My favorite…

I wanted to do a new twist on a article I started years ago called “getting to know each other” in that article we listed facts about ourselves, all very nice and all but what if this year we do things a little different. This time I want each of us to just simply list their favorite things. The things that make them smile. The parts of their life that help motivate them to get up in the morning. The things they love about life. Whatever they may be. Favorite musical group, person, place, book…whatever! Just tell us what makes you happy, I think it’ll be a great way for us to each to get to know each other (and provide ammunition for future jokes and insults at all of your expenses) I’ll start…

Juneau Alaska

Vida Guerra

Shannon Elizabeth

Battlestar Galactica

My Wife

Christopher Walken


A really good design I’ve done

The Cure

Fionna Apple

Any Steve McQueen movie