The Latest on Gonchar!!

Who are the front runners, and which teams have backed out…This has been reported on

1. Washington Post: This newspaper reports that the Leafs are still interested in Gonchar. They have offered Nathan Perrot and Craig Johnson. The report says the Avs and the Bruins are still interested in Gonchar. It also says that the Avs are still trying to land Kolzig and Gonchar in the same deal. I don’t think this will happen as they don’t need both of these players, especially Gonchar. They have enough offence up front, but they’re just not producing. Whether that’s because of the coaching style or because the players are just not performing remains to be seen. The Bruins are believed to be offering Jeff Jillson and/or Shaone Morrisson.

2. Washington Time: This newspaper reports that Toronto. Dallas, New Jersey, Boston, Nashville, Colorado and Vancouver are the teams interested in the Russian defenseman.

3. The Ottawa Sun: This newspaper is reporting that the Bruins are the front runners in the Gonchar sweepstakes. They are believed to have offered Samsnov and a first rounder. As for the Avs-Caps blockbuster, this newspaper believes the stumbling block is Morris’s $3.5 million contract.

4. Toronto Star: This newspaper reports that the Leafs have now offered Darcy Tucker as the center piece of the package for Gonchar.

5. Bob McKenzie stated that he expects Gonchar to be dealt as soon as today, and that he will be DEALT BY HIMSELF. He said Kolzig won’t be included.

Favorites: Leafs, Bruins

Outside Looking In: Colorado

Have Fallen out of the Race: New Jersey Devils

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  1. BosBrn77 says:

    Assistant GM Gorton of the Bruins has repeatedly said that Samsonov is not on the trade block. Now this could be a smoke screen, but if Boston is offering Samsonov and a 1st, the deal will include more then just Gonchar going to Boston.

    Samsonov and a 1st is too much for Gonchar. Maybe Huml and a 1st. Or Hilbert and a 1st. Or Jillson and a 2nd…. but not what the Ottawa Sun is saying.

    Also, on a side note… Jillson has been a healthy scratch for quite a few games due to the exceptional play of Morisson, and the addition of Slegr. I could see him being involved in the trade over Samsonov. But if they do add Gonchar,I think Boston should look to move a d-man (Gill or O’Donnell) for a prospect or a pick.

  2. Bruins4771 says:

    Great article….good research…….I sure as hell hope the bs dont get him when they could berard for much less. Ray Bourque was at the game last night and he stated Leetch is the best fit for this team, and that the Bruins still needed one more strong number two center. Carolina is still a possibility…..

  3. Bruins4771 says:

    I disagree in moving gill and O’Donell for now. You can always send morrison down to the minors again. I think we look much stronger as

    McGillis Boynton

    Gill – Gonchar

    O’Donell – Slegr

    (These arent wrtitten in any type of depth chart order)

    than we do with jillson or morrison in the lineup. And remember Ian moran is coming back and he could easily be a rotating 7th d even 4th line forward as he has sometimes been used. I dont even like Gonchar and would much rather have leetch or Berard back, but morrisson is young and I know h is sound defensively, but we already have 5 sound defensive guys. He could go back down and he will be back next year, permanantly.

  4. hairdesign says:

    Good work, but wow, where did this perrot and johnson thing come from, does JFJ really think he is going to secure Gonchar for the likes of those two plugs?

  5. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    The Leafs have got to be the frontrunner in all player trade rumors RIGHT? You Leaf fans are worse than the Ranger fans over the past 7 years, at least you guys make the playoffs thhough.

  6. scottyboy says:

    When the Caps trade Gonchar they will be moving their number one defenceman, and if they move Witt, they’ll be losing thier number two defenceman. It only seems logical that they would ask for defencemen in return. Samsonov seems like a bad fit as a centerpiece of a deal. That’s why Toronto (Colaiacovo) or Colorado (Morris) should be considered the front-runners in the Gonchar sweepstakes.

  7. cyclone says:

    For the last time, they should forget about Gonchar. They have enoguh scoring from their defence. They need Brendan Witt much more. Or Jason Smith (who they had but let go a while ago). They do not need a forward playing defence. If they were to get Martin Gerber or Jani Hurme as a dependable backup, and Brendan Witt as a stay-at-home defenceman, then I would be happy.

  8. bleedingblu says:

    as per tsn..

    It’s finally over!!!

  9. matteo says:

    Gonchar is headed to Beantown for one of two deals…..the most likely being Morrison and 2 draft picks. The other deal is for 2 players and 1 draft pick. Details haven’t been released yet.

    This makes Boston Scary come playoff time, especially the Power Play.

  10. Dober says:

    Good now the leafs can concentrate on getting d-man that the actually need.

    Thank god it over with i was getting sick of reading all these stories saying it was a done deal then it wasnt, then we had to hear about it again.

    Finally it’s over.

  11. Aetherial says:

    Well in typical Leaf fashion, they watched another one slip by.

    Sheesh the Bruins got Gonchar for some guy I have never heard of and a couple picks?

    I am glad that I was right at least in that the rumors about Gonchar for Colaiacovo + Stajan + A 1st rounder were ridiculous.

    Of course what will happen now is that the Leafs will get a D-man who doesn’t really help at all OR they will go get Leetch but give up something like Colaiacovo, Stajan, Wellwood, and 1st rounders in 2004,2005,2006 and 2007. THAT is the depth of stupidity this organization shows.

    Look for the Leafs to pick up something very minor though that will not make a difference at all.

    I watched Berg and Pilar make absolute asses of themselves on Boston’s second goal last night. I can’t summon up much optimism for the Leafs chances as that team stands now, Belfour or no Belfour.

  12. Dober says:

    I wouldnt worry JFJ will make a move that makes more sense than bringin in Gonchar. U cant say that he was what the leafs needed to be a good cup contendor. He is not a stud they need.

    I really have a feeling the leafs will make a trade that nobody is expecting. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. All i know is that they have to bring in a new defencemen or two. Pilar and Berg are only gonna hurt the team come playoffs.

  13. Aetherial says:

    well I will grant you this.

    Defense toughness, and goaltending and special teams wins in the playoffs.

    Gonchar only brings one of 4 to the table.

    He would still have been a significant improvement though.

  14. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Uhhhh, no.

    See, if you were in the GM seat at the ACC, you would have bent and dealt whatever McPhee wanted. You can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time – ie. you can’t use your prospects to get to flight players and have those same prospects bidding for lineup spots.

    Next time you think about *****ing about how the Leafs are an old team and prone to injury, just think about how much worse it could be if JFJ would have dealt for Gonchar.

    I give kudos to the boys at ACC for not getting Gonchar. As nice as it would have been for the RIGHT PRICE, we don’t need another offensive defenseman. I think the Leafs have one of the highest scoring defense corps in the league, if not the highest. Sure Gonchar would have looked good in blue and white, but is he really the answer for what ails this team? You said it yourself, Berg and Pilar looked a bit lost on BOS’s second goal last night, yet you complain about the Leafs letting another offensive defenseman slip by. It’s not so much offense that we need, it’s defense, and I think the braintrust at MLSE recognize this and aren’t willing to deal for Gonchar because that’s what every hockey trade rumor website says they should do.

    I look for the Leafs to upgrade their team by going after an defensive defenceman before March 9. And don’t look for a huge name, look for a subtle additon. Last year’s deadline proved that big names don’t always reap the rewards that you expect – see Nolan, Amonte, Niinimaa et al. Look at a player that NJ picked up, Grant Marshall, and he was way more effective in the overall picture and didn’t nearly create as much of a splash when he was dealt.

    So, dear Aetherial, sit tight and have some confidence in good ol’ JFJ, he’ll come through in the end when the time is right. Besides, even if the Leafs do nothing, a share for the conference lead with the likes of Berg and Pilar, a bad-backed Belfour, tender-groined Roberts, and others who might be on the verge of collapse isn’t so bad afterall. Why do you think that other teams like Boston, Philly, Ottawa will all of a sudden start playing at a much higher level when the playoffs start and the Leafs won’t? The Leafs have a veteran team that knows how to play hard and win in the playoffs and I think they’ll do just fine, thank you very much.

  15. bubbakazoo says:

    Give me a break

    Johnson is a fourth liner and Perrot as well. Tucker the center piece of the trade!

    Anyways, Boston got him snapper head.

  16. bubbakazoo says:

    Never heard of him? But everyone knows that fat lazy baby Wellwood, right?

  17. chucky2-4 says:

    hey pal I am not a leaf fan either, but I hate when people bash them think about it

    2000 – 2nd round

    2001 – confrence final

    2002 – confrence final3

    2003 – a chicnk in the armour I admitt

    At least the leafs are consistant.

    and do it with a hurt line up for most of the year

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