Toronto media is worse than its fans

I was reading through the paper today when I came across the Steve Simmons article:

The important piece of this article has to do with the remark “Bolts versus Leafs in off-season, who wins?”

Rarely have I been bothered like this before, but yet again like all the famous bandwagon jumping fans we have a person in the media who can’t see the forrest for the trees and likes to compare apples to oranges. This is a reason why people don’t like the maple leafs, because we have sports writers who can’t think.

This is the level of junk that fans are fed on a regular basis and it is just too stupid. The bolts are rebuilding for the immediate turnaround for their new owners, and the leafs are attempting a long term build. Somehow we have already awarded the victory to Tampa and the pre-season hasn’t started. If Toronto was dead last and Tampa competed for the cup then I would still believe that the leafs were victorious in there rebuilding and the same would be true for what Tampa wanted to do.

So for all you leaf bashers out there, you can see that the media we listen to is no more intelligent than my 2 year old son. So what would you expect from some of the fans. It is a sad day when the media that cries for rebuilding is unsatisfied with the process after 7 months.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    I agree, Simmons has been writing for years about how the Leafs need to build this team the right way, then he goes ahead and makes it seem as though Tampa did better than Toronto this offseason. Meanwhile, had Toronto picked up Prospal, Roberts, Malone etc. He would be writing about how Toronto is making a big mistake by not getting younger.

    Leafs management can never win with Simmons, he'll always make things into a negative.

    Oh and Simmons also wrote in this mornings paper that both teams changed up management and coaching, he didn't mention that Tampa's new coach hasn't coached since mullets were still in, meanwhile the Leafs picked up a much more respectable coach. I'd take Wilson over Melrose anyday.

  2. leafy says:

    Gee I could have told you that.  Not just Steve Simmons.  I stopped reading the Toronto papers years ago, except for trade rumors.

    The icing on the cake was 2 years ago, when Raycroft was the team's worst player, but the media kept talking about his 37 wins.

    And these guys are paid to provide informed opinions.  Ha!

  3. Radio says:

    …and that's not saying much.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Apples and oranges my friend. Tampa Bay already has a solid youth core that they needed to supplement with vetran talent. Tampa can't wait another year either because Tampa isn't a hockey town. They need a winner and have the young core to go with it. Now they could use a franchise netminder and #1 defenseman – but that isn't this years prize and they could wait for a someone to fall at next years draft.

    This is Toronto's first real year of trying to rebuild. They do not have a young face on that team. Not one. Now you can try to rebuild like the Rangers and get a lot of quantity on the farm with only a few blue chips and after a couple of years start to sign those 3.5 million dollar guys not named Finger to supplement the team. The other option is to do what Pittsburgh did and wait for 5 top 5 draft picks and get Tavares, an elite netminding prodigy two solid defenseman, another center and winger and be set 5 years down the road. I can't see Toronto being out of the picture for 5 years due to the media and fans desire for a winner to break the streak.

    SO to sum up my point – Tampa already has a solid core plus a great young face in Stamkos and is ready to compete as to where Toronto is 1-5 years away.

  5. Tweek says:

    Steve Simmons is an idiot.  Damien Cox is just as bad.  Michael Landsberg is a moron.  The list of Toronto media personalities acting like knobs is endless.  Remember, this was the same Steve Simmons who falsely reported Sundin's injury was career ending 2 years ago and has falsely reported trades over the last 5 years just to create news.  He doesn't report anything, he makes stuff up.  That's not reporting and very people in the Toronto have an effing clue.

  6. pezzz says:

    I think Michael Landsberg does his job well. His job is interviewing people, and he's good at it. I like his show. His style is close to George Strombopopoulos (or wtv) of CBC, but for sports. Good interviewer, interesting questions. Next Question segment is often bad, but it's because people aren't jumping in.

  7. Kyleton says:

    there is two good reasons why Toronto sports writers write negative things all the time about the leafs. It's actually really simple to. 1.) More people are interested in the negatives than positives when it comes to news.  Be it television, radio or print media. What these guys are doing is just doing what they have to do to make the most money in their fields. Why do you think the news paper is filled with stories about people dying, or what not. It's like a car accident. You don't like seeing it, but you can't not look.

     Most people read cox or simmons because they hate them, and they like the satisfaction of calling them an idiot and thinking they know more than the writer each day they read the paper.

    And truthfully the reporters can't really win with fans either. Just as someone above mentioned that with Simmons you can't win citing he would have been negative if the leafs did what Tampa did. The same goes for fans. If Simmons praised the leafs moves, there would be alot of people complaining about his bias towards the leafs.

    Best thing to do is not read it if you have a problem with it. You don't get angry, and it could change things if everyone else that does not like it does the same.

  8. mojo19 says:

    So? Whats your point? I never said anything about Tampa. I was saying how Steve Simmons will say the Leafs have done something wrong no matter what. Why did Simmons compare Tampa and Toronto to begin with since as you (eventually) pointed out, they are not at the same stage as organizations.

  9. Tweek says:

    He's not close to Strombo at alll!!!

    Landsberg is so arrogant and full of himself.  He will take shots at his guests but if somebody fires one back at him he gets all defensive and demissive.  He's one of many news creators rather then news reporters. 

  10. leafsfan86 says:


  11. Radio says:


  12. Tweek says:

    Yeah but what makes Simmons and Cox that much worse is that now they are just about always on TSN spewing out more BS.  I haven't read either columnist in 3 years but I simply can't escape them it seem.s

  13. mojo19 says:

    Man, anyone who reads the Toronto sports papers knows that the Sun has by far the best sports coverage. Even this guy from the Toronto Star admitted that to me the other day, he didnt even question it.

    PS I'm featured in the sports section in todays toronto Star paper, although they mispelled my last name. Its in an article on the Glen Abbey golf course and the Canadian open this weekend.

  14. Cake says:

    Just wanted to point out that if some is illiterate how could they read at all??? I get what you're saying though!

  15. UsedandAbused says:

    Toronto Fans aren't all that bad. Yea once in a while a few of them come up with some bogus trade rumors that are more wishful thinking then anything else, but I can think of worse as far as fans go.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you can't use steve simmons as your example. Its like picking a rotten berry and saying the whole field is rotten.

    The media emplifies the fans, Steve simmons stupidity attracts stupid fans to buy the paper.

  17. turdfergusson says:

        Fletcher choked huge at free agency. Trading up to draft in the top 5 was good but Hagman, Mayers and Hollweg? 

         I would never read anything by a local Leafs writer to begin with but the thing is,  a rescent post on this site (by I assume a Leafs fan)  has the Leafs "making it interesting" this season.  ???  

       Bolts are not rebuilding? Other than Kuba ,  the oldest of the other 5 is 24. They're quite young up front too  and will have spent comparable money this year as the leafs. The bulk of this younger team has been aquired since the trade deadline….just reading what's on paper.  

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