Monthly Archives: August 2004

Thirds a Charm is reporting that the Devils and Pascal Rheaume have agreed to a deal.

Milbury Set for Lift-off?

Islanders GM Mike Milbury has just recently re-signed D Janne Niinimaa. Rumors have been flying around that at least ONE of the Islanders original four defensmen will be let go this off-season. The original four are Adrian Aucoin, Kenny Jonsson, Janne Niinimaa, and Roman Hamrlik. Aucoin has not yet re-signed officially but is believed to, Jonsson has an Islander heart and most likely won`t be let go, and Niinimaa has just been re-signed. That leaves us with Roman Hamrlik.

Thornton Hearing on Sunday

Joe Thornton’s arbitration hearing is scheduled for Sunday in Toronto. is reporting that the Bruins will try to make a case that Thornton is comparable to players like Elias or Hejduk.

Who's losing their shot at Crosby?

Well, many of last years teams who were in the bottom five have made an attempt to take there team to the next level. By signing a few players and with some teams seeing players come back from injury it seems as if we will have perhaps a different bottom 5 for the Crosby Draft.

This is a look at the bottom 8 teams of last years draft.

Some recent signings…

here are a few siginigs that have been done over the last few days…

Kovalev in Montreal…?

According to numerous sources around the Montreal area, Alex Kovalev will be in Montreal this weekend. Is a deal in the works between Kovalev and the Montreal Canadiens?

What to look for: Sabres Edition

Well after a few days, and a little more success getting people to respond from the Bruins edition, it is time to get crackin on writing my preview, review type of article on the one and only Buffalo Sabres.

Niedermayer gets 7 million is reporting that Scott Niedermayer was awarded 7 million dollars by an arbitraitor today. The 7 million dollars ties the highest ever ruling by an arbitraitor.

Jason Allison – A Caniac?

“When healthy, Jason Allison is among the most dominant players in the NHL. The Carolina Hurricanes are hoping the free agent can regain that form despite sitting out since January 2003, and regain it in Carolina.” Raleigh News and Observer 7.29.04

Assuming Allison stays healthy:

Breakthrough Seasons

Ok, so it is still a lengthy period of time until the regular season (if there even is one) commences, but I thought I’d write a piece on who I think is due for a major breakthrough season this year. I listed one full line of the players I think are due for a huge season, including a goalie. Readers feel free to share your opinions on my selections, and list who you think will have a breakout season.

Leafymcleafs forcasts and predictions

In the past few weeks I have been making forcasts and predictions over what will happen and they seem to spark argument so here are my predictions. They will not be completely acurate because that would mean making a forcast for all 1230 games played in the nhl season.

Fedorov: No World Cup reports that Mighty Duck captain Sergei Fedorov will not be playing in the world cup.

I Went To a Fight…

Remember that much publicized battle of the heavyweights that was scheduled to happen in a couple of weeks? Well, it looks like it may not happen after all.