The Latest on Gonchar!!

Who are the front runners, and which teams have backed out…This has been reported on

1. Washington Post: This newspaper reports that the Leafs are still interested in Gonchar. They have offered Nathan Perrot and Craig Johnson. The report says the Avs and the Bruins are still interested in Gonchar. It also says that the Avs are still trying to land Kolzig and Gonchar in the same deal. I don’t think this will happen as they don’t need both of these players, especially Gonchar. They have enough offence up front, but they’re just not producing. Whether that’s because of the coaching style or because the players are just not performing remains to be seen. The Bruins are believed to be offering Jeff Jillson and/or Shaone Morrisson.

2. Washington Time: This newspaper reports that Toronto. Dallas, New Jersey, Boston, Nashville, Colorado and Vancouver are the teams interested in the Russian defenseman.

3. The Ottawa Sun: This newspaper is reporting that the Bruins are the front runners in the Gonchar sweepstakes. They are believed to have offered Samsnov and a first rounder. As for the Avs-Caps blockbuster, this newspaper believes the stumbling block is Morris’s $3.5 million contract.

4. Toronto Star: This newspaper reports that the Leafs have now offered Darcy Tucker as the center piece of the package for Gonchar.

5. Bob McKenzie stated that he expects Gonchar to be dealt as soon as today, and that he will be DEALT BY HIMSELF. He said Kolzig won’t be included.

Favorites: Leafs, Bruins

Outside Looking In: Colorado

Have Fallen out of the Race: New Jersey Devils