Stop… Hammer time!

According to RDS, D Roman Hamrlik has signed a 4-year deal with Montreal.

details to come

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  1. monley89 says:

    So long Souray!

  2. wingerxxx says:

    Plays in too much of a comfort zone to really have an impact anywhere he suits up.  I've never been a fan. 

    He can still eat up minutes, but he's not a true power play QB.  He's really just the big shot from the point, and he's still not as accurate as he should be.  On the surface, it looks like a quick replacement for Sheldon Souray…and four years?  It had better not be for more than what Scott Hannan is making.  But he and Markov could be an interesting pair on the power play.  I don't want to bash him too much, because it's about time that Montreal made a splash.

  3. jocool_88 says:

    good signing….just hope they didnt pay him too much… we need one more top 4 d and a solid 1st or 2nd line center

  4. tonin says:

    great signing he's better then souray maybe not on pp but over all yes

  5. habsoverserver says:

    ''Roman Hamrlik established himself as a solid NHL veteran,'' Habs GM Bob Gainey said in a statement. ''The acquisition of Roman fills a very important need in our organization. He is a strong defenceman with a powerful shot and excellent hockey skills. He brings to our club a solid experience and an excellent reputation.''

    between his time with the early 90's Bolts and the early 00's Isles, Hamrlik has sufficient experience with disfunctional hockey teams to fit in well with the Habs. 

  6. Komic-J says:

    I hate it…

    Preissing would have been a better fit, and something tells me we overpaid for Hamrlik. Can't wait to hear the numbers…

    God I hate being a Canadiens fan !!!

  7. Lint07 says:

    Hamrlik is an upgrade over Souray.

    If Gainey can manage to bring Danny Markov in, I'd be more than happy with our defense corps.

    so far, so good. This signing was a must.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    4.5 mil a season. so the habs top 2 and the leafs top 2 are about the same in $$$$

    only Kaberle and McCabe scored 27 goals, Hamrlik and Markov scored 13.

    A good signing by the habs. it will look VERY good in the 3rd and 4th years.

  9. Komic-J says:

    He really is, don't get me wrong…signing Hamrlik to a 4-year deal at $18m is still better than signing Souray for 4 years at $36m. But personally, I had Hamrlik ranked under a lot of other defensemen that are still available, and who should sign in the same price range. 

  10. seb_benny says:

         Just show's how much you know about hockey, while the cap hit is the same their salarys are way different with Mcabe making 7,15 millions compared to 5,75 for Markov. And just wait until Kaberle re-signs next year.Now i do agree with you that Hamerlik is far from being a top two defenseman but he's not here to replace Souray but Rivet. Streit will need to fill the void on PP. Now he does'nt have the shot Souray has but he does have better game vision. But 4 years as you said is a long contract for somebody who is 33 years old.

  11. Komic-J says:

    Doh !

    I might have to agree with this signing after all…
    TSN Real Time tracker says: The Montreal Canadiens signed defenceman Roman Hamrlik to a four-year contract worth $12 million.

    Now at $3.0m, I would be okay with that…

  12. Nemix says:

    Off topic , Is giordano unrestricted?  If so be a great replacement for priessing 

  13. Pimpblu says:

    Team990 reporting 4 years at 22 mil = 5.5/year

  14. mtl_prince says:

    Tsn said 12 million. that i would be happy with. 3 million a year, he's better then janne ninima at least, and he fills one of the holes on D. although, i still see us missing the playoffs again this year.

  15. mtl_prince says:

    team 990 are noobs

  16. Glucker says:

    990 saying 22 over 4 years… ouch, lol

  17. habsoverserver says:

    montreal still has room for souray – this was to replace rivet. 

  18. Glucker says:

    shows how much you know about numbers… McCabe will be making 4.15 eventually on this contract, so on average, same salary… and why would Kaberle need to re-sign next year? he's under contract through 10/11…

  19. Lint07 says:

    that's the contract Souray's been offered

  20. Lint07 says:

    that,s the contract Souray's been offered

  21. The_Dynasty says:

    Nice signing, I especially like the +22 last year. We really needed plus/minus help on our D.

  22. Glucker says:

    nope, every1 is reporting it now, 5.5 per year for a hammer 😛

  23. mtl_prince says:

    now tsn is saying 22million….

  24. Pimpblu says:

    It's confirmed, Hamrlik signed for 22 mil

  25. Shatterday says:

    WTF….5.5 Millions per season for roman Hamrlik…that's big money. Souray rejected that same offer from the habs and Hamrlik accepted it.

  26. Glucker says:

    Audio from Hamrlik himself confriming it… STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH PPL!

  27. Komic-J says:

    Un-F'n-Believable !!!
    I'm so freakin' pissed right now !!!

  28. passionch says:

    Hamrlik's signing with Montreal was a must due to our weakness in defence.  It was a shame we didn't try to get Preissing at 11M/4 years…  I think LA just stole one big time!  Anyways, still plenty of available UFAs for summer and I check here for the signings and who's left:

    Personally, I think we overpaid at 22M/4 years and at 33 years old but at least he's good.  We'll see how he fares as a Canadien.  I'd be happy this summer if we acquire at least one of these guys:  Vaananen, Tremblay, Sopel, Rachunek, Danny Markov, Stuart or Hill on D and Handzus, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Belanger, Bonk, Johnson, Nagy, Nedved or Nieminen… Not many offensive talent left I noticed.

  29. habsoverserver says:

    how does the math worth?  does 22 means he will get bought out in 2010 for 6 mil? or can we trade him to chicago now and avoid the mess?

  30. passionch says:

    I keep wondering why Habs and Leafs fans keep comparing each other… 

  31. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    5.5 mil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nylander goes for 5 mil, good deal by the caps.

  32. jpmac says:

    I always thought defence wasn't always about scoring.  Atleast our two aren't as much of a defensive liability.

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