro says:

    Ya, I saw that on the net.

    Any on interested.

    Pretty scary stuff. What a tool.

  9. BruMagnus says:

    good post

    but truly, what is right and wrong?

  10. kamullia says:

    According to Velichkin’s rant to the media back then, right was for Malkin to go back and honor the contract he signed under duress at 3 a.m., and wrong were the Penguins who went through a cloak and dagger process to kidnap Malkin and brainwashing him into signing a contract.


    Of course, no mention on his personal promise of several years running of releasing Malkin whenever he was ready to go to North America.

  11. the_word says:

    Altough this has nothing to do with the article, its nice to see Ottawa is officially done this year, Spezza, Alferdson and Healty aren’t winners, they just like to pad their stats (the win columb isn’t a stat which concerns them). At least in previous years Sens fans could brag about their preseason record, and how good they they were gonna be, but looks like the window of oppertunity for this team is closing, if not already closed. Sure the Sens are lock for the playoffs just as they’re a lock to be upset in early rounds of the playoffs.

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