Sens poised to make a move

Muckler said he would asses his team (The Ottawa Senators) during their last road trip, to see if he needed to make changes. The Sens were 1-3 on the road trip, beating only the struggling penguins. So what will Muckler do? Over the last 4 games, the Sens have scored 16 goals. That aspect of their game seems to be coming together. The Sens problems have begun in their own end, as they also allowed 16 goals in the last few games.
Goaltending has been an issue. But then again Emery is leading the league in save percentage. A simple way to solve the goaltending issue is to play Ray Emery more often.
The sens defence has looked much softer without Chara. One could argue that the sens need a big strong guy to keep guys from driving to the net.

Whatever the sens problems are, it seems the wrong guys keep coming up in trade talks. Vermette, Volchenkov, and Alfredson are the names being mentioned. Volchenkov is +6, Alfredson is hot as of late, and Vermette is on pace to score 30 goals.

The guys the sens need to look to trade are Emery (great goalie having a tough time in Ottawa), Redden/Mezsaros (having a brutal start offensively, extreamely high market value), Kiagorodov (what an oppitunity it would be for him, to play on the 2nd line of a struggling tea like the coyotes) and Schaefer (great 2ndary scorer in a slump).

If the Sens want to turn this season around they have to change something. It could be a coaching, GM, or player change, or even something as simple as a morale change. But something has to be done to help this team pull though. If Muckler can pull he right strings this team can be as good or better than last year.