Sources question to everyone?

I am just wondering if anyone has any good hockey info websites?

I am just a hockey junky like most of you! Help.

Just post some if you got any good ones.

I need more reading material.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says: is an ok forum but ussually they don’t get things till weeks after HTR. And alot of it is making up possible trades.

  2. Lint07 says:

    (I also write there)

    (The more accurate place I know of)

    (TSN’s french sister)

    (Great site)

    (Very good site. Even beat TSN for many rumors and breaking news)

    (nice site)

    (HTR’s little sister, nice site where you can talk about hockey and basically everything else you’d like)

  3. GeniushockeyKID says:

    tsn – reliable and quick on the big news – not too great though – the best – interesting to read up on your favorite teams prospects, also good interviews – obviously if your not a ranger fan, your team should have atleast one decent fansite. i like this one b/c of writers like dubi silverstein and links to other articles.

  4. Tweek says:

    spectors trade rumours is probably the best site for constant trade rumours. is probably the most accurate when it comes to trade rumours because they got the most knowledgeable hockey team and usually arent wrong, I also use sportsnet but they are very inacurate at times and their hockey gurus are very annoying at times.

  5. kidhenry1 says: is the best place for hockey discussion (it’s the forum for hockey’s future.) They have just about everything there.

  6. headpushslap says:

    A great site for prospects in North America and Europe, also showcases individual teams’ depth and prospects in the system.

    Huge site full of info including a section on hockey biz, with salaries, attendance figures, arena names, etc…. Aussi en Francais, mes amis.

    If you need to know who played where, when, career statistics, jersey numbers, defunct leagues, almost everything you could want.

  7. cwthrash says:

    Go to the website of my fantasy league.

    On the left side of the screen, click where it say “Hockey Links”. There’s a ton of stuff there but if you’re just looking for info, scroll down to the Hockey News and Statistics part. More than 40 possible sources of what’s you’re looking for.

    And I updated the links a week or so ago, so they should all be in working order. Happy hunting!

  8. chanman says:

    Is decent, not enough stories and stuff happening there though

    Has great stuff, Lots of up to the minute on trades, rumors, qoutes by coaches,GMs and players, I find it a entertaining and accurate scource.

    Slam! sports hockey
    has indepth stats(how much ice time a player had in a game), and the latest, a good scource.

  9. x says:

    There’s for those times when you want some hockey info from across the pond; that has a lot of minor league hockey news; is a site that will link you to various newspapers from around North America that have local coverage of the home teams.

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