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Rangers Nothing More Than an Extremely Expensive Question Mark

Laugh all you want Manhattan, laugh about how you have another “Mr. New Jersey Devil”. How you stole another Devils franchise player… Go ahead and add Bobby Holik the list that already includes Bruce Driver and John MacLean

Two Articles

Tom Hicks To Explore Possible Sale of Dallas Stars Hockey Club (rushing)

Panthers are champions! (pantherboy)

Tanguay Re-signs

Well, after all the predictions in having Tanguay traded, it comes down that he has resigned, source:

And Arnott, Kovalev, Burke, Reasoner, and possibly even future NHL leaguer Brian Gionta? Stick Around

No Predictions Will Be Posted

I think HTR members have seen so many predictions for the 2002-2003 standings that they would be sick of it if posted again.

We will let you decide, however, if you want to read predictions submitted this week. Use the poll on this article to decide if you would be interested in reading other predictions.

HTR will have a 2002-2003 Season Preview. If the plan goes well, it would be quite fancy. It should be posted by October 3rd. Why so late? Because all the magazines have done the previews already and they would be outdated if a team makes a blockbuster deal. So, we’re going to be as updated as possible after training camp and watching pre-season games.

Thank you,

HTR Staff


It’s hard to believe, but the 2002-2003 season is coming up faster than last season ended. Seeing the combines in the fields, and getting back into that good ole’ university routine, I have already started working on my pool. Like last season, I predict that there will be many break-out seasons and major league slumps this season. Here is a list of players who I think will be money in the pools, and the players that will make you broke.

Leafs Defend Their Defense


The season opener is a month away, but already it is open season on the Maple Leafs defence.

Home Improvements Part III

Yeah I can still see you all out there, salivating like a bunch of hungry wolves waiting to pounce on the one guy brave enough to speak his mind.

Philadelphia Flyers Preview

The Off-season:

The headliner of this summer for the Flyers was the all too predictable hiring of Coach Ken Hitch*****. The introduction of another head coach by the Flyers management (a management core which has become the laughingstock of the NHL) leaves many questions, such as how will the players respond to another disciplinarian? Does this team really need another ego in its crowded locker room? Will the Flyers have the patience to play in Hitch*****’s restrictive system?

Moose to Sign Soon?

Mark Messier skated at Rye with some teammates this week. The NYPost has learned that the Moose is soon to sign with the Rangers for $3 million dollars and about $2 million dollars in bonuses/incentives. Messier is also looking forward to play under Bryan Trottier. Expect him to sign today, or in a few days.

Home Improvements Part II

Despite all the disparaging comments about Part I of this series, I’m going to shake that all off and keep going with Part II.

September 11- A Day to be Remembered

It is days away from being September 11th, 2002. The year anniversary of the day America was cowardly attacked by terrorists, sending a great deal of pain and suffering to the people of our great nation. My friends and family have all told me it is better to get your feelings in the open and talk about it. That’s why I have decided to write this.

Finally Thedore Signs!! reports Jose Theodore, the NHL MVP and Vezina Trophy winner last season, was re-signed by the Montreal Canadiens to a three-year contract Thursday.

Financial terms of the deal, confirmed to The Canadian Press by an unidentified team spokesman, were not released. But reported on its Web site that the deal is worth $16 million.

Theodore, a restricted free agent, was asking for about $6 million a season, while the Canadiens were offering about $4 million.

A news conference to announce the deal was scheduled for 7 p.m. on Thursday.

If Jose flops this year and does nothing im gonna go crazy! just wanna know if you guys think hes worth that much fast, after 1 good season??

but then again Marty Lapointe got $5 Mil, so he did have a good arguement!

Where Do You Bet? My Choices For Fantasy Leagues and Hockey Betting

Thanks to the rise of the internet, fantasy leagues have become a staple for sports fans, especially hockey fans. In terms of fantasy, the best league I have ran across is run by the good people at Fantasy Sandox ( The stakes are high, your rosters are secure, and its a great way to get involved with a team of self-proclaimed hockey experts.

Enough with fantasy already, isn’t it more fun to bet the money lines on NHL games anyway? The best betting site i have had the pleasure of running into is BETonSports ( Its highly secure, offers direct credit card payment, or its very own paypal clone. Again security is great here and its easy to use. Plus it comes without all the ads you are accustomed to seeing on these kinds of sites (thankfully no porn advertisements). In addition, the site offers great teasers, all the major sports, and even betting on political events (money line is set at -300 that dudya will be re-elected).

I wrote this article to give you guys websites I use and hopefully to arise a debate in order to learn more about fantasy leagues and online betting, so please give your feedback!