Who get's traded, and for what?

Just read the title…Darcy Tucker: Will be traded. To who? Edmonton. For what? Raffi Torres, and a 4th round pick. He can hit, score, and get in your face, so why wouldn’t you want him? He’s very different, and ever team in the NHL would want him.

Mats Sundin: Will not be traded. He is the face of the franchise, and even JFJ knows if he trades him then he’s fired.

Adrian Aucoin: Will be traded. To who? Pittsburgh. For what? Brooks Orpik, and a 4th rounder. He’s a solid defensive player, and will help a team like Pittsburgh alot. Pittsburgh can afford him, actually probably 5 or 6 Aucoins, but they don’t need that many.

Sergai Samsonov: Will not be traded. Gainey knows he’s been a disappointment, but there still winning, so Gainey will look at it that way.

Peter Forsberg: Will be traded. To who? Detroit. For what? Niklas Kronvall, Johan Franzen, and 3rd rounder. He will win you a Cup, or he’ll be injured for the whole playoffs. Detroit won’t miss those players that much, so why not try to get Forsberg.

Anson Carter: Will be traded. To who? San Jose. For what? 2nd round pick. He can score if you put himwith a playmaker, so I guess putting him with Thornton, and Marleau wouldn’t be the worst idea. Cheechoo is struggling playing right wing with Thornton, and Marleau, so this makes sense.

Brad Stuart: will be traded. To who? Edmonton. For what? J.S Jacques, and a 1st rounder. He’s not worth all that, but that’s what Boston is asking. He is a good d man though, and can be a #1 d man, and would make Edmonton ALOT better on defense.

Todd Bertuzzi: Will be traded. To who? Anahiem. For what? Ryan Shannon, and a 2nd rounder (if they have one still). Bertuzzi is one of the best power forwards in the NHL, and at the beginning of the year was showing why he once was one of the best players in the NHL.

Eric Brewer: Will be traded. To who? Carolina. For what? a 2nd round pick. Brewers value is very low right now, but if he regains his old form, then i don’t know, however gets him for sure knows he’s getting experience, and maybe a top notch d man.

Keith Tkachuk: Will be traded. To who? Dallas. For what? Luii Erikkson, and 3rd rounder. He is a good player to have if you need someone who can be a 1st or 2nd liner, but doesn’t have to be.

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  1. Tachmo says:

    not really sure what you are getting at? if stuart goes they can use the money they will save to sign a free agent. They will miss the playoffs with or without Stuart.

  2. Tachmo says:

    Well. You have some good points. Maybe Vlasic is the wrong guy for the deal, perhaps replace him with another young d man they have or a dman in the waiting. To be honest I didn't know Vlasic was that good and getting that much ice time. Also, San Jose might want to keep this strong goalie tandem for the playoff run. However eventually they will have to rid themselves of one of their tenders. They can't afford both.

    The reason they should trade for these (2) is it would add depth. They should make the deal if it doesn't hurt there current roster. Toskala is the #1 guy, so they would be trading the back up goalie and another dman besides vlasic. 

    I don't think the idea of the deal is ridiculous. This is San Jose's time to go for the cup. They are a cup contender.  Murray is a 30 goal man, and Stuart helps shore up there defence corps.

  3. neilios says:

    After last night Canucks game its been  reported from Sportenet Connected from the Hockey panel that the Canucks and Bruins are working on a deal that would send Stuart,Sturm,and Primeau for Mitchell,Bulis,and two 2nd round picks and thats in this years draft.I think that would be a $$ trade for the Canucks but I just dont know about trading Mitchell away for Stuart cause Mitchell is a rock in his own zone and I hear Stuart is minus 20 and dont sound to good of a Dman,but I like the idea of Sturm in a canucks uniform and Primeau would be some good grit in the playoffs.

  4. Tachmo says:

    I would officially hang myself as a bruins fan!
    Mitchell has 4pts and is -8………………….a rock??

  5. BieksaForMVP says:

    SPORTSNET CONNECTED DIDN'T SAY THAT!!! WHEN WAS THE LAST THREE RENTAL PLAYERS FROM ON TEAM ALL WENT TO ONE TEAM??? THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE FOR BOSTON, THEY'LL WANT DRAFT PICKS!!! Boston is asking Edmonton for Joffrey Lupul!!! What about Sturm, and Primeau? That doesn't make sense for Boston. Neilios who've said alot of trade were supposed to happen, but none of them have.

  6. kamullia says:

    If Shero is to get a $1 to $1.5 million defensive defenseman it better be a diamond in the rough, because most defensive defensemen in that price range are not better than Scuderi, Orpik, or Nasreddine for that matter, although I have to say I am still awaiting Nasreddine to quit overachieving.

    They will not get anyone for face offs, even if the Pens direly need an improvement there. The Centers in this team are set for several years, and they do not plan on going out and getting any more of them or trading them, even if the face offs are suffering. Shero is focused in the long run and this team will not win the cup this year, therefore the centers will simply have to improve on it as they mature. In fact, if Shero was offered Perreault for an eight round pick, I am almost 100% positive he would pass on it.

    As for the right winger….add any winger, not just right wingers. The scoring from the wings is quite pathetic and if Shero could land a solid scorer that is not a rent-a-player, he will not hesitate to ship and/or move players. But it has to be the right kind of player, with the right skating abilities, and in a certain age range. Now, if the Pens were already at the point of making a true run at the cup, then they'd even go for an older or rent-a-player.

    My feeling and the feeling of the people I have talked to that are more in-tune with the daily grind of the Penguins, is that if Shero makes a trade it will either be a completely insignificant trade, like a depth player that would be in WBS to be called up in case of injury, or a complete real blockbuster were the Pens get the perfect compliment they need on defense, or on the wings.

  7. broc says:

    Leafs trade a 1st round pick for Guerin? lol

    Actually, JFJ probably would do a dumb trade like that. The Leafs shouldn't be trading ANY of their good draft picks, unless its for a heck of a deal. Guerin does not qualify.

  8. strumtrelescent says:

    Not ridiculous, but unlikely.  Stuart, from what I've seen as a Sharks and hockey fan, is not the player San Jose needs to help their defense.

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