Stevens, Messier set to retire? is reporting that Mark Messier and Scott Stevens may be set to announce their retirement from the NHL in the near future. If these rumors are true it would bring an end to 2 of the most stellar careers the NHL has ever seen.

If Messier does infact retire look for him to accept a position along side long time buddy Wayne Gretzky as an assistant coach to the Phoenix Coyotes. In Scott Stevens case, Lou Lamoriello states that he does have money in the budget for him to return, but an unnamed Devils’ player states that he thinks Stevens has already made his mind up to retire.

Stay tuned….

16 Responses to Stevens, Messier set to retire?

  1. titans says:

    If Messier does retire I will be truely sad! Mark Messier is one of if not the all time favorite players of mine! He’s the greatest leader in sports history and one of the top five greatest players in NHL history. Messier will one day make as great a coach as he was a player. No one that with that much leadership ability and hockey knowledge could be anything but a great teacher to young NHLers.

  2. Kashin says:

    Its there time… Messier had that whole bowing thing at the garden in his last msg game, it would look weird if he came back. and he wont go anywhere else.

  3. jrl2282 says:

    They both have had great careers and have nothing left to prove of themselves.

  4. fanboi says:

    Kick ’em to the curb, welcome to the new NHL…

  5. NemiNA says:

    Will adult dipers fit under the padded shorts?

  6. H_E_DBL_HCKY_STCKS says:

    You’re an idiot, respect the OG’s man, always have to remember those that came before you…..they paved the way for the new punks…..maybe you should walk up to Bobby Clarke and tell him that to his face fanboi…then we’ll see if you still cheer for the flyers…lol

  7. Neely4Life says:

    Patrick Roy was just as good, if not a better leader the mess, not to say he wasnt a great leader. Roy is the best of all time!

  8. CaptainInsano says:

    Respect your elders.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Amen. I think you said all that needs to be said.

  10. Hockey_Mon says:

    couldnt have said it any better

  11. Coyotes4life says:

    Pat is a s***** bag and a wife beater…yea, lets support that…NOT.

  12. Coyotes4life says:

    S**** should be s*****

  13. Coyotes4life says:

    LOL…S*** should be S c u m

  14. Coyotes4life says:

    HA…I beat the system

  15. Syadach says:

    There is still talk out west that Messier will come back and play in Edmonton for his final year. With his gorlfriend due very soon with another child there isnt much being said be his side or talks with anyone else.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    All Roy is going to be known for is his 2 cup rings blocking his ears statement and his contrast of pictures as a Habs netminder to pictures as an AVE’s netminder illustrating how his padding became overinflated along with his stats. I can’t even believe we are comparing Roy to Mess as a leader since Roy never wore the “A” or “C”. Hell Neely was more of a leader then Roy.

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