Tellqvist for Tyson Nash

According to TSN, goaltender Mikael Tellqvist got traded to the Coyotes Phoenix for LW Tyson Nash and a draft pick.

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  1. DJTOKid says:

    Good move for the Leafs, they rid of Tellqvists contract for a player who's won't count against the cap and a draft pick, hopefully a decent one, from a bad team. All in all I think the Leafs did a good job trying to set them selves up for big moves when needed near the trade deadline.

  2. CaptainInsano says:

    If you combine the fighting ability of Mike TYSON, and the skill of Rick NASH … you get TYSON NASH.

    (By "fighting ability" and "skill", I mean "last name" and "last name").

    This is a good trade for the Toronto Marlies, since Nash might become a decent mentor for agitators like Newbury or even Ondrus.

    I doubt we'll see him with the Leafs unless there is a rash of injuries.

    And NO, he will not be replacing Belak because he is not nearly tough enough.

  3. gg_idiot says:

    Tyson Nash for Art Ross!

  4. Aetherial says:

    Well, they got a draft pick out of it anyway, and shed some salary.

  5. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    We got the wrong Nash…

  6. jody200411 says:

    Exactly. It should be Steve Nash going to Toronto for that bum. Maybe they could somehow sell him to the Raptors then

  7. 92-93 says:

    well so much for those nashville rumours.

    Ferguson was at one pointed quoted as trying to get a 2nd rounder for telly and i thought that was too much to ask for. so the fact that the leafs got a 4th rounder sounds about right.

    as for Tyson Nash, he was just thrown into the deal by the Coyotes and i dont think he'll make much of a difference for the Leafs or the Marlies.

    however, it is good that Ferguson recognizes the lack of depth in the organization and has some players with the Marlies like Nash, Devereux, Brown, etc. who have some NHL experience, will probably not do anything but are good to have around just in case. Aubin was such a player and he turned out pretty decent so far.

    But the most important point in all of this is that the AHL tandem can now officially be Pogge-Racine, the NHL tandem is Raycroft-Aubin, and the Leafs have Reimer in the WHL and Ford in the ECHL. in other words, the goaltending picture becomes much more simplified.

    On top of the draft pick, the leafs also clear about 589K from their cap space.

  8. 92-93 says:

    oh, and it shouldnt be too surprsing that there were so many non-leaf fans on the other Tellqvist thread (and numerous other times) that said that he was worthless and the leafs werent going to be able to get anything for him.

    because Telly is a leaf, he is automatically dismissed. you look at his numbers, he is a .500 goalie, is still fairly young, hasn't really been given a decent shot (and no, last year's replacing of Belfour in March does not constitute a 'shot' – just as Aubin didn't get a shot playing the last 12 games of the year either). He has a 3.00 GAA which doesnt look too bad considering some of the horrible defences that have played in front of him.

  9. 92-93 says:

    yeah the Coyotes could potentially finish in the bottom 5 in the NHL which may translate into top-5 drafting position. that means that the leafs will have an extra pick in the 4th round between the 90th and 95th pick overall. not too bad really considering how deep this draft is supposed to be and how well the leafs scouts have done drafting after the 3rd round.

  10. 92-93 says:

    precisely, more cap space, an extra mid-round pick that will likely be between 90th and 100th overall.

    Nash is useless – he was waived to the minors on October 2nd by a very bad Coyotes team.

  11. Bruins4771 says:

    What a terrible trade for Toronto.  From what I have seen of Tellqvist from Bruins games, this guy was one hell of a back up, borderline starter.  I know you have Raycroft who is playing extremely well, but I have watched Raycroft play extremely well, and then become extremely bad.  You also traded away your depth (Rask) to get Raycroft. 

    As fas as a trade, Tellqvist was making 589K a year.  How is that going to help you get a veteran in a trade?  I really dont get this trade.

  12. Uncleben says:

    As for those Nashville rumors, they were over yesterday when the Pred's signed ANA goalie Michael Leighton off of waivers.

  13. neely4778 says:

    I like this trade for the Coyotes – Tellqvist has number 1 potential and if he plays well enough the 'Yotes could send CuJo off near the deadline for maximum value…good for them in the future, great for CuJo to play for a contender, even if as a backup or 1B goalie. 

    As a 'Yotes fan, I didn't like that they gave up a 4th round pick, but the scouting department hasn't drafted anything but career minor leaguers, 4th liners, and 7th and 8th D-men in the last 11 years.  Even the first round choices have failed to pan out (Dan Focct or Keil McLeod anyone? Who?  Exactly).  So, that 4th rounder would most likely have been wasted by the Coyotes anyway. 

  14. woodsco85 says:

    Or RICK NASH, you tool.

  15. woodsco85 says:

    Traded our depth? We had to get rid of Rask because we had TOO MUCH depth. Are you forgettin aobut a guy named Justin Pogge? The best Canadian World Junior Goalie in History? Not to mention we have Raycroft locked up for the next three years at a bargain of 2 million per season. on top of that you have Aubin, and Racine, Toronto had no place left in their system for Rask, and got exactly what he was worth when they traded him for Raycroft

  16. woodsco85 says:

    According to my landlord who is best friends with Tyson Nash, Nash had indicated that he wanted to be traded to a North East Division team when he was sent down to San Antonio at the start of the season. Tyson wanted this trade because he intends to spend his las few seasons as a pro close to family, and friends. He told the Coyotes that Toronto was the best choice for him and they have oviously found a way for him to go there.

  17. habs_punk says:

    Best Canadian World Junior Goalie in history is pushing it a little. Canada has had some absolutely amazing goaltending performances at the world juniors. Pogge's definately ranks up there, but to say it surpasses all of the others is definately pushing it. If it had been Price that put up those numbers, or even Dubnyk, you would not have made that statement. Being a Leaf prospect has pushed him up on a pedestal for Leaf fans. Everything he does is gold. That team very likely played the best all around defense in world junior history, with the possible exception of the year before, and yes, I would agree that Pogge played better than Glass did that year.

  18. Habroller says:

    I don't think Tellqvist was dismissed because he was a Leaf. I think the fact he's a young Swedish G and there is supposed to be a new wave of excellent young Swedish G's in the NHL (following the Finnish wave), he was automatically overrated which could only lead to a huge drop when people realized he wasn't that good. I initially thought he was going to be TO's # 1, so seeing him downgraded to the Marlies definitely did not help giving him much value.

    Having said that, Phoenix should have traded for a #1, not a backup (Joseph doesn't have much left in him)…

  19. mojo19 says:

    marlies player, but doesn't hurt the cap so good, great!

  20. 92-93 says:

    best Candian world junior goalie in history is beyond pushing it. its just wrong. and i am sure he'll have some stats on his side but there have been better goaltenders who have been much busier than Pogge.

    and not all leaf fans think the same way either.

    but his original point remains: the leafs did have a lot of depth in that position. still, i am not a fan of the Raycroft-Rask trade in a long-term sense. i think could have traded Pogge along with a guy like Tucker for something much more this year and keep Rask as our future #1. but who knows right?

    Obviously with Racine and Pogge in the AHL, the leafs are not doing too bad in terms of that position. the next position that they must focus on (and use guys like Tucker as trade bait) is to bolster the skill on both wings and get a solid young prospect winger/forward.

  21. 92-93 says:

    i reeeally dont remember hearing too much talk about Telly being a true #1 goalie candidate – although some journalists might have mentioned that as a possibility.

    i still think he can be a #1 goalie IF HE GETS THE CHANCE. and no, he hasn't been given a chance. he hasn't even been given 10 to 15 straight starts (last year when Belfour went down he didn't start too many games in a row).

    its sort of like writing off Raycroft at the same age. why would anyone with any hockey sense do that when many goalies dont really reach their peak until their early-30s??!?!

    I've seen Tellqvist make saves that many other goalies in the NHL cannot make. i've also seen him make mistakes too – much of it to do with his small size and positioning (the latter is related to the former). Those two games in Montreal he was hung out to dry time and time again. but Leaf fans found their scapegoat and it became that much more easier for them to blame him once they played better in front of Aubin and he won some games towards the end.

    in any case, Telly was supposed to be the back-up to Cujo and Eddie and the Leafs organization botched his talent time and time again (i.e. Trevor Kidd). Now he has a chance in a new environment behind Cujo and in front of LeNeveu, who seems to need more seasoning in the AHL. the Coyotes suck but the change in scenery could help him.

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