Relentless Pronger Rumor

Despite the St. Louis Blues management coming out and saying that they might as well fold the franchise if they trade Chris Pronger, the rumor that he might be on the move seems to live on.The Fan590 in Toronto continues to include in their Sports Updates (every half hour) that there is a persistant rumor about Pronger coming to Toronto.

The Fan590 cites reports from ESPN and St. Louis Post-Dispatch as sources for this rumor.

I can sort of understand the salary-dumping part of this, as well as the JFJ/St.Louis Blues connection (not to mention the Mike Kitchen/Leafs connection), but I wouldn’t know where to begin on what the Leafs would have to offer up… Colaiacovo, Stajan, 1st rounder, Antropov ++?

Without just bashing an obvious Leaf fan here, has anyone else heard this rumor, or is the Fan590 making this up?

I’ve tried checking ESPN and St.Louis Post-Dispatch, and haven’t seen any sign of this alleged rumor.

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  1. Killa_Bs says:

    What now?? I am not trying to be funny. This site is intended as a forum for people who have rumors to report. So how come it is ok for a Toronto fan to just throw out any unrealistic rumor?

    It is funny that you would bring up my sex life because my woman and I are just about to get it on. It’s about that time. I’ll keep you posted if I hear any other rumors. In fact I’ll ask my girl if she heard anything..I’ll get back to you, OK.

    By the way sorry that y’all didn’t get Gonchar.

  2. Captainspoon says:

    his old battering mate roenick……watching him from the stands?

  3. bpanther83 says:

    At the time Toronto was the team that had the best offer and had the best chance. They backed out (and smartly so) cause they wanted stajan. No one said he is a leaf, they said he was close to becomming one, and he was. And I do believe a week ago everyone said that Toronto backed off him, and THEY DID. So was it a load of crap that toronto was a top team going after gonchar? NO! Cause they were. I also remember boston saying they were trading jillson and Samsonov for him? Hey does that make them liars cause neither were in the deal? NO, just wrong, as in most cases everyone tends to be with these rumors!

    As for pronger, I doubt he is comming here. I don’t think St.Louis would trade him. But U have heard the rumors. Thing is I will believe that when i see it. Im not getting worked up over a trade with no real hope in it. I have heard that Toronto is close to getting leetch, but once again If it happens GREAT, if not, Meh. We can hope, but no reason to get all worked up.

  4. Killa_Bs says:

    If we are talking about being original I think you should know better than to open your mouth. Talking about people’s mamas is a little old isn’t it.

    Calling people *****es is kinda old too. Funny thing is that the only one acting like a biyatch is yourself.

    So like Ice Cube said: You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

    By the way: sorry that y’all didn’t get Gonchar. That’s gotta hurt.

  5. goodfela26 says:

    Don’t know how accurate it is, but check out this link:

    Not much of a difference and it makes both countries average.

  6. TheDuk says:

    Aebischer, Sakic, Forsberg, Blake, and Foote to Toronto for Kidd, 5 first rounders, and a lollipop.

  7. Zesty_Taquito says:

    All you guys are hilarious.

    One side point here though, that some seem to have missed..

    ** It was the Fan (a radio station), citing reports from ESPN and a St.Louis newspaper – not some crazed Leaf fan – that started this rumor. **

    Unless you think ESPN can be duped by a phone call from some guy named George in Newmarket, this wasn’t a “wouldn’t it be nice” daydream.

    I thought this site was called Hockey Trade “RUMORS”. Ergo: this was an actual rumor that even St.Louis has verified, by feeling the need to comment on it.

    Don’t blame Leaf fans for loving their team, or for being up to date on every rumor surrounding it. It’s just an example that supporters of this team happen to be far more fanatic (ie: where the word “fan” comes from) about their team, then you are about yours.

    Jealous of them? Sure. Hatred for them? Seems to be a tad misplaced.

  8. goodfela26 says:

    He speaks the truth. You’d be the same way if there was a different rumor or different spin of the same rumor everyday by us Flyers fans.

  9. NYIchooch75 says:

    Great post! Right on the money!

  10. NYIchooch75 says:

    Actually, I thought it was pretty funny.

  11. NYIchooch75 says:

    I just love that maybe 5 out of the 60+ posts were ripping the whole Pronger to Toronto rumor.

  12. Killa_Bs says:

    I heard the lollipop was the dealbreaker. No lollipop – no deal.

  13. elnero says:

    God you leaf bashers are annoying. If you’re going to try to be sarcastic at least come up with something more unique and intelligent than “Brodeaur for Kidd and future considerations”?

    I’ve been reading this site for over a year now and watched it degenerate further and further. Not because of the silly Leafs fans but because of the Leafs bashers. If they expended half as much energy into their own teams as they did bashing the leafs the site would be much more diverse. A few months back there was such a backlash against Leafs articles that I don’t think there was one posted for weeks and you know what? The place was a graveyard. The first Leafs article to be posted after this hiatus brought out all the weasels bashing all over again.

    Sure this Pronger rumour is far-fetched but it’s not like it was some jerk-off on here that started it. If you read some other sites the rumours of Pronger being traded are rather prevelant and widespread, enough so that it just made headlines on TSN with Pleau denying it. You guys make out like somebody just came on here and posted some dumbass article out of the blue that has no basis in reality and you do this with just about every Leafs rumour article that’s posted most of which have some basis in reality other than in the writers imagination so give it a rest already.

    Remember guys this is a site devoted to hockey trade rumours. The possibility of someone like Pronger being traded, no matter how remote, is a pretty significant rumour. If by chance he was available would the Leafs be in the running? Of course they would and it would be reasonable to expect that JFJ would have an inside track seeing as he was a part of the Blues organization before coming to T.O.

    We’re pretty much right in the middle of silly season for this site. There are going to be alot of rumours flying around, most of which won’t occur, that’s just the nature of the business, but isn’t that what this site is about, the discussion of trade rumours? Why can’t we actually discuss them like adults instead of resorting to stupid lameass sarcasm and namecalling?

  14. Killa_Bs says:

    BayStBully hits again.

    Are you impressed? I know I am impressed.

    That was a very insightful comment and what a comeback that was.

    I can’t wait until he writes another intelligent post. Maybe he’s just feeling lost now that Gonchar is playing for Boston and not Toronto, like all his friends said he would.

  15. sportside24 says:

    It is possible St.Louis would want to unload some of there high salaries, like Pronger and Thachuk even Weight, and load up on prospects and draft picks for the up coming years, it makes sense knowing the uncertainty of hockey now a days, and its obvious that the Blues aren’t going to go far if they make the playoffs, if the traded Pronger, Thackuk, Weight, Dematra, Mellanby to name a few they could get in total maybe 6 first round picks plus other rounds and prospects which would make the farm system look really good and then in the coming season sign some UFA’s to fill a few holes, something to think about if they trade pronger they should trade them all if they could..

  16. Dymd3z says:

    Perhaps the reason the leafs did not get gonchar was to save up for pronger? It makes sence.

  17. hockey says:

    Actually, he also forgot a comma after the word ‘that’. And your use of a comma was incorrect as well. I believe that’s known as a comma splice.

  18. Next_Semenko says:

    Im a Leaf fan and the thought of them getting Pronger….is about as good as us picking up Gretzky right about now…

    And Pleau said hes not going anywhere

    check it out:

  19. Jimmy2BallBagsFU says:


  20. Chronic says:

    THAT was a good post!

    Well said.

  21. Chronic says:

    Aren’t people funny in Nebraska?

    Never mind the relentless Toronto trade rumours, how about those relentless 5 superstars to Toronto for bags of pucks jokes.

    After each 10 times reading it, the level of gut busting laughter escalates.

    To keep your dreams of writing alive you’d better avoid plagiarism (stealing the words and ideas of others and passing them as your own.)

    Find a quiet corner of your barn and come up with a brand new joke of your very own.

    But you’re right about the loley thing.

  22. ILiveOnBroadStreet says:

    I was thinking the same thing as St L started going south. his salary would make him cheaper thought, i doubt 2 top prospects and a pick…and certainly not gagne. make an inquiry bout weinrich while they are at it, defense is banged up and we should never have traded him.

  23. bruinexpert says:

    nice cover-up by saying it’s your sister’s…beatles jokes are always good though

  24. BayStBully says:

    Hey at least that post was original….well kinda lol

  25. Captainspoon says:

    what exactly would be wrong with the way I corrected the sentence.

  26. commonwealth says:

    Plagerism? HA HA HA

    I wonder which one of us is loley. You actually took time out of your shitty little pathetic life to come on and let everyone know how stupid and ignorant you really are. I live in Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska and I don’t see too many barns around here unless I head out to Gretna or Grand Island.

    Maybe next time you should put down the chronic and realize no one cares about some punk ass little shit who has nothing better to do then try and correct people who are right…

    Plagerism? I’m still laughing at such a pathetic attempt….I was hoping maybe you’d be smarter and actually try and hurt my feelings… good luck to you on the next person you try to insult.


  27. commonwealth says:


    What a suprise that Chronic is a leafs fan….

    What’s a matter? Not getting Gonchar cause you to cry and call me a plagerist? Ha…. I’m glad the leafs picked up an old ass like Leetch, I’m sure he will do great things for your team next year….

    man bitterness must be a tough pill to swallow this time of the year.


  28. commonwealth says:


    What a suprise that Chronic is a leafs fan….

    What’s a matter? Not getting Gonchar cause you to cry and call me a plagerist? Ha…. I’m glad the leafs picked up an old ass like Leetch, I’m sure he will do great things for your team next year….

    man bitterness must be a tough pill to swallow this time of the year.


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