Souray to Sharks

Given that this is a trade rumour site, and that it is trade season, I thought I may offer up a trade proposition to make things interesting.

Before I move on, please note I am a SENS  fan, who’s team has absolutely nothing to gain from this trade happening or not, and I can therefore be objective about it.

I believe that the following trade would truly benefit both teams involved.

To San Jose
Sheldon Souray

To Montreal
Steve Bernier

  Let’s begin with Montreal.  As much as Habs fans would not want to trade Souray, it is almost certain that Souray will not sign with the team next year as he wishes to be closer to his family on the west coast.  Take it from a guy who has lost a all-star defenseman for nothing, it hurts.  Trading him, especially to a western team is the best possible solution.  In return, the Canadians get a budding power forward type player, drafted 16th overall in 2003, with 25 career goals in only 78 games.  This kid has all the potential in the world and is wasting away in the minors right now.  Added bonus, he is a french canadian.

  The Sharks may believe Bernier is a steep price to pay for a rental but consider that the only real weakness the sharks have is on defence and that there is a high probability Souray would resign there in the offseason, it seems a reasonable price to pay.  The Sharks are stacked with young players like Bernier and could afford to trade him away.  Added bonus, trade works for Souray.

  So the trade works for both teams and both players.  Possibly add a conditional draft pick (2-3rd rnd) if Souray resigns with SJ and I think we have a deal here.


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  1. Ottawasenfan3 says:

    It could be a possibility if the Sharks wanted to give him up although I do believe they would not just do it for Souray to be a rental player. What I could see is a deal, maybe sending Pavelski and Bernier to Montreal and Souray to the Sharks if Souray were to sign a long term deal.

    I am not one to just come up with insane offers so I feel this one could be plausable

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     You are an idiot for this suggestion………..  Just kidding! That is not a bad deal but I would want either Pavelski or a 2nd round pick to go with Bernier. That is not too much to give up to double your chances of winning the Stanley Cup.

     Having said all that, I do not think Souray will be traded and I do not want San Jose to win the Cup because the last 2 went to places that should not even have a team (esp. Carolina).

  3. robinson19 says:

    It would be a good deal. Too bad the Hab's front office is too busy failing their fans who've given them millions of their hard-earned dollars by not doing anything.

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     1 month ago everybody was just fine with the Habs and Gainey and Carbo, now all of you are freaking on them, why? Yes they are losing, every team does it. Is Gainey supposed to make a deal just for the sake of making a deal? That would be stupid, if there is a good deal to make he will do it otherwise it is better to do nothing at all for the time being.

  5. RealisticNick says:

    Whenever I saw the title of the article I thought it actually happened, all I though to myself was that Bernier would be part of the deal.  Seems good to me although SJ may not think so as he is a young power forward and they take longer to develope so they may be waiting for him.

  6. PcMorris says:

    I'm not sure what SJ's cap situation is, but would this work into it.  Would they have to give up someone else to accomodate the cap?  Besides that, I think it would be a smart move on behalf of both teams.

  7. JoeyNYR says:

    people like you are so annoying…cry cry cry, that city in the USA shouldn't have a team…what is wrong with you? If hockey is thriving in a city that you wouldn't expect it to…celebrate..yay the league is growing, our favorite sport is becoming more and more popular, more and more competitive. Instead, it's woe is me and my team, only Canadiens are supposed to win. Get over yourself dude. Hockey is expanding and if there is a market for it…so be it. If hockey is growing in Southern USA, GOOD, give football some competition.

    So…what is the logical reason that is going to convince me that Carolina and Jose should not have a team????? Is there some sort of latitude or longitutal parameter that us idiot Americans don't know about???

    This is not to knock habs fans or anyone in Canada…its about the frame of mind that people have towards teams in the USA. I have been fed up with it for a while, but just found the right opportunity to jump in. Sorry for the attitude everyone.

  8. rojoke says:

    Didn't San Jose take Malakhov from New Jersey earlier this year because they had the cap room?  But you are right, if such a deal were to happen, there would have to be a roster play involved, maybe a UFA, or at the very least an RFA that coming the other way also, salary for salary.

  9. rangers914 says:

    wat do u guys think about a possible souray to the rangers trade maybe

    montreal-prucha and pock
    new york-souray and samsonov

  10. rob121 says:

    This is a very reasonable sounding deal because it addresses the needs of both teams. The going rate for a top rental like Souray is at least a 1st round draft pick so Bernier having been a first rounder, may fit the bill. If a deal like this is to happen, I would, if I were the Canadiens, try and sweeten the pot with either a Ryder or Perezhogin an attempt to get Matt Carle included in the deal.

  11. senators101 says:

    I don't think there is a problem with teams in the USA.  I don't think that us Canadians here are hoping for an all Canadian hockey league.  I think what he refers to when he says that those cities shouldnt have a team is their attendance.  Even after Carolina's stanley cup win, theres nobody in attendance and I'm not sure, but I think Tampa Bay is the same.  Its not even as if they are junky teams and ppl just dont want to see them.  If the attendance is good and buildings are full, then sure, have hockey team.  But with a limited number of hockey teams in a league, there are more appropriate cities that would offer a proper attendance as there are only 6 teams in canada and many cities wanting one.  Nobody's ever had a problem with detroits, colorado's or dallas who have won in the past years.

  12. 2006 says:

    If you got Bernier for Souray, you should get down on your knees and thank god.  Don't think that it would take more than that.

  13. Sharkattack01 says:

    Yes they would have to. The Malakhov trade took up pretty much all of their cap space, I think the Sharks have like half a million to a million left or something like that.

  14. lockedge says:

    I would send hate mail to Doug Wilson if he traded Bernier. Seriously, once he comes back from his injury(he isn't wasting time in the minors, foot injury) he'll re-kindle the 2nd line offense that the Sharks are missing(they've been scoring inconsistently since).

    Seriously, if the trade would go through, the sharks are trading away a budding RW who is already a solid 2nd liner, and could be on nearly every NHL team. There's no way Wilson would give up a conditional pick if Souray resigns, because he's getting a defenseman who's been the only source of Blueline offense on the Canadiens outside of Andrei Markov. I'm not saying he isn't good, he is. He just isn't great. He's had 2 and a half good seasons being the sole shot from the point, whereas before in his career he was a grinder racking up under 20 points per season and over 100 PIMs.
    There's a reason Brad Stuart was the top available Dman this year, and I wouldn't trade Bernier to Boston for Stuart. So why trade Bernier to Montreal for a guy who might do well, or might flop harder than Bell?

    The Sharks are weak on D for two reasons: lack of experience, and lack of a mentor. Souray will offer none of that, and that's a fact, so I don't see the Sharks being interested.

  15. lockedge says:

    Ryder and/or Perezhogin for Carle? Not only is Carle San Jose's #1 prospect, they also have RW depth in the system. They don't need Ryder's underachieving, or Perezhogin's stick swinging aggression. They need to keep Carle to develop him into a franchise defenseman ala Scott Neidermeyer or Wade Redden.

  16. halgillfan says:

    I heard souray to the leafs for mccabe

  17. broc says:

    I would love for that trade to happen for MTL, but I think SJ won't let a guy like Bernier go for a rental.

    What's laughable are the few Habs fans suggesting they should get Bernier AND Pavelski for Souray. That's just downright ignorant. That's like Anaheim trading Getzlaf and Perry for Brad Stuart. Ridiculous.

  18. rangers914 says:

    no way mcabe is too important to the leafs power play for them to take the chance of trying to put souray at the same point mcabe wont go anywhere hes got a deal and is worth more than souray hes one of those top tier players probally montreall would have to give up perezhogin in any deal for mcabe

  19. prospectiv says:

    No kidding, I have been hoping for this trade to come for a while now…  It would fulfill both teams needs for sure!. 

    One thing though :  Souray is second best scorer in the league for a defensemen right now.  He would probably love to play in California to be closer to his daugther. 

    When I see that the Flyers are asking two 1st round picks and a premium prospect for a fragile and uncertain to sign with the team Forsberg, I wonder if the Habs could have more than Bernier for Souray… 

    You also have to question Bernier's real potential since he has been playing with Marleau from the beginning…

    Montreal would still need to replace Souray on its defense corps.  Vlasic would be the right one to add…  Another option is a 1st round pick since San Jose has 2 this year (New Jersey)

    Vlasic/Bernier for Souray = Done deal!

  20. modk09 says:

    Souray only makes roughly $2M a year, at the deadline thats about half a Million in cap space… could work…

  21. BieksaForMVP says:

    Okay first of all Mccabe has a no trade clause. Second even if Souray is a rental player he is still worth wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more then Mccabe. No one wants Mccabe. He can't play defense, and he's slightly worse then great at offense.

  22. Habman77 says:

    i don't know about the rest of the Habs fans,but i'm tired of hearing about players for the future. We have lots of prospects that we've been holding onto for the future. i've been hearing this for 3 years now, and i'm not seeing a better product on the ice. Enough about the future and lets get someone who can score goals now !!!!! In bob we trust (what a bunch of B.S.)

  23. TheFish12 says:

    As "sweet" as this would make the deal, it wouldn't happen, the Sharks lack D depth, so giving up a defenseman, especially one with Carle potential is in the highly unlikely to impossible probability range.

  24. TheFish12 says:

    If I'm the Sharks, I'm not thinking long term, I'm thinking, what can I do to win this year, or next… not sure on the contract status of Marleau, Thornton, Cheechoo, Michalek, Toskala, Nabokov, Hannan or the rest of them, but under a cap system, they will have a hard time retaining all those guys… and the sharks have guys like Pavelski and Crowe who bring pretty much what Bernier brings to the table… but they have nobody who can match Souray on the blueline.

  25. rangers914 says:

    are you crazy any team in teh league would take a guy like mcabe hes a great point guard for the power play and has a rocket of a shot and its not often teams ahve to gameplan around a defensemens scoring ability souray and mcabe are almost uncomparable because of their contrasting playing styles but theres no way mcabe and souray swap teams at teh deadline mcabe wouldnt fit in with montreals system and souray wouldnt fit in with torontos

  26. DoubleDown says:

    sheldon souray is alousy defensive player. he is a powerplay gun.

    the sharks have the number 1 PP in the NHL.

    if the sharks need defensive help, hes not it.

    thanks for coming.

  27. TheFish12 says:

    Vlasic and Bernier is asking too much from San Jose for Souray.  Maybe a team that is on the edge of contention i.e. Edmonton last year, Leafs this year would give up two young guys, but not the Sharks, who have done very well this season without a desperate need for Souray.

    While I had thought of the hole Souray's departure would leave on the Montreal blueline, it can easily be filled with the trade of Aebisher or Halak or Price, as the depth in goal will need to be exchanged at some point.

  28. TheFish12 says:

    Sheldon Souray is not as bad defensively as you might think.  He is a steady defensemen who average 22+ minutes of ice time a game and is only a -13 in the much higher-scoring East, compared to Scott Hannan, who does nothing but defense at -9 on the season, playing in front of Nabakov and Toskala a combined 4th lowest GAA in the league (compared to Mtl 13th)  Souray is also a heart-and-soul player who will get dirty to protect his teamates… just the type of player any contender needs in playoffs.

    If San Jose makes this trade, they technically do not lose anyone from their roster, as Clowe as been filling in for Bernier, and has done exactly what Bernier was doing before his injury/demotion, and their d now looks like

    Souray – Hannan
    Carle – McLaren
    Ehroff – Vlasic

    Looks like a winner to me.

  29. Pucked says:

    JoeyNYR, basically I agree with you. I wrote a similar response to a like article that bashed US hockey fans.

    There is definitely a slant to this website. Accept it or dump it I guess is what I learned. Being from the San Jose area, I have to say that our attendance is as good as many Canadian cities. We have a long standing sellout streak. Some cities may need more help than others in development. I agree. Do you dump them because the fan development hasn't been as good? I don't think so. I think there are bitter people who had teams moved from their areas and when they see teams added to areas that aren't traditional hockey hotbeds, they get pissed off like a hard core fan might. But, I think if you are a true fan of the sport, you want others to think it is the coolest sport too. You have to accept that the league wants to expand it to areas that might not normally "get" hockey. The league is trying (maybe not hard enough) to develop the fan base. Give it some time and hopefully it will work out. If not and the area doesn't support it, move it or remove it. My 2 cents worth.

  30. habswinthecup-again says:

     "So…what is the logical reason that is going to convince me that Carolina and Jose should not have a team????? Is there some sort of latitude or longitutal parameter that us idiot Americans don't know about???" How about 9000 fans a game in Carolina the year after winning the Stanley Cup? Is that enough logic for you? Now I do not know the specifics on SJ attendence (so I probably should not have said anything about them, my bad)but history does tell us that teams in their climate do not do good at all.

  31. Uncleben says:

    interesting… but MTL will probably want more for him though

  32. habswinthecup-again says:

     The only reason that Stuart was the top available dman is because it is well known that Souray would not be available in a trade, if he were you can be sure that he would be by far the most sought after.

  33. Pucked says:

    You mean like the Los Angeles Kings? Jeez, only been around for a few years….er, uh…

  34. bethin2998 says:

    this is to the guy who suggestted the rangers trade for Souray.  Yes it would benefit them but i believe theres something in the NHL called a salary cap but who am i to stop you from making that trade

  35. DoubleDown says:

    im not trying to be a prick or anything, but souray is lousy defensively. i watch every habs game, and souray is a mess in his own zone. he always seems to make the wrong decision or mishandle the puck.

    as a habs fan id love to see this trade go through, but SJ wouldnt give up bernier for a rental.

  36. ranger_fan says:

    no! just no. prucha should stay and NY, and we are in the process of rebuilding. You are starting to sound like a Leaf fan.

  37. habswinthecup-again says:

     What is their average attendence? 10000-12000 maybe?

  38. Pucked says:

    If you don't know for sure, why speculate? You assumed San Jose had lousy attendance and you were wrong. My point: Does a team's climate really have to do with success? I thought the game was played indoors? LA has been in the league since the 60's. Is that not some testament to it's success? Guessing at attendance as you have done before is not a way to prove your point, is it? What was attendance at Jets games? What was attendance at Nordiques games? Why did they move those teams? Why did Hartford move? Why did Stars move? Show me some proof of you stats and then we can talk. You are fortunate to live in an area that can financially and fan-wise, support it's team. Not all teams in the NHL have been so fortunate. It's not always about attendance and climate, is it?

  39. hockey_expert1 says:

    I doubt Souray would interest Wilson as much as Markov.

  40. sheam316 says:

    I dont know about this trade. I think the best possible place he'd go would be La Kings. and since they aint looking to trade young talent for players like Souray I say that would be a no deal. Best Possible place for a rental may be Edmonton, Atlanta, possibly even Buffalo if they want a slap shot dude. Personally I would love to see souray gone after this season. like McCabe he's only worth 3 – 4 million due to lack of defensive skill. But I dont think they should sell the team yet. I mean if montreal gets there act together they do have a better chance then teams like toronto and Ny Islanders. They are facing easier teams and if they can beat toronto and NYI all the times they play if not most then they still are in good shape. Problem is we have to beat teams like Boston, NY Rangers, Washington etc and when we face Buffalo we have to take find a way to win a few games againist them.

  41. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Well, I certainly wouldn't be shocked if Souray got McCabe money on the open market.

  42. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Habs are in a really tough spot with Souray. Is he coming back next year? We don't know, so there's a good chance that he could walk away without Montreal getting any return from him. So trade him then? Well, again, there's a problem. You don't (even though he's a UFA) trade away your top D-man because, more than anything else, it sends a bad message to not only the fans, but to the team itself. It really is a catch-22 here…Habs are damned if they do, damned if they don't, but I really can't see les Canadiens making a playoff run without #44 in their line-up.

  43. TheFish12 says:

    I'm pretty sure Murray would be more interested in Lidstrom too, but he, like markov, is not on the trade block.

  44. wayne2 says:

    I actually think this is a good idea for both teams.This said,why not try this:
    To San Jose:Souray/Samsonov/2rd pick
    To Montreal:Bernier/Bell
    I know Samsonov is expensive and isnt doing much this year but when paired with Thornton he was on fire with Boston so maybe they can take a chance on him.Bell`s numbers arent that good this year and he is a power forward that would help Montreal.Montreal should get rid of Kovalev and Bonk too.They both lack heart.Thet should build around their young guns
    like Latendresse,Plekanek,Komisarek,Higgins and Ryder.
    PS:also a sens fan giving an honest opinion.

  45. Hoondog2 says:

    Just a little stat for all the U.S. hockey fans.  A recent poll was done in the United States (and this is not made up) hockey ratings rank just below bullriding in popularity.

      I'm sorry to all the American fans who like and appreciate hockey but, i'm sick of the rules being changed to appease an uninterested American audience.  I'm not saying it's the fault of Americans, if they're not interested, then they're not interested, thats fine.  
    What makes us Canadians mad is probably the same thing that makes the true fans (American or Canadian) mad.  GARY BETTMAN!  Do you as true American hockey fans find it insulting that Bettman thinks Americans can't handle ties? Enter the shootout……Are you insulted that he thinks by calling it the "new NHL", it will garner more interest in the States, as if it's a totally new game?    Does it make you mad that Gary is considering making the nets bigger, because he thinks you can't get interested in the part of hockey which happens between goals?  The big hits, the fighting, the battles for the pucks, the momentum shifts, the grinders rising above the superstars with nothing but sheer heart?  If this doesn't interest the average American, that's fine, but we have a game in Canada called hockey and it is intertwined with the social fabric of our daily lives, and has been for longer than most of us remember.  To Canadians, hockey is not a novelty sport to be watched  if there is no bullriding on T.V..  

      Sorry to all the true American fans, I do not hate American teams, some of them have flourished without having to change all the rules, and some were there right at the beginning of its birth.  These are the teams and fans that can appreciate what hockey truly is……."The coolest game on earth" (or whatever that cheesy "America-friendly" saying that Bettman made up is).

  46. habsoverserver says:

    Gainey has never traded away two goalies and a bunch of forwards, but never a defenseman. 

  47. bluesteel says:

    Being that he is a young french canadian power forward, i think San Jose would hold the Habs to ransom for him, knowing how coveted homegrown kids are to that organization.

  48. Pucked says:

    I guess I would have to question where this poll was that showed bull riding above hockey in popularity. Everyone I have seen from Wikipedia on, mention hockey at about #5. Granted, hockey is a Canadian game, yes it is more ingrained than in America. Understood. Does that diminish Americans who love the sport too?

    Does Bettman make me mad? Damn straight he does. For many of us here, it is NOT a novelty sport and to suggest that a #5 ranked sport is a novelty, is a joke. I am not sure why the propagation of a sport makes a nation so upset. If it's the melding of US and Canadian views of the game that upsets you, perhaps a separate league is needed to satisfy you. Perhaps work towards getting rid of Bettman is the answer.

    Whatever it is, it's not the American fan's fault. We come to this site because we are fans of the game. People who aren't couldn't care less about this site and it's content. Ultimately, climate and locale is not the reason to blast a team out. This attendance record at – NHL – NHL Attendance shows that it is not just cold climate teams that do well. Look at Tampa Bay, tops in the league for a few years now. LA, 16,000 on average, not the 10-12,000 estimate by an earlier post. Also "the coolest game on the earth" is not an "American friendly" saying. It is called "MARKETING", something done to propagate the sport. Is it "cheesy", yeah, a bit. But, I guess they have to do the best they can to market the game to gain fans. If they didn't revenues would not be able to support teams in areas where money isn't as plentiful. guess if you love the game, you take some bad to make things overall better.

  49. Hoondog2 says:

    American fans don't bother me at all.  It is the push to gain fans, and the changing of the sport for those people who really don't care about it that bothers me.  I don't like curling, but I would never in a million years want it changed to appease me.
      I'm not sure where this poll was conducted, I just heard a, well-respected hockey analyst on the radio mention it.

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