Winners and Losers of Trade 2009

Though today may have been disappointing for some, a bore for others and better yet actual fun for some of us, it still happened and teams did win or lose.

1. The Calgary Flames

The Flames finally got their man and they acquired the biggest name to change teams on trade day in Olli Jokinen. They finally got a true number one center for Iginla and they want from one of the better teams in the West to one of the best and a team that can compete with Detroit and San Jose. The team finally has a guy that can play with Iginla, who can score, who can hit and who shoot to level that Iginla plays. Whats more important is it gives the team two legitimate top 2 centers in Jokinen and Langkow and helps them become even more of a scoring threat. Jokinen no longer has to be the man or the leader for his team and this should allow him to thrive. The Flames also scooped up Jordan Leopold, a player who had success with them prior to being traded for Tanguay. He comes as an experienced top 6 defenceman , who can run the play on the 2nd powerplay, and score from time to time. Whats more is that the Flames only had to give up 1 regular roster player and a little used bottom six player for Jokinen and a first while getting back a third. Then they gave up a wire pickup, a 2nd rounder and a mid round prospect in Ryan Wilson. They lose almost nothing (all players were spare parts) and the first rounder from this year. They were the clear winners from today.

2. The Phonix Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes corrected a mistake that they made when they acquired Jokinen and traded other players they didn’t need. Mikael Tellqvist was traded for a 4th rounder. This was a great move by them as they acquired a draft pick for a player who is no longer needed and would almost for sure be gone at the end of the season. Derrik Morris for Petr Prucha, Nigel Dawes and Dmitri Kalinin. This is a great trade for both teams but particularily for Phoenix. Morris was not willing to resign and rather then lose him for nothing, the Coyotes grabbed two great young forwards, both who have great potential (even if they have been dissapointing of late). Kalinin is more of a salary throw in than anything but should he play well on the team, he could be resigned and then Phoenix would no doubt run away with the deal (unless New York wins the Cup). Then the Flyers traded Upshall and a 2nd for Carcillo. Great move for the Coyotes. They get rid of a guy who was undisciplined (though i do think it will work out great fro the Flyers, they needed his tougness) and grabbed a potential top 6 forward, who is till young and a 2nd rounder (which is great in the draft of this depth). The coyotes now have an incredible amount of top 9 forwards who have a ton of talent. In one or two years when all this talent matures, they will be a force. I think they will sneak into the playoffs next year like the Kings are this year.

3. The Edmonton Oilers

A lot of people are not going to agree with me but Edmonton no question, was one of the better teams to get players before the deadline. The Oilers turned a failed experiment in Cole (who didn’t add any size whatsoever) into a potential number one center for Hemsky and a 2nd rounder was genius. Then they flipped that second rounder for Ales Kotalik, further adding scoring depth. This is going to be a great team for years to come, and with Tambellini and Lowe pulling trades like they did today, i really think they could win the cup very soon (just not this year). Look them to make the playoffs and be a darkhorse, just not enough to make the cup final.

4. The Anaheim Ducks,Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators and The Columbus Blue Jackets

Thes 4 teams could just not be left out. Anaheim official started their rebuild and they did pretty well acquiring young talent to replace players lost or potentially to be lost in the off season. THey acquired Wisnieski for a third liner. Wisnieksi is a great defensman and has top 4 potential in him. With Barker, Keith, Seabrook and Campbell in Chicago solidified as the top 4 for years to come, they just didnt need him. He can easily replace Beauchemin if he leaves and back him up if he dosent. Christensen has the potential to be a good solid third liner and he is young. Great day for them. Toronto. Yes they got less then people expected but they still built for the future. They got a second and a conditional for Antropov who had no chance of coming back and they got a 2nd for moore who wanted to much money. In a solid draft those 2nds could be great for the Rebuild. Then to go out and trade a no name prospect for 2 players who wont be back a player who was a first rounder in 2004 but got injured and a 4th. They got a 4th for taking on 500 grand. Great trade. Now Ottawa and Columbus both did very well and they only traded one player each. Ottawa finally got a goalie to solidify their shaky tandem of Elliot and Auld. GEtting a 2nd just sweetens the deal. With a nice high draft choice and a smart signing here and their Ottawa can be right back in the mix next year. Columbus acquired a great two way center who can play on the 2nd line and score. With the right coach (Hitch**** should be great for him) he should thrive. Columbus got the top six forward they needed without mortgaging their future and they got him signed for another year.

5. The Florida Panthers

They really did the right thing by not trading Bouwmeester. If they make they playoffs (and they will), he will be huge for them. He does everything for them and he allows McCabe to score, something they need. They can always trade him for something in the off season, to any team wanting the rights to negotiate with him.

Losers – It is hard to name losers now but I am going to name three that just lost.

1. The Montreal Canadiens

Why didn’t you pull something off Gainey. This team needed a shakeup and they did nothing. They needed a number one center and they did nothing. They needed grit and they did nothing. Even when Tanguay and Latendresse come back, two players can’t stop an rockslide. This team is just self destructing and in danger of missing the playoffs. Reports of partying, stick swinging incidents, two players requesting a trade. This season is a mess. Canadiens fans, unless this team can pull of a miralce, look forward to season 101.

2. The Washionton Capital

This team is good, really good. But a team is only as good as its goalie. And although Theodore has been decent, he hasnt been great, and Johnsons hurt. Not getting someone like Gerber (i still think he has it in him) or any other Goalie just in case Theodore goes down or loses his touch could spell the end of a season for the Capitals.

3. The Colorado Avalanche

What are you thinking? Come on. A 2nd (decent maybe), Ryan Wilson (barely considered a mid prospect) and a waiver pickup for Leopold. This is a terrible trade. Even though they didnt lose him for nothing they could have done better. And why didnt they trade Lapierre or Arnason. They could have brought back something to help for next year. I really think this team is going to have a lot of trouble in the next couple of years.

22 Responses to Winners and Losers of Trade 2009

  1. Kramer says:

    There were not enough big trades. Something has to be done to increase trades.  How can you have rumors if there are no trades. It doesn't make sense!!!!

    Teams should be allowed to make trades after the deadline. Why is there a deadline anyway?  Society has too many rules.

  2. greatlife15 says:

    In all of your craziness, you do bring up a valid point Kramer.

    There should be like a day or two RIGHT before the Playoffs when teams can pull trades! How awesome would that be??

  3. hockeyhead says:

    i think the flyers getting carcillo is going to make them even more annoying.

    my bruins got two small but helpful pieces in recchi and montador giving up pratically nothing.

    martins karsums could be a good plugger.  nokelainen had a shot but is replaceable.  he will fill sammi pahlssons spot for the ducks.

    matt lashoff is the guy that was supposed to be….he might find his way in tampa.  wasnt happening in boston.

  4. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Agreed on Carcillo, but he is a bottom six guy who on a good season will probably get you at least 10 more points than Carcillo, and can play a gritty game with a lot of heart. They are both bottom six players, and I think a trade straight up for each other might have been good, but throwing in a second was unnecessary, especially considering I've heard some things about Carcillo having a hard time following the rules.

    As for saying Boston gave up nothing? Sure Nokelainen is replaceable (and he could never fill Pahlsson's spot, not many players like Sami) but Montador isn't exactly amazing. He's replaceable on defense too. As for Recchi, if Boston doesn't make a huge cup run  with him and at least get the finals, he is getting close to being done his career and it may turn out to be a bust of a trade. Lashoff will be a pretty good d-man in the future. He's only 22. Karsums is a decent prospect. It all depends on how their playoff run goes now.

  5. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    That would kinda defeat the purpose of a deadline. Either you keep it or you get rid of it, but the reason why the deadline gets so many deals happening is because teams know it is their last shot to improve their teams, acquire picks until the draft, and at that time teams are willing to give up less. I like the deadline actually.

  6. LeafsNation91 says:

    I would consider Buffalo a winner, they actually signed a top free agent in Conolly, and acquired Moore. Moore will help this team with his speed, athleticism, and his faceoff abilities. Not to mention, getting Telqvist to help with the goaltendinga after Miller went down. Afinogenov was stellar against Montreal yesterday, he looked like a Selke winner with his tough defence. With rejuvinated Afinogenov, and Vanek back, the Sabres could make the playoffs and go for a run.

    With Boston, they picked up role players that will help this team without giving up alot. They also picked up a second and have one of the deepest prospect pools in the league still.

    Montreal was a loser, most playoff bound teams did not pay alot to get key role players in the playoffs for grit and experience. Pahlsson for Wisniewski, Moen and Huskins for two expendable San Jose prospects and Carcillo for expendable Upshall. These teams should and could make a run. Montreal also has no size in the middle in a good centreman which would of helped.

  7. Dunski23 says:

    I don't understand why people think these are small pieces, when we were looking to get Cole and Morris. Don't get me wrong they are good players with better future potential then Montador and Recchi. This year, however, Montador is 4G 16A 20P and a +14 this year he is producing better then Morris. Recchi is 13G 32A 45P (entering our lineup as our fourth highest point producer behind only Kessel Krejci, and Savard) much better then Cole (this year). The B's got two players producing better then the players everyone thought they were going to get, and gave up a lot less then if they had gone for Cole and Morris (look at what NYR gave for Morris) Noky was injury prone and really didn't have any advanced offensive skill. Lashoff was our third Defensive prospect behind Hunwick and Boychuk (and everytime he was on the ice I couldn't watch…he's not as good as we all thought he would be) Karsums is the wild card could be good, but we haven't seen enough of him in Boston to really be too sad to see him go. Karsums could be a Versteeg…or he could be a bust

    All in all the Bruins didn't get a big name that would've seen key roster players leave, which is good. Instead they got lower tear players who are having really good years, and didn't have to give up much. This year I'll take Recchi and Montador over Cole and Morris anyday

  8. LeafsNation91 says:

    Damn it, just came of the CBS NHL boards and the Rangers are so excited that Sather got a steal with Antropov. Oh well.

    What is the condition on the Antropov trade? I still cannot find the truth exactly.

    Anyways, here are the Leafs picks in June:

    1. Toronto
    2. Carolina
    2. Buffalo
    3. Toronto
    4. Carolina
    5. Toronto
    6. Toronto
    7. Toronto

    Where are they now picks?

    2. Toronto went to New York as apart of the Luke Schenn deal
    4. Toronto went to Nashville, via San Jose for Toskala deal
    5. Pittsburgh pic for Hal Gill-Well, it went to New York for Hollweg

    The who knows pick?

    New York Rangers, no one is certain of the conditions

  9. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I would definitely say I'd rather have Recchi and Montador over Morris easily. Morris is not impressive like he used to be. Cole I think is a top line forward who had a setback with a broken neck, and then got misused in Edmonton. Cole can be effective with top line minutes, and he'll get that in Carolina, and maybe he'll rejuvinate Staal to a 100 point player again. I still think Lashoff has good potential and Karsums could turn out to be a good guy. Lashoff is still young and a rookie, rookies do make mistakes, and maybe a new team will do him some good. All I'm saying is Nokaleinen on most seasons has about near the same value as Montador so it's not like it was a steal, and if Boston can make a good playoff run with a guy who has been to a few cup finals lately, then I think Boston wins the trade, but if they don't make it past the 2nd round, Recchi will probably be retiring soon and I think Tampa will come out the winner on that one.

  10. hockey_lover says:

    Im a fan of the deadline as well. However, I think the deadline date should be changed a bit. With the addition of the shootout and all these extra points going around, there are (at this point) still too many "bubble" teams. That takes away from the teams that may or may not make a move.

    In the east, there are 5 bubble teams; 6 if you count Toronto – they are only 9 pts out and if they went on a good run, they could make it.

    In the west there are 8 teams that are on the bubble, only separated by 9 pts.

    I think if you move the deadline forward by 10 days, it might make the standings a bit clearer and perhaps have more deals as more teams may have fallen out of the playoff picture.

    Just a thought …

  11. hockeyhead says:

    well,  the bruins traded sami pahlsson too.  nokie could end up like him.

    it took pahlsson years and years to get where he is.

    the bruins have so many prospects that losing those guys will not hurt.

  12. Number9Number9 says:

    The Pens were winners by getting Kunitz, a crashing, gritty goal scorer and a prospect (that alot of people are high on) for Whitney, a big offensive defenseman who wasn't hitting or scoring. Also getting Guerin for a mid 3rd rounder AT BEST is a win. Both players are tough and are proven winners, 15 yrs ago for Guerin, but he can still play a little. The Ducks also get Whitney, who was nice to have in the playoffs last year. SATAN ANYONE?

  13. hockey_lover says:

    No one had mentioned anything about the Pens yet so I didnt want to be a homer and bring them up 🙂

    As I have already mentioned, I liked the Kunitz deal. He has done well thus far with 5pts in 3 games. We will see if he can keep up the pace. The 2nd rounder (early in the round) is also nice. Im sad to see Whitney go but the fact is that the Pens have some depth at D right now (not spectacular depth but its still depth) so he was "expendable," especially at $4m a year.

    Getting Guerin is a "win" in so much as they gave up very little to get him. At worst, a 3rd rounder? Id like to see some stats on the %-age of 3rd rounders that become NHL regulars. I would imagine its not very high .. somewhere in the area of 7% .. so its not a big loss. If Guerin can have some magic with Crosby, its a big win. I really dont see it happening given his age but we shall see.

    So I feel the Pens "won" on trade deadline as they got something for almost nothing.

  14. AntropovCrapIToldYou says:

    The winners are the Habs and Calgary.

    The losers again are the Laughs.

  15. LeafsNation91 says:

    How are the Habs winners moron. The 5-1 loss to Buffalo and 2-12 road record is evidence of that. GO CAREY PRICE!

  16. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    The Habs are winners because of what exactly??? For adding absolutely noone on deadline day to a team that is on its way to missing the playoffs? Oh yeah that 5-1 butt whooping they took against Buffalo was very impressive.

    The real winners were Phoenix and Calgary, Boston did pretty good for themselves too. The only team that is really better for not trading for anyone is the devils and wings.

    Habs lose big time! Pierre McGuire thinks so too. What are you all thinking of Price now? Had time off to clear his head just like Kovalev and returned back worse than before!

  17. VCRMillionaires says:

    The who knows New York Rangers pick is for the 2010 draft… which round ????

  18. AntropovCrapIToldYou says:

    We got Schneider and now we got the best power play in the league. Buffalo got lucky in that last game. The Habs will be ready next time they play. Our goalies are good too. Halak will show he is one of the best young goalies in the league. Price will be back though, he's too talented to play average. And the Habs got more points than the Laughs and this is clear proof we are better.

  19. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    The best PP in the league? That's a laugh and a half, okay so their power play was good for a few games but they are still only 18th in the league. I'll give you it's an improvement, but 18th in the league is hardly a power play to fear yet.

    Buffalo didn't get lucky, Montreal got outworked and outplayed. 5 goals is not lucky, it's a good game, and Montreal is only a few points now from missing the playoffs. 

    Halak still hasn't proven much yet, wait until he becomes a clear cut starter to judge if he is the best, I'll give you he's pretty good though.

    Price has had a horrible 2nd half to his season, and I told habs fans before the season, he could easily crack under the pressure, and that's what he's doing, he got *****y, thought the job was his and now not only has he lost his confidence but his starting goalie job as well.

    So you are proud that a team that was supposed to be number one this season has more points than a rebuilding team that was expected to get a bottom 5 pick? Wow that's amazing. There is a difference between the 2 teams, montreal was expected to win it all, Toronto is clearly a rebuilding team. We've been accomplishing our goal while yours is slowly slipping out of reach. And we're only 10 points behind Montreal. The way both teams have been playing over the last month or so, the leafs could end up almost even with the habs in points if Montreal continues to slip up.

  20. VCRMillionaires says:

    CALGARY FO' SHO… did you see the game last night… Iggy, Cam and Joki make a killer line. Sorry Redwings… Boston vs Calgary Stanley Cup Final.

  21. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I say New Jersey beats out Boston, Bruins have lost 9 of the last 12, Caps are slumping with their 3 home losses in a row, Brodeur and the Devils are on a great run and who knows they may take over first in the east by the end of the season. Calgary has a pretty good shot but I have a feeling Wings might have a slightly better chance and we will see 2 of the best playoff teams of the last 15 years (DET and NJ) facing off for the cup.

  22. VCRMillionaires says:

    True NJ is a favorite with Brodeur back… i also would really like a canadian team making it at least and Calgary is a fighter. The Wings are the most talented but do they want it as bad as other teams do. I'm an underdog person and i would like to see new teams making it.

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