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Safety Net's Part II

I have written about the Safety Net’s when word first came of them being put up.

This issue has been very controversial in the past.

This year, behind all of the goal’s, of every NHL team, safety net’s have been put up in all arena’s.

What do you think about the safety nets being put up?

Return to Run and Gun Hockey?

Below is an interesting article posted on Hockey’s Future by Dean Belanger.

DG's Quick Hits- September 24, 2002

This week:

Jonsson: Not impressed with crackdown

Brian Burke wakes up

On the radar screen: Eddie Belfour, Nordique Imposters, the NHL’s worst team, Alexandre Daigle, Sam Roberts, NHL players slipping through the cracks, and more

Blues Questioning Goaltending? NHL Decreasing Salaries by Terminating Stats?

Brent Johnson has not seen the ice since September 9th.

What’s the real reason why the NHL wants to stop keeping hits and blocked shots as stats? Denis Gauthier has his opinion…

Blackhawk Down reports on Eric Daze:

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. It was not made clear how long he is expected to be out of action as a result of the surgery, but it will certainly be a significant amount of time. Daze will not even be re-evaluated until six weeks after the surgery.

That is horrible news for the Hawks. This will definitely hurt their start of the season, can they pull it off?

Do the Sabres have a chance???

I have been asking myself all summer, “Do the Sabres have any chance at all of making the playoffs this year?” At first glance the answer is a big NO WAY in hell, but at a second glance the answer is there is a small chance. Recently I was reading the comments made in regards to how the Eastern Conference will end up and no one chose the Sabres to make it to the playoffs. Well there may be a way…

NHL games outdoors? Hmmmmmmm

I was running through a Google Search and just “accidently” ran across this while searching for something else. I find this rather interesting. What do you think?

Don't Be Embarrassed

This is not an article dedicated to titans!!! JK. For all the ladies on this site you can say what you think without sounding gay, so in a way this article favors you. Now I have a question something that sounds very stupid but…

… saying your not gay, and us surely believing you, (ya right), be honest on who you all think is the best looking hockey player. The guy who comes to the rink looking spoofy, hair done, and if you dare even mention who you think has a nice butt!!!

p.s=Sorry Titans, I was just thinking of your bubble.

Season Predictions Part 1: Eastern Conference

Eastern Conference: The east is my favourite of the two conferences, it is always unpredictable. Every year the standings are never the same, and those who you thought would do good, fail, and those you thought would preform bad, do well. What are your predictions for the East?

ESPN (Embarrassing Sports Poor Network) Best World Wide?

I do give credit to ESPN for giving a fair amount of solid information from sports around the world. But, it is pathetic how they program the NHL.

I am not sure who is to blame, since,, and others, do not update the NHL boxscores of the pre-season games. Whose fault is it exactly? I don’t know, but i think the general media just mistreats the NHL. Before the NFL started its pre-season games, there were pregame previews of NFL pre-season games. How pathetic is that? The sport already has the wrong name (football?) and it was JUST pre-season. Yet, ESPN, had NFL tonight and so much entertainment for NFL fans.

How are they the leaders of sports coverage world wide when they cannot even have an update on a 7:00 pm game at 9:00 pm? How dare they call themselves leaders? They can’t even update a score? Total unfairness for NHL fans in the USA. I checked the ESPN channel itself, and just the BOTTOM LINE has the updates on the scores. It’s a shame. How about they switch from football to hand ball since basically 95% of the game you use hands? But hey, let’s call the real sport where you use feet, soccer.

I am using for NHL scores and updates. Does anyone else know another site with updated scores? is too slow, shame on them too.

NHL clubs changing ticket pricing policy

I’m not so sure that I disagree or agree with this idea. Right now I “think” that I more agree with the current ticket pricing style as here in Dallas where tickets remain the same price at each and every game of the Regular season.

Well, there are a few cities that will charge more when “certain” teams come to town. That is when a supposed “better” team comes. Well, what if that team just flat out sux that night? What if a great player is injuered? What if this is the night they sit out their starting goalie? Was it worth the extra 10-20%? …The Stupid Network?

You know, it just amazes me. These people get paid to do this and millions of hockey fans get to read it. Why?

I’ve never seen such a retarded goalie ranking as this one.

This Year's Off-season…. What Were the 3 Top Signings or Trades?

This years off season was one of the biggest in years, with the change of players to teams…..

What were the best and worst 3 signings (or trades) this off-season?

Don’t forget spending wise………