Relentless Pronger Rumor

Despite the St. Louis Blues management coming out and saying that they might as well fold the franchise if they trade Chris Pronger, the rumor that he might be on the move seems to live on.The Fan590 in Toronto continues to include in their Sports Updates (every half hour) that there is a persistant rumor about Pronger coming to Toronto.

The Fan590 cites reports from ESPN and St. Louis Post-Dispatch as sources for this rumor.

I can sort of understand the salary-dumping part of this, as well as the JFJ/St.Louis Blues connection (not to mention the Mike Kitchen/Leafs connection), but I wouldn’t know where to begin on what the Leafs would have to offer up… Colaiacovo, Stajan, 1st rounder, Antropov ++?

Without just bashing an obvious Leaf fan here, has anyone else heard this rumor, or is the Fan590 making this up?

I’ve tried checking ESPN and St.Louis Post-Dispatch, and haven’t seen any sign of this alleged rumor.