Who is the Next Big Thing?

I’d like to start this article with a question if I may? Hasn’t anyone noticed that some of the premier goalies in this league are getting a little long in the tooth? There are some goalies that may or may not have broken out last season, but are they for real? So let me ask you all this:

Who is the NHL’s next big thing between the pipes?

Now let’s take a look at some of the lead candidates to take this honor.

JOSE THEODORE: Is this guy for real?

or is this guy another Jim

Carey? I know this guy is

good, but I’m waiting until

he struts his stuff a second


MIKA NORONEN: This guy has been a minor

league stand out for years

and could finally show his

stuff fulltime this year.

Can he and Biron co-exist?

MATHIEU BIRON: This guy gets beaten up

by the press sometimes,

but I feel it’s undeserved.

It’s not easy succeeding

Hasek. Because he

certainly has the skill and

the mentality to bounce

back after a tough

game. That’s maturity.

DAVID AEBISCHER: This guy is showing skill.

I guess it can’t hurt having

St. Patrick as a tutor. He

has been hyped for years,

thus the departure of Marc

Denis. He will get his

chance once Roy hangs

them up. Will he be ready?

MARTY TURCO: This his year to strut his

stuff. Belfour is gone, he is the

maN for now. But Dallas is

smart, good ol’ Ron Tugnutt is

there to spell him when times

get tough. Which they most

likely will at some point. It’s


ROBERTO LUONGO: This guy is a stud. Has

superstar written all over

him. He has the skill and

mentality. But will it show

in Florida? Not anytime

soon by the looks of it.

RICK DIPIETRO: Has the mentality, but has

he the toughness for a full

NHL season? He’s got the

skill, but with Osgood in

Long Island, will he show

his ability with the


Now these were just a few netminders out there. There are many more. Blackburn, Nabokov, Kiprussof, Oullette. But which one will be crowned “THE NEXT BIG THING”? Most will make it, but will any of them become consistent stars in this goalie graveyard we call the NHL?